Academic Integrity

Interpretation of Terms

  • Company or EssayWriter.college is an essay writing service that helps you write academic papers while maintaining high academic standards and integrity.
  • EssayWriter.college Expert or a Expert Writer is a person who is hired by the Company as an in-house essay writer as part of a professional writing and editing team. This person works under the Company's agreement.
  • A Customer or Client is someone who visits EssayWriter.college to get help from an expert writer. People can use the tools and academic assignment samples provided on the website for free.
  • Writing Service offered by the Company is available for a fixed period of time and under specific customer requirements. The service is provided with the help of the Company's expert writers.
  • To Provide Writing Service’ means to create, write or in any way produce a finished assignment for someone who is paying for it. This can be a term paper, thesis, dissertation, essay, report, or any other written project. It can also involve other types of assignments such as recorded, pictorial, and artistic works.
  • Product means the result of the writing service being provided to a customer for a fee. The product includes a sample of an academic task assigned to a writing service by the customer. It is not allowed to be submitted to any university, college, academy, school, or other educational institution which is chartered, incorporated, licensed, registered, or supervised by the state, in fulfillment of the requirements of a degree, diploma, certificate, or course of study at any such educational institution.


At EssayWriter.college, We believe that everyone should have access to personalized education, so we work hard to create global educational resources that help people learn in a personalized manner.

This document outlines our vision for how our paper writing service can be used aptly.
  • EssayWriter.college believes that trafficking academic materials does not serve any legitimate purpose and is harmful to students and academia in general, as well as the public in general. EssayWriter.college does not condone this practice on its website.
  • Our expert writers cannot help you cheat on your school assignments. This includes helping you get a good grade on a paper that doesn't belong to you, helping you get a degree with a thesis or dissertation that doesn't belong to you, or any other form of academic dishonesty.
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  • The expert writers at EssayWriter.college are not allowed to help students cheat by doing things like helping them take tests or complete graded assignments. If any of our expert writers are found to help a student cheat, he or she will be removed from the writing immediately.

Academically Unethical Acts As Regarded by EssayWriter.college

  • Plagiarism

    Copying or reselling the work produced by EssayWriter.college without giving credit is wrong and considered plagiarism.

  • Collusion

    Employing an expert writer or other professionals on EssayWriter.college to do your academic work in an illegal way.

  • Copying

    Infringing on EssayWriter.college’s intellectual property by submitting work produced without permission or knowledge.

  • Impersonation

    Representing oneself as an expert writer (for students) or student (for expert writers) and fabricating the results of an examination.

  • Contract Cheating

    Employing a third party to do an academic task for you in exchange for money or some other type of payment.

  • Data Fabrication and Falsification

    Falsifying or altering data in order to draw false conclusions is unethical. This also includes doctoring images.

List of Constricted Task Requests

Customers at EssayWriter.college

The EssayWriter.college Team takes pride in providing a safe and secure environment for all customers. If you are not compliant with the rules outlined in this document, your account will be permanently deactivated and you won’t be able to recover it.

This document provides a list of some common constricted tasks that are in violation of our terms and conditions.

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  • Doing academic (school/college/university) papers, quizzes, tests, exams, and assignments on behalf of a student.
  • Fulfilling hidden motives by impersonification a student’s identity.
  • Creating or providing academic work that a student may submit as their own under their own name.
  • Buying any form of academic work that the instructor restrains you from getting from an external source.
  • Ghostwriting of academic assignments covered within the field of Medicine, Health, or Life Sciences.
  • Ghostwriting of dissertations, theses, term papers, or research papers.
  • Fabrication of academic material including but not limited to data, information, and citations.
  • Falsification of financial reports.
  • Other tasks that may violate the codes of academic or corporate policies.

A Reminder for Students

We understand you may be looking for an edge in your academic pursuits, but using EssayWriter.college for illicit or illegal academic activities is against the rules and will not be taken positively on our platform.

Customers should not use EssayWriter.college to break the law, such as cheating or violating academic integrity and college policies. Hiring an expert writer from EssayWriter.college for cheating, plagiarizing, or violating regulations is not allowed and the student will be responsible for the consequences.

A Reminder for Expert Writers

EssayWriter.college strives to give our customers and students the best service possible by providing a writing-expert platform where integrity prevails over any other virtue. In this line, we expect our expert writers to conduct themselves within a professional code of conduct and work responsibly.

You will be expected to follow the following guidelines as an EssayWriter.college expert writer providing services on the website, and we hope that you can make an important contribution in helping our customers

  • The expert writers at our company shall only create engaging content that aligns with academic and corporate policies.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and fraud. Our expert writers should not assist students in any way that would lead to them committing these crimes
  • Our expert writers must not provide any student enrolled in an educational institution with ‘write my paper’ services knowing, or under the circumstances having reason to know, that the said services would be used to cheat. This means that the services cannot be used to submit work that is not your own, or parts of it, as this would be cheating.

A Reminder for Parents and Teachers

We believe that the future of education will involve an individualized approach to learning, as well as learning from examples. At EssayWriter.college we provide a variety of resources for both parents and teachers who want their students educated in this manner.

As a teacher, EssayWriter.college expects you to:

  • Let your students share classroom material with each other to help a classmate get the most out of their experience at EssayWriter.college.
  • Allow the students to use the tools, samples, and services available at EssayWriter.college to improve their research and writing skills.
  • Not to restrict students from employing the services offered by EssayWriter.college during their learning process.
  • Allow students to get help from the expert writers at EssayWriter.college when it comes to preparing, researching, and writing a dissertation, thesis, term paper, essay, or any other written assignment. This doesn’t include getting help with turning in these assignments. The students must complete these assignments themself and turn them in with their own academic credentials.

As a parent, EssayWriter.college expects you to:

  • Help your child get better grades and improve their skills by providing financial support. This will give them access to products and services at EssayWriter.college that can help them do this.
  • Motivate your child to use the samples and services offered by EssayWriter.college so as to promote conducive learning and improvement of academic performance.

Academic Integrity Abuse

We pride ourselves on the academic integrity of our site. If you see anything that contravenes this policy, please let us know immediately so we can take action!

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