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150+ Great Argumentative Essay Topics and Ideas - With Tips!

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Published on: Jan 19, 2020

Last updated on: Mar 21, 2023

Argumentative Essay Topics

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It's the night before your essay's due date. You're staring at a blank screen wondering what to write your argumentative essay on. 

How do you pick the right topic? What are the best arguments to make? How can you make sure your essay is persuasive and well-written? 

Let's remedy that! 

Here we have compiled 150+ of the best argumentative essay topics so that you can easily find something interesting. We've also got some tips on how you can choose an essay topic that'll work just right for you!

With our help, writing an A-grade argumentative essay will be easier than ever before!

Let's jump right in!

Best Argumentative Essay Topics For Students

Trying to come up with a strong argumentative essay topic isn't easy. We’ve made the process easier for you by organizing the topics into different categories.

Here are some of the best argumentative essay topics for students to consider:

Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

It can be fun and challenging for middle schoolers to write argumentative essays. Especially when the topic is relevant to today's young people. This activity helps people to think better and solve problems. 

Here are some middle school topics that could make great argumentative essay assignments:

  • Should school uniforms be mandatory in public schools?
  • Are standardized tests effective for measuring student achievement?
  • Is year-round schooling a better approach to education?
  • Is recess a crucial component of the school day?
  • Should homework be restricted to a maximum of 30 minutes per night?
  • Should school start later in the morning?
  • Should class sizes be limited to 20 students per class or less?
  • Are field trips essential to the educational process?
  • Should technology be integrated into all classrooms?
  • Do student athletes merit special treatment?

Argumentative Essay Topics For Grade 6 

Argumentative essays are an important exercise for sixth graders. They allow students to explore complex topics and form their own opinions. 

Here are some argumentative essay topics for 6th graders:

  • Should extracurricular activities be mandatory for all students?
  • Is eating lunch in the classroom beneficial for student concentration?
  • Should cell phones be allowed in school?
  • Does bullying have long-term negative effects on a person's mental health and well-being?
  • Should learning foreign languages be mandatory in all schools?
  • Do standardized tests accurately measure a student's knowledge or potential?
  • Should schools offer more courses that focus on mental health and well-being?
  • Should all students have access to the same resources in school, regardless of their backgrounds or socioeconomic status?
  • Should schools provide more opportunities for students to pursue their interests and passions?
  • Should all students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, regardless of their financial situation?

Argumentative Essay Topics For 7th Graders

Seventh graders need to be able to explain their positions and support them with evidence. Argumentative essays are the perfect way to practice this skill. 

Here are some 7th grade argumentative essay topics:

  • Does social media have a negative effect on the way we communicate with each other?
  • Can video games be beneficial for students' learning and development?
  • Should parents have more control over what their children are exposed to online?
  • Should schools offer more classes that focus on problem-solving and critical thinking?
  • Should the internet be available to all students in all schools as a necessary part of everyday life?
  • Can technology improve the educational experience for students with disabilities?
  • Should schools create more opportunities for student collaboration and peer-to-peer learning?
  • Should all students have the same educational opportunities, regardless of their gender or race?
  • Should schools reduce the amount of time students spend in front of screens?
  • Are exams an ineffective way to measure a student's knowledge and understanding of a subject?

Argumentative Essay Topics For Grade 8

Argumentative essays are a great way for eighth graders to develop critical thinking skills. They can explore complex topics and give evidence-based opinions. 

Here are some argumentative essay topics for 8th graders:

  • Should schools implement more rigorous academic standards for all students?
  • How should cheating in schools be addressed by teachers and administrators?
  • Should all students be required to take a computer science class before graduating from high school?
  • Is year-round schooling beneficial for student learning?
  • Should schools provide more support for students who are struggling academically?
  • Do standardized tests measure a student's true potential or understanding of the material?
  • Can technology be used to improve the educational experience for all students, regardless of their backgrounds?
  • Should schools focus more on 21st century skills, such as problem-solving and critical thinking?
  • Should the use of technology in the classroom be limited to help students stay focused and engaged in their work?
  • Should schools offer more career-oriented classes to better prepare students for life after graduation?

Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

High school students should be able to explore complex topics and develop their own opinions about them. Argumentative essays are a great way for them to practise this skill. 

Here are some argumentative essay topics for high school students:

  • Should drug testing be mandatory for all high school students?
  • Should schools provide mental health services to help students cope with stress and anxiety?
  • Does the current education system fail to adequately prepare students for life after graduation?
  • Should student athletes receive special treatment or privileges from their schools?
  • How can schools be more proactive in addressing the issue of bullying?
  • Does technology have the potential to both improve and detract from the educational experience for students?
  • Do all students have a right to an equal education, regardless of their ability or background?
  • Are standardized tests an accurate measure of a student’s knowledge and understanding?
  • Should schools provide students with more opportunities to pursue their interests outside of the classroom?
  • Should the curriculum be updated regularly to reflect changes in society and current events?

Argumentative Essay Topics For O Levels

O’Levels are an important time for students to improve their critical thinking skills and explore complex topics. Argumentative essays can help them practice this skill and give evidence-based opinions on important issues. 

Here are some argumentative essay topics for O’Levels:

  • Is online education a viable alternative to traditional classroom instruction?
  • Should schools allocate more resources to support students with special needs?
  • How can a school's curriculum reflect the diversity of its student body?
  • Are standardized tests the best measure of a student's academic success?
  • What are the benefits of offering students extracurricular activities beyond their studies?
  • How can technology be used as an effective educational tool in schools?
  • What are the benefits of providing students with real-world experience in their chosen fields?
  • Why is it important for schools to encourage students to take on leadership roles and become active members of their community?
  • How can financial literacy be integrated into the curriculum for all students?
  • What skills should schools focus on to better prepare students for the job market?

Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

College is a time for students to develop their own views on important topics and learn how to construct persuasive arguments. Argumentative essays can help them practice this skill and become more aware of current issues. 

Here are some argumentative essay topics for college students:

  • Should college tuition be free for all students regardless of their financial background?
  • Are online classes the key to making higher education more accessible?
  • Should textbooks be replaced with digital versions to reduce costs and environmental impact?
  • Is the use of technology in the classroom essential to engage students and make learning more interactive?
  • Should all colleges have mandatory counseling services to help students with mental health issues?
  • Do student-athletes need more support from colleges, including academic assistance and career advice?
  • Is the current system of grading in college in need of reform to better measure a student’s understanding?
  • Should colleges provide more internship opportunities for students to gain valuable experience in their field of study?
  • Should all college students be required to take free classes on personal finance and financial literacy?
  • Should colleges encourage students to pursue their personal interests?

Argumentative Essay Topics For University Students

Here are some argumentative essay topics for university students:

  • Are student entrepreneurs receiving enough support from universities?
  • Is the high cost of attending university a barrier to education?
  • Should soft skills be given greater importance in university curricula?
  • Are universities offering enough online classes to make higher education accessible?
  • Should students have the opportunity to learn multiple languages while studying at university?
  • Are universities adequately supporting students with mental health issues?
  • Is the current grading system in universities effective in measuring student understanding?
  • Do universities provide enough financial aid for students from low-income backgrounds?
  • Should universities offer free classes on personal finance and financial literacy to students?
  • Are universities doing enough to promote cross-disciplinary research and collaboration between different departments?

Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Teenager

Here are some good argumentative essay topics for teenagers:

  • Should social media be regulated to protect teenagers from cyberbullying and other online harms?
  • How can schools better support teenagers in transitioning from high school to college or the workforce?
  • Should teenagers have a greater say in their education and curricular decisions?
  • Is it time to replace the current system of standardized testing with a better assessment of student understanding and knowledge?
  • Should financial literacy be a required part of the high school curriculum for teenagers?
  • How can schools provide better resources and support for teenagers with mental health issues?
  • Should comprehensive sex education be mandatory for all teenagers in schools?
  • How can schools promote citizenship, civic engagement, and responsibility among teenagers?
  • Should free mental health services be made available to teenagers to prevent teenage suicide?
  • How can teenagers be given more opportunities to pursue their passions and interests outside of the classroom?

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some easy argumentative essay topics:

  • Is it necessary to phase out single-use plastic products to reduce our environmental impact?
  • Should basic healthcare services be accessible to all citizens regardless of their income level?
  • Is it important for schools to provide students with more opportunities to learn about different cultures and diversity?
  • Is immigration reform necessary to create a more humane approach for those seeking asylum?
  • Do gun control laws need to be strengthened to reduce the number of mass shootings and gun-related deaths?
  • Should companies take more actions to promote gender equality in the workplace?
  • Should standardized testing be reduced to better assess student learning?
  • Should schools provide more resources for students with learning disabilities and special needs?
  • Do corporations need to do more to address their role in contributing to climate change?
  • Should the minimum wage be raised to a living wage for all workers?

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Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some unique argumentative essay topics:

  • Should governments provide free access to public transportation?
  • Is the current education system failing to prepare students for the workforce?
  • How can we balance environmental protection and economic growth?
  • Should social media companies be held more accountable for the content on their platforms?
  • What can be done to address income inequality and reduce poverty levels?
  • Does the current system of global trade need to be reformed for a fairer international economy?
  • Should artificial intelligence be better regulated to protect our data and privacy?
  • Why is workplace diversity and inclusivity important, and what can companies do to promote it?
  • Should online streaming services pay artists more fairly for their work?
  • How can international trade agreements be reformed to create fairer labor standards for workers around the world?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some controversial argumentative essay topics: 

  • Is abolishing the death penalty the best way to protect human rights and reduce the risk of wrongful convictions?
  • Would legalizing recreational marijuana reduce crime and create economic opportunities?
  • Should prisons prioritize rehabilitation over punishment for inmates?
  • In cases of rape, incest, or to protect the health of the mother, should abortion be legal?
  • Is raising the legal drinking age an effective way to reduce alcohol-related accidents and deaths?
  • Should countries do more to foster religious tolerance and acceptance?
  • Would banning genetically modified foods protect the environment and human health?
  • Should social media platforms be subject to better regulation to prevent cyberbullying and online harassment?
  • Is access to higher education being unfairly influenced by income?
  • Should we take steps to eliminate workplace inequality and ensure equal pay for all genders?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some interesting argumentative essay topics: 

  • Should we adopt a new system of voting that uses technology?
  • Can video games be used as an effective learning tool in classrooms?
  • Is welfare reform necessary to reduce poverty levels and encourage self-sufficiency?
  • Should the healthcare system focus more on preventive care?
  • Should social media platforms be better regulated to prevent the spread of fake news and misinformation?
  • Should companies invest more resources into developing green energy sources?
  • Is it possible to find a balance between individual liberty and national security?
  • Is tax reform necessary to create a fairer system for all income levels?
  • Should surveillance cameras be allowed in public places?
  • Do we need more education programs to teach people about animal rights and welfare?

Fun Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some fun argumentative essay topics: 

  •  Should the use of emojis be considered a valid form of communication?
  •  Is it more important to be popular or to have meaningful relationships?
  •  Are video games really an effective way of teaching skills and knowledge?
  •  Does technology make us more productive or just more distracted?
  •  Should schools require students to wear uniforms?
  •  Is it really necessary to attend physical classes to receive a quality education?
  •  Does social media have a negative effect on our mental health and well-being?
  •  Do traditional gender roles still exist in modern society or are they becoming obsolete?
  •  Should the government be allowed to censor content on the internet?
  •  Is it worth pursuing higher education in a world where jobs are becoming increasingly scarce?

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should social media platforms be required to take more responsibility for the content posted on their sites?
  • Is it ethical for companies to monitor employee activities on social media?
  • What should be done in order to reduce cyberbullying and online harassment?
  • Do algorithms used by social media platforms promote echo chambers and filter bubbles?
  • Should there be more regulations in place to protect user data and privacy on social media?
  • Is it possible for companies to effectively use social media as a marketing tool without invading user privacy?
  • Are ‘influencers’ the new celebrities and should they be subject to the same standards as traditional celebrities?
  • Should social media platforms be held accountable for the spread of misinformation and fake news?
  • Could censorship on social media lead to a decrease in freedom of expression?
  • Is it important to limit the amount of time we spend using social media?

Mental Health Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some mental health argumentative essay topics: 

  • Are mental health services accessible to everyone, regardless of income or insurance coverage?
  • Should employers provide adequate mental health support for their employees?
  • Is more investment needed in the research and development of new treatments for mental health disorders?
  • Do schools offer enough comprehensive mental health education programs?
  • Are holistic methods a better alternative to reducing the use of medications in treating mental health issues?
  • Should mental health institutions provide more compassionate care?
  • Should there be a greater emphasis on prevention rather than just treatment when it comes to mental health issues?
  • Do we need stronger laws to protect the rights of people with mental illness and prevent discrimination against them?
  • Should mental health professionals be accessible to all, regardless of financial status or location?
  • Should mental health evaluations be mandatory for public officials and political candidates?

Other Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some mental health argumentative essay topics: 

  • Are violent video games really as bad as they are portrayed in the media? 
  • Should the minimum wage be increased to provide a living wage for all workers? 
  • Should parents be held responsible for childhood obesity epidemic? 
  • Is the U.S. ready for a female president? 
  • Should medically assisted suicide to be allowed in cases where a person is terminally ill and suffering? 
  • Are the benefits of animal testing worth the ethical costs? 
  • Should schools be required to offer art courses as part of their curriculum? 
  • Should gym class be a mandatory part of education?
  • Should cases of terminal illness be given more consideration when it comes to the laws and regulations surrounding physician-assisted suicide? 
  • Is the electoral college a fair system for electing the President and Vice President of the United States? 

How to Choose a Good Argumentative Essay Topic?

Choosing the ideal topic for your argumentative essay is a crucial step in crafting an engaging, powerful work. 

Too broad or too narrow and you'll leave readers feeling uninspired - but have no fear!

Here are some tips to help guide you toward selecting the perfect theme for your masterpiece.

  • Reflect on Your Interests: What topics excite your passion and curiosity?
  • Do Your Research: Investigate both sides of the issue you are writing about to ensure a balanced argument.
  • Consider Both Sides of the Argument: Be sure to include reasonable counterarguments that acknowledge any potential flaws in your argument.
  • Stay Relevant: Choose topics that are current and relevant to society today in order to draw in readers’ attention.
  • Be Unique: Bring something new to the table by exploring a lesser-known angle of an existing topic.
  • Brainstorm Ideas: Jot down any ideas that come to mind and use them as a starting point for further research.
  • Check the Requirements: Make sure you understand any specific requirements of your essay, such as its word count or formatting style.
  • Avoid Overused Topics: Don’t pick topics that have been covered countless times before. They may not be interesting or engaging to readers.
  • Be Specific: Choose a topic that is focused and specific for the most successful argumentative essay.
  • Make It Personal: Tailor your essay to your own experiences or opinions to give it an individual touch.

With these tips in hand, you’ll be sure to craft an engaging work that stands out from other essays!

Tips for Writing a Compelling Argumentative Essay

Writing a successful argumentative essay requires more than just picking a good topic. It also includes presenting evidence and crafting a compelling argument.

Here are some tips to help you write engaging, convincing work:

  • Start with a hook

If you want your readers to be hooked from the start, start with attention-grabbers. Get their attention with an unexpected statistic, captivating story, or thought-provoking query.

Expert Tip

Check out this blog about how to write an effective thesis introduction!

  • Clearly state your position.

As soon as you have your reader's attention, make sure to firmly communicate where you stand on the topic at hand. Lay out your argument by outlining each of its points - this will be fleshed out later in the essay.

  • Anticipate and address counterarguments.

When putting forth your position, it's essential to consider the counterpoints that could be made. Addressing each point shows you've taken a thorough approach and makes your argument even more persuasive!

  • Use evidence to support your claims.

To make your position undeniable, back it up with powerful evidence! Facts and figures are great but don't forget to add a personal touch by sharing meaningful anecdotes.

Check out this video to learn how to gather evidence for your argumentative essay.

  • Be clear and concise.

As you compose your essay, aim for clarity and brevity. There's no need to use complex jargon. Instead, choose words that readers can easily grasp so they completely understand your point!

  • Use strong verbs.

Power up your essay with strong verbs! Words like prove, demonstrate, and indicate can make your points more compelling than ever.

  • Be logical in your reasoning.

It's essential that your arguments are structured and persuasive. Make sure you use facts, not feelings; evidence over opinion. This will make them stronger and more convincing to the reader!

Expert Tip

Following an outline always makes structuring easier. Check out this argumentative essay outline to write a cohesive essay!

  • Edit and revise your work.

Finishing your essay is only part of the battle. Be sure to take a few moments afterward to review and revise it!

Check for any typos, grammar mistakes, or problems in a structure. Don't forget to make sure everything makes sense and flows! 

Proofread your essay following this essay rubric to ensure zero flaws!

By following these tips, you will be sure to write an engaging and persuasive argumentative essay!

So there you have it–a whole list of argumentative essay topics for you to choose from. Picking a good topic is the first step to writing an effective argumentative essay. With our topics and tips, you’ll be able to create a compelling work that stands out from other essays.

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Cathy has been one of our most reliable authors for more than five years. With extensive knowledge in mass communication gained from her Master's degree, she always produces high-quality work that meets the needs of her clients. In fact, they often leave her 5-star reviews for being an outstanding writer who is very passionate about her craft.

Cathy has been one of our most reliable authors for more than five years. With extensive knowledge in mass communication gained from her Master's degree, she always produces high-quality work that meets the needs of her clients. In fact, they often leave her 5-star reviews for being an outstanding writer who is very passionate about her craft.

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