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List of Amazing Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022

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Published on: Sep 22, 2020

Last updated on: Dec 29, 2022

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

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Are you looking for some exceptional compare and contrast essay topics for your essay? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

Almost every student has come across a situation where he has to write a compare and contrast essay for his academics. If you look into the concept of this essay, it is simple. We make comparisons in our life every day anyway.

A compare and contrast essay is an essay type that presents how two objects and subjects are similar and different at the same type. Just as the names suggest, the term ‘compare’ means identifying the similarities between the two things of the same category. While ‘contrast’ is the differentiation between them.

It is a type of academic paper or essay in which a writer has the freedom to go creative. To write a compare and contrast essay, a writer needs to develop the ability to assess the relevance between the two things to be compared and contrasted.

This blog is written to solve all queries of students looking for a topic for their compare and contrast essay. Stay on our website to know about it.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

To save our students from the hassle of coming up with a topic for their essays. Our expert essay writers have gathered some good compare and contrast essay topics.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For High School Students

Here are some amazing compare and contrast essay writing topics for high school students.

  • Books vs. Movies by Stephen King
  • Compare and contrast life in big cities and village life
  • Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton
  • Realism vs. Modernism
  • iPhone vs. Android
  • Poetry vs. Prose
  • Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
  • Healthy meals vs. Fast food
  • Full freedom vs. Parental Control
  • Nelson Mandela vs. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Family vs. Friends
  • Fashion 10 years ago vs. Now
  • Norms a decade ago vs. Now
  • Being single vs. Being in a relationship
  • Living at home with your parents vs.s Living on your own

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 6th Grade

Choose from the following topics to write an interesting essay for your middle school.

  • Celebrating Christmas away from home vs. at home - Which is more fun?
  • Compare and contrast being sent to school detention and going to prison
  • Comic Books vs. Novels
  • Winters or Summers?
  • Juice vs. Drinking mineral water - Which is healthier?
  • Watching TV vs. Reading Books
  • Dogs and Wolves - Similarities and Differences
  • Male friends vs. Female Friends - Who are better?
  • Maths Teacher vs. English Teacher
  • Going to a destination by train or getting there by bus
  • Renting a video vs. going to a movie
  • Thunderstorms vs. Snowstorms
  • The more effective way to teach compared to books is an experience - Agree or Disagree
  • Being angry to being afraid
  • Being a member of the marching band and being an athlete

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For College Students

College students can draft their compare and contrast essays on the following topics:

  • College vs. High school studies
  • Students without part-time jobs vs. Students with a part-time job
  • Research Paper vs. Dissertation - Which is a bigger challenge?
  • Traditional Schooling vs. Homeschooling - Which is the better option?
  • GRE vs. SAT - Which is more important?
  • Ph.D. vs. Master's degree - Which is better for practical life?
  • Extroverts and Introverts - Who is more successful?
  • Online dating vs. real-life dating - which is riskier?
  • Oxford vs. Harvard - A better option?
  • TV commercials vs. Printed ads - Which are more effective?
  • Radio or Newspaper - A better option for news?
  • SEO strategies vs. Traditional marketing - Which one is more effective?
  • Online jobs vs. Traditional jobs
  • Vampires or Werewolves
  • Dumbledore vs. Voldemort

Educational Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Educational topics always work. Here is the list of educational compare and contrast essay topics:

  • Learning science - Pros and Cons
  • Chemistry or Physics - The harder subject
  • Hard Copies vs. Ebooks
  • IELTS vs. GRE
  • Academic vs. Scientific Writing
  • Humanities vs. Sciences
  • Skill degree vs. Professional - A better scope in practical life?
  • Women’s Study and Gender Study
  • Study of science vs. Languages - Which one is more helpful?
  • College vs. University - Which is more challenging?
  • Correlation between technology and science
  • College dean vs. University rector
  • Accounting vs. Statistics
  • 500-word essay vs. Short story - Which one is more difficult to write?
  • Private vs. Public school

Historical Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

For those who are interested in writing history essays, the following topics can help you write a great essay.

  • Washington vs. Lincoln’s Ideas
  • Baroque Epoch vs. Renaissance
  • Soviet government vs. American government
  • UK Prime Minister vs. US President
  • World War I vs. World War II - Which was more disastrous?
  • Nazism vs. Fascism
  • Mahatma Gandhi vs. Muhammad Ali Jinnah - Difference in ideologies
  • Van Gogh vs. Leonardo da Vinci
  • Friedrich Hegel vs. Karl Marx
  • Communism vs. Liberalism
  • Compare some Russian Emperors and their political regime
  • King Louis XIV vs. Henry VIII
  • South and North before the Civil War in the US
  • Nixon vs. Kennedy
  • Vietnam wars vs. The Korean

Health Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Some health-related compare and contrast essay topics can be:

  • Smoking and Vaping - Which is more dangerous?
  • Importance of food and health care
  • To vaccinate vs. not to
  • Vegan vs. Vegetarian
  • Obesity and eating disorder
  • Corn grain or Wheat
  • Attitude towards Euthanasia in different countries of the world
  • Public hospitals vs. Private
  • Early Adolescence vs. Mental disorder in childhood
  • Plant Packed food and Meat
  • Vitamins from complexes vs. Vitamins from foods
  • Obese lifestyle vs. Healthy lifestyle
  • Video games or Cell phones - Which is more harmful to health?
  • Balanced diet vs. Physical activities - More important for health?
  • Proper medication vs. Home remedies for small problems

Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Adding humor to your essay always makes good writing. Here is a list of funny compare and contrast essay topics:

  • Moonwalk vs. Gangnam style
  • XBOX vs. PlayStation
  • Growing a tree vs. Raising a child
  • Morse Code vs. Fifth Symphony
  • Coffee vs. Drugs - Which is better to improve performance
  • Game of Thrones vs. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Pigeon post vs. Email
  • Doing laundry vs. Dishes
  • Cats vs. Dogs - who are better pets?
  • Rihanna vs. Beyonce
  • Horror vs. Comedy - A better genre of movies?
  • Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian
  • Life of young people vs. Senior citizens
  • Receiving vs. Giving gifts
  • Traditional photos vs. Selfies

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For Sports

If you are into sports, here are some interesting compare and contrast topics for your essay:

  • Winter vs. Summer sports
  • Sports magazine vs. Entertainment
  • Football for men vs. Women
  • Checker vs. Chess
  • Cricket vs. Soccer - A better sport?
  • Breakdance vs. Hip Hop
  • Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Ricky Ponting vs. Shoaib Akhtar
  • Yoga vs. Aerobics
  • Running on a treadmill vs. Outside Reddit
  • Steroids vs. Energy drinks - Which are more harmful?
  • Strength of mind vs. Body - Which is more important?
  • Watching baseball vs. Basketball - A better sight?
  • Skills needed in cricket vs. Football
  • Individual sports vs. Team sports

Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Some psychology-related compare and contrast essay topics can be:

  • Self-evaluation of preschoolers vs. Teenagers
  • Theories of Watson vs. Skinner
  • Autism vs. Down Syndrome
  • Therapy vs. Medication
  • Bipolar disorder vs. Depression
  • Suicide vs. Homicide
  • Illusive dreams vs. hallucination
  • Claustrophobia vs. Agoraphobia - Which is worse?
  • Fear of public speaking vs. Social Anxiety
  • Soft vs. Hard drugs - Which are more dangerous?
  • Love and lust - Difference
  • Anorexia vs. Bulimia
  • Anxiety vs. Depression
  • Agoraphobia vs. Claustrophobia.
  • B. F. Skinner theory vs. John B. Watson theory.

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How to Choose Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

The writing process of the compare and contrast essay begins with coming up with an essay topic. There is a whole process where you see what interests you and your reader and which topic is worth writing for.

Deciding on the right topic can be very daunting. You are lucky if your instructor has assigned you a topic. But if not, you have to spend some extra time thinking about what to write about.

But coming up with your topic has its perks. You can be creative and write about anything you wish to. Ensure the topic is right, the tone you will be using is complementing, and the information provided is accurate and appropriate.

To make the process less exhaustive, follow the steps that professionals take to come up with the best topics.

  1. Think of topic ideas for which there is no universal consensus.
  2. Identify the target audience and their interests.
  3. Avoid choosing generic topics.
  4. Select a topic for which you hold an opinion and can gather strong evidence to support it.
  5. Choose a topic that reflects your interest or passion. It will make the writing process of your essay much simpler.

It is advised to think carefully and thoroughly while choosing a topic for your essay. A good topic will keep the audience motivated and interested in reading what you have written.

Those as mentioned above are some really easy compare and contrast essay topics. Choose your topic to write the best essay.

If you are still confused about choosing a topic and writing an essay, you can contact an online writing service. EssayWriter.college is a reliable writing service where a professional essay writer can help you achieve better academic grades.

Our professionals are experts in providing all kinds of high-quality academic essays and papers. Whether it is an argumentative essay or a persuasive essay, we’ve got your back.

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Barbara P (Literature, Marketing)

Barbara has a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working in the medical field. With her practical experience conducting research on various health issues, she is skilled in writing innovative papers on healthcare. Her many works have been published in multiple publications.

Barbara has a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working in the medical field. With her practical experience conducting research on various health issues, she is skilled in writing innovative papers on healthcare. Her many works have been published in multiple publications.

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