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An Ultimate Guide to Types of Sentences With Examples

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Published on: Aug 27, 2020

Last updated on: Mar 21, 2023

Types of Sentences

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A writer needs to know the different types of sentences in order for their essay writing process to go smoothly. The best way to understand the different types of sentences in an essay is by knowing their purpose.

There are many different types of sentences in the English language, each having its own unique purpose or function.

Types of sentences based on structure (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex). The way we categorize sentences can help determine their function or purpose.

Such as simple or compound sentences, which depend on what you're describing to readers in terms of structure.

In contrast, complex and compound-complex sentences serve as dialogue tags that signal changes of thought and emotional reactions to the speaker/writer's words.

Sentences are the backbone of your academic writing, and you must know where they come in.

This blog will focus on four types of sentences and how they're organized differently from each other. So let’s get this started.

What Is a Sentence?

A sentence is a combination of words that expresses an idea and gives the reader something to think about. The definition of a sentence is any combination of words used to express an idea by giving statements, asking questions, or exclaiming.

Every sentence carries two elements:

  • A subject
  • A predicate

The subject of a sentence is what it's about or how something was said. The predicate tells more about the topic and shows this in an interesting way. Every sentence should have at least a subject and a verb.

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4 Types of Sentences

We all have different ways of saying what we want. In English, four different types of sentences convey the meaning differently depending on their purpose.

1. Declarative Sentence

Declarative sentences are the most commonly used type of sentence. These sentences are used to make a statement or express an opinion and always end with the period. It can have a one-line simple sentence, or it could be more complex, having connectors. And, usually, active voice is used in these sentences.


  • My friend is really a good singer.
  • My husband loves eating cookies in the morning.
  • We own a dog.
  • My daughter is a volleyball champion.
  • Students do not work hard, and this is why they often fail.
  • The United States has fifty states.
  • Italian food is usually based on spaghetti and meatballs.
  • I love to have desserts at breakfast.
  • The dog chased the boy.
  • The dog is sleeping on the couch.
  • My sister loves to run, but my brother prefers to walk.
  • She wears black nail polish.
  • I love cupcakes.
  • London is the capital of England.
  • I want to be a chef.

2. Interrogative Sentence

Interrogative sentences ask questions, and they start with the word ‘why’ or 'how.’ And they end in some form of interrogating - like a question mark at the very least!

These sentences can be both simple and compound-complex, having an independent clause and dependent clause.


  • Whose cat is that?
  • What is your favorite pizza topping?
  • What time will you finish your homework?
  • Why did she arrive late?
  • Do you like coffee?
  • What is your name?
  • Do you know that Niagara Falls is in Canada?
  • Did you do your tasks for the day?
  • Can you tell me the address to Taksim Square?
  • Do you know that excessive carbohydrates are one of the main reasons for a heart attack?
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Where is your new dog?
  • To whom shall I give the test results?
  • Have you watched the movie?
  • Can I borrow your chemistry book for a day?

3. Imperative Sentence

Imperative sentences are a type of exclamation sentence that tells someone to do something by issuing an instruction. They always end with a full stop, period, and an exclamation point.


  • Don’t ever call me a cheater.
  • Have a cup of coffee.
  • Please stop!
  • Consider the pink dress.
  • Get out!
  • Shut the door now!
  • Please do not make noise.
  • Stop shouting!
  • Please have a seat.
  • Don’t try to be rude to me.
  • Bring me a glass of water.
  • Don't stay out at night.
  • Please grant me a loan.
  • Pass the salt.
  • Please be quiet.

4. Exclamatory Sentence

An exclamatory sentence is a powerful tool for expressing emotions. It always ends with an exclamation mark, and in this case, it's used to show excitement! This kind of sentence is the perfect way to express your strong feelings or emotions.


  • What a thug he is!
  • Wow, he won the lottery!
  • That popcorn is not for you!
  • Happy birthday, Anna!
  • Let’s see how fast you run!
  • What a huge dog you have!
  • Such an overwhelming experience!
  • What a great movie!
  • He is going to hit his head!
  • The sun is so bright today!
  • I got concert tickets!
  • What a cute puppy!
  • That birthday cake was so good!
  • He is such a kind soul!
  • You are such a liar!

Using Different Sentence Types in Your Writing

Here are some different types of sentences that can be used in your writings. They can be used in both direct and indirect speech.

  • Declarative Sentence: These sentences are a great way to provide direction and purpose for your writing. They can be used in any subject, but they'll work particularly well with creative pieces or formal essays. These declarative form sentences will get the perspective and understand how topics are related to one another.
  • Exclamatory Sentence: This exclamatory sentence type can be used to draw the reader in through your feelings. It's best for blog posts and creative writing where you want people to experience emotions alongside you!
  • Imperative Sentence: You can use this type of sentence to get someone's attention and make them do what you want. It would be like issuing a command or instruction in the form "you should," but with more certainty that they will listen!
  • Interrogative Sentence: This type of sentence is used to ask direct questions and avoid miscommunication.

Tips to Choose the Right Type of Sentence

It's important to find the right type of sentence for your writing style. To make your writing more interesting, it's important to use a variety of sentence types. The right type depends on what you want to express:

  • When you want to state your opinion or answer a question, use a declarative sentence.
  • To ask a direct question, you should use an interrogative sentence.
  • You can tell someone what to do in an imperative sentence.
  • An exclamatory sentence exaggerates the emotion to make a point. The tone of voice should be engaging, not over-the-top or comical.

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Types of Sentences Exercises

The following examples are some types of sentences. Can you identify which ones?

  • Take the next exit on your right.
  • I like climbing.
  • What time does the concert start?
  • Wait for me!
  • John likes Mary. declarative
  • What a funny story he told us!
  • Stop! Close the door.
  • Did you put away your clothes as I asked you to?
  • The coffee shop isn’t open on Sundays.
  • The trip was amazing!


  • Imperative
  • Declarative
  • Interrogative
  • Exclamatory
  • Declarative
  • Exclamatory
  • Imperative
  • Interrogative
  • Declarative
  • Exclamatory

You are now familiar with the different types of sentences that you use in your academic writing. Hopefully, this guide will help give insight into simple, complex, and compound sentence structure as well!

So, let's spice up the reading with some variety! When creating your sentences keep in mind that too many simple ones will be tedious for readers.

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Caleb S. (Marketing, Literature)

Helping students achieve their academic dreams is what brings Caleb S. the most fulfillment. With his Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has plenty of experience with writing that he can utilize to benefit those who seek his help. Prioritizing his client's needs, he always goes above and beyond to provide top-notch service.

Helping students achieve their academic dreams is what brings Caleb S. the most fulfillment. With his Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has plenty of experience with writing that he can utilize to benefit those who seek his help. Prioritizing his client's needs, he always goes above and beyond to provide top-notch service.

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