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Personal Statement To Help Struggling Students

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Published on: Oct 30, 2021

Last updated on: Dec 29, 2022

Personal Statement

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The admission process is not an easy task. If you want to be able to secure a spot in your desired college, then it's best that each applicant creates their own personalized essay.

In which he/she elaborates on why they deserve acceptance into this institution. Because there are many factors considered when making decisions about who gets preference!

The personal statement is an opportunity to highlight your achievements and future goals. It needs to be competitive if you want the win over other candidates who are also applying for this position.

The personal statement is a difficult task for many students, but it can be divided into sections and written easily with the tips found here. You should still read through this blog to get an understanding of how to write a best for your own!

What is a Personal Statement?

A good personal statement is a very important part of the application writing process. It allows you to share with a college admissions committee your life experiences and what makes you unique from other applicants!

You might write about things like skills or accomplishments that make up who we truly are as well as our goals for future endeavors. It's also possible to include interests here too.

So think carefully before word choice because anyone little sentence has huge implications throughout college acceptance letters across campus.

The main purpose of writing a personal statement is to showcase your achievements and tell the future goals you want. It also shows what's important in life, which could help get into college or find employment after graduation.

You can show your weaknesses and strengths, and describe the reasons why you're choosing this particular course. You can also provide answers to specific questions given by the college. Make sure, to sum up your statement within 500 words.

College statements are different from essays. The job or CV statement only needs one open paragraph, but a college application required three to four paragraphs for maximum word count.

Make sure you follow specific detailed instructions given by each high school and stay within the allowed number of words per section!

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Personal Statement Outline

Personal statement Outline contains three sections which are as follows:

1. Introduction

      • Add your motivation for the course. Or why you select such a course?
      • Tell your interests and achievements
      • Add a strong thesis statement to grab the readers' attention

2. Body section must include at least three paragraphs:

Body section must include at least three paragraphs:

Paragraph 1:

    • Add your educational background and expertise

Paragraph 2:

    • Tell who you are and why are you the best fit for this course?
    • Describe your qualities and determination for success

Paragraph 3:

    • Add your career goals, and your future expectations
    • Explain how will this degree help you in accomplishing your academic goals.

3. Conclusion

    • Restate your motivation for this course
    • Summarize your past accomplishments and your future goals
    • Leave a convincing last sentence to impress the reader

This is an excellent PDF of a personal statement template to get you started!

Personal Statement Format

The formatting of your personal statement is important because it helps you to stand out from other candidates. What goes on the page says a lot about how people will perceive and treat you as an individual. So be sure that everything has been taken care of before moving on to anything else!

Therefore, your personal statement should be written according to the following guidelines:

  • Personal statement should contain 500 to 600 words and it should be 1 - 2 pages long.
  • All paragraphs should be single-spaced.
  • Before starting every paragraph leave a single line space.
  • Font style should be Times New Roman
  • Font size should be 12pt.
  • Add page number and your name in the head section.

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How to Write a Personal Statement?

Following are the steps to write a perfect personal statement:

1. Crafting the Introduction

When you're writing an introduction, it's important that your personality shines through and shows how interesting the content will be for readers.

You should also touch on any skills or experience related to course topics so they know what kind of take-away this paper offers them at its end!

The way you present yourself in your personal statement can make or break the acceptance rate of a college application.

It's important that we understand who our reader is at this point, so provide them with enough information about what makes YOU unique!

When you are writing your personal statement, try to be as honest and revealing of who you really are. You can also come up with an interesting angle or hook so that the reader will want more from reading on!

Make sure they feel like this information is worth their time by using language in ways other applicants did not use before. But keep it real!

When applying for a job, make sure to state what you are interested in the most. Then follow up with strong sentences that mention your relevant aspects of personality which will fit well at this company!

2. Writing the Main Body

When you're writing your statement, it is important that the content of what's being said matches up with both interests and skills.

For example, if someone has experience working as a doctor they might mention this on their application. So employers know how qualified they are for the position at hand!

For a more engaging and interesting tone of voice, be specific when writing the main body. Avoid mentioning any controversial subjects such as religious or political issues in your work unless it is imperative to do so.

The body paragraph should include your achievements, accomplishments, and experience as well as relevant skills. It is important to mention the contribution you have made to previous institutions or companies.

Because it demonstrates that this person has been productive over time - something many employers look for when hiring employees! Finally, let's talk about what future goals are on tap; these can be anything from getting promoted at work.

It is important to do some research about the college or university you are interested in before writing your statement of purpose. Find out what makes it unique and why this particular school interests you most.

3. Writing a Strong Conclusion

Your conclusion should summarize why you applied to a particular college, as well convince the reader that reviews your application.

It will not only provide insight into what makes you special. But also help them make an informed decision about which program is best for their needs!

Summarizing what you have said throughout the personal statement will make your voice sound more confident and convincing. This technique could influence committee members to seriously consider giving you an interview!

4. Edit and Proofread

Your personal statement is a reflection of you and your abilities, so it should be worded in such as way that showcases what makes you great. There are many areas where an edit could help improve the quality or readability, including spelling and grammar.

However, we recommend making sure all relevant information about yourself flows smoothly with clear sentence structure throughout!

Proofreading your personal statement is a great way to make sure that it meets all of the requirements for this application.

Ask someone you trust, like a friend or family member who has gone through college before with you. They’ll know what kind of words are necessary in order to achieve an effective result!

Personal Statement Examples

Looking for a personal statement sample? Don't worry there you go. The following are samples of personal statements for various fields. Check these examples before writing your own.

The secret to writing a great personal statement is in the details. Be sure that you include all relevant information, use engaging language, and keep it simple. In order to get more readers' attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lie in a personal statement?

Lying in your personal statement is never a good idea. If you do, it will come back to haunt you! Don't make things up or say that we've read books when really haven’t even started reading yet.

Can I use the same personal statement twice?

The personal statement is a chance to let the university know more about who you are. You can use the same one, but make sure it fits with what they need from candidates applying in order for their program!

Can I send different personal statements to different universities?

The admission committees will know if you copy and paste your personal statement, so be sure to use good grammar and stay original. Use different statements according to university guidelines.

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Nova Allison is a skilled Digital Content Strategist with eight years of experience in crafting scientific and technical content. What makes Nova’s online content plans stand out is her perfect mix of engaging and informative writing styles. Her years of writing experience have polished her skills in writing accurate technical content.

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