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Personal Statement Format - Structure Your Personal Statement Easily

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Published on: Nov 12, 2021

Last updated on: Dec 29, 2022

Personal Statement Format

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Working on your personal statement and worried about formatting it? It is an important admission document that must be written and formatted carefully. Therefore, students are often worried about it.

This blog will help you understand the basics of formatting your statement properly and in less time.

A personal statement tells the admission committee about your personality, achievements, and qualities that make you stand out from the competition. This blog will help you understand how to format your personal statement properly and submit it on time.Let's get started with the blog.

Each applicant to employment, internships, and graduate programs is frequently required to submit a personal statement explaining their talents and career objectives. A personal statement is usually composed in response to a certain inquiry.

Personal statements are never the same for everyone, and they vary based on the institution to which you're applying. However, while writing other academic essays, you must follow a certain structure.

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Personal Statement Format Essentials

Personal statements, like other academic papers, should follow a specific set of formatting and structure standards. You may check that all of your material is properly organized this way.

If you don't know how to structure a personal statement, there are some basic standards to adhere to.

  • Whether you're writing an essay or a personal statement, the typical word count is 500 words. As a result, it's preferable to complete your personal statement within 495 - 505 words.
  • The paragraphs should be single-spaced and separated by a single line of margin.
  • Use Times New Roman font style.
  • Use 12pt. font size.
  • Add the page number and your name in your page's header.

To make your personal statement readable, follow a certain layout style. Keep in mind that review panels read hundreds of applications, so it's vital to do everything possible to ensure yours stands out.

Most personal statements are written in a narrative format, which allows you to tell your story in an engaging way. However, there is a specific format that you must follow when writing your personal statement for medical school.

Your medical school personal statement should be exactly 4,500 characters or less. This includes spaces! That’s about 600 words.

Here’s a quick overview of what should be included in your medical school personal statement:

  • An engaging opening paragraph that will make the reader want to continue reading
  • A description of what has led you to pursue a career in medicine
  • Information about your academic and extracurricular achievements
  • An explanation of why you want to attend that particular medical school
  • A conclusion that summarizes your goals and leaves the reader with a positive impression of you

Personal Statement Format

A personal statement is a type of essay that a student must write in order to gain entrance into an institution of higher education. A typical personal statement consists of the following elements:


A fascinating opening statement may be used to pique the reader's interest in a personal statement. This paragraph can offer an overview of yourself and link it to the program for which you are applying.

Don't forget to include the program name and degree or job title you are applying for.

Body Paragraphs

Address any relevant questions regarding your skills, long-term objectives, or suitability for the program in the body paragraphs.

The topic sentence of a body paragraph should give the readers an understanding of what it is going to discuss. Also, include examples from your own life and be sure they are pertinent, and support your point.


Summarize all of the body paragraphs' points and reaffirm your interest in the program or position. Mention how this degree or job is a short-term stepping stone toward a longer-term goal.

Personal Statement Format Examples

If you're seeking informative personal statement format samples, you've come to the correct spot. One of the greatest methods to understand how to compose a great personal statement is to go through examples.

That is why we've compiled a list of personal statement format samples to assist you to figure out what should be included in your own. They may only serve as an inspiration for your own statement, which means you must not copy them.

Personal Statement Format for University

A personal statement is a crucial paper to submit to the admissions committee at a university in order to demonstrate why you are a good fit for their school.

Here's a sample format for a university personal statement that you may use to construct an excellent one on your own.

Personal Statement Format For University

My world is populated by numbers. Numbers are the most powerful tool for good and I see myself as someone who can wield these numbers. That is why accountancy is the only option, in my opinion, to study at university.

Without accountancy, decision-making would be performed blindly and con artists would run riot on even the most established company; without rigorous accounting practices, the economy would be in jeopardy.

I once thought money was the root of all evil, but in fact, it is the lack of knowledge on the subject that poses more of a threat; which is another reason why accountancy is the subject I intend to learn.

To prepare myself for the field of accounting I have begun to read into topics outside the syllabus. Keeping up with the business news through the Guardian and BBC News website, my interest in the field grew.

- Read the full statement here.

Personal Statement Format for Grad School

Personal statements are frequently required for graduate school applications. This allows admission committees to learn more about the applicant as a person.

The graduate school personal statement format is explained in the example below. This sample will teach you how to write a personalized statement for graduate school.

For twenty-three years, my grandmother (a Veterinarian and an Epidemiologist) ran the Communicable Disease Department of a mid-sized urban public health department. The stories of Grandma Betty doggedly tracking down the named sexual partners of the infected are part of our family lore. Grandma Betty would persuade people to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, encourage safer sexual practices, document the spread of infection and strive to contain and prevent it. Indeed, due to the large gay population in the city where she worked, Grandma Betty was at the forefront of the AIDS crises, and her analysis contributed greatly towards understanding how the disease was contracted and spread. My grandmother has always been a huge inspiration to me, and the reason why a career in public health was always on my radar.

- Read the full statement here.

Personal Statement Format for Masters

Looking for a master's personal statement example? Here is one to get you started.

My fascination with technology was sparked when, as a child I thought it would be a great idea to take apart my Playstation console. Aware of the danger, I was still eager to see how it all worked inside. I find it intriguing how fast society has been shaped and continues to be, by the influence of Computer Science. A few years ago if someone were to have claimed that cars would become autonomous, people would have doubted them. Now we are at a stage where nearly anything is possible and this is due to the relentless problem solving of computer scientists. The latest software update released by Tesla motors allows their cars to learn how to drive themselves, and is an example of artificial intelligence, a sector which I am most interested in. I want to study Computer Science because I want to gain the knowledge needed to be able to help find solutions to world problems, with the efficient use of computer technology. With the knowledge and skills, I will attain from this course, the creative ideas that I could bring to fruition would be endless.

- Read the full statement here.

Personal Statement Format for College

The purpose of a personal statement for college is to show admission staff who you are and why you should be accepted to their school. In this essay, you must talk about your high school experiences and major accomplishments.

Here's an example of a personal statement format, which will help you learn how to write one for college.

Personal Statement Format College

12 is the number of my idol, Tom Brady. It’s the sum of all the letters in my name. It’s also how old I was when I started high school.

In short, I skipped two grades: first and sixth. Between kindergarten and eighth grade, I attended five schools, including two different styles of homeschooling (three years at a co-op and one in my kitchen). Before skipping, I was perennially bored.

But when I began homeschooling, everything changed. Free to move as fast as I wanted, I devoured tomes from Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison to London, Kipling, and Twain. I wrote 10-page papers on subjects from Ancient Sparta and military history to the founding of the United States and the resounding impact of slavery. I discovered more than I ever had, kindling a lifelong joy for learning.

- Read the full statement here.

Personal Statement Format for Job

A personal statement for a job is your best opportunity to sell yourself and demonstrate what makes you unique. As a result, it's critical to make it precise, exciting, and full of information.

Take a look at this example of a job application personal statement format to help you through the writing process.

Personal Statement Format For Job

My name is Mark Collins, a certified Public Accountant, and a fresh graduate from UC- Santa Cruz. I am writing with the intention to fill in the position as an Accounting Clerk in your auditing firm. I have been told by a colleague that your accounting firm is a notable one with a sizeable clientele in the Greater Los Angeles area, and I am very much interested in venture into an employment opportunity with your respective office.

Although I may not have the significant amount of experience that a lot of employees may have, I have been trained in many accounting programs, both in the academe and through multiple internships. I have been able to maintain a high GPA throughout my university years and I’ve also been able to get good recommendations from previous internships that I have completed. I was able to gather a sizeable amount of experience balancing sheets, understanding the ins and outs of business, managing payroll schemes and doing liquidation reports on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

- Read the full statement here.

Personal Statement Format for Law School

Your personal statement is your opportunity to express yourself as a person to the law school admissions committee. As a result, make sure your own statement is well-written and correctly formatted.

Don't know how to format a law school personal statement? Take a look at the following law school personal statement example to learn how to compose an exceptional one.

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Personal Statement Format Law School

I remember sitting on my living room floor, eyes barely blinking taking in the movie playing out in front of me with my mouth slightly open in slack-jawed amazement. I was watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame and I had just reached the part where Esmerelda stood up for Quasimodo. At the tender age of seven, I understood that society discriminated and that not everyone has the power to make themselves heard. Watching as Esmerelda defended a stranger when even his master turned a blind eye, I knew then and there that that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to give the oppressed a voice, a fighting chance. I wanted to speak up for the little guy and my insatiable need to find a way to do this coupled with my tenacity and passion for understanding and evaluating the rules I was governed by, drew me to Law. Ever since that fateful day, I have been working towards this goal and taking part in activities that allowed me to gain the skills that would prove to be useful in my endeavors.

- Read the full statement here.

Personal Statement Format for Nursing

A nursing personal statement is a crucial component of the nursing application. It's an excellent chance to address any issues that admissions committees may have, and it's also a wonderful way to get in touch with them.

This sample may be used as a source of inspiration while writing your own personal statement, or you can simply read it to ensure that you're heading in the correct direction.

Nursing School Personal Statement Format

I would like to study nursing because I feel it will lead me directly to one of the most emotionally fulfilling careers available, as well as giving me the chance combine helping people's mental well being with their physical health. It would give me the opportunity to study something that involves both academic and practical study, which I feel would suit me best.

One of the areas I am most interested in is mental health nursing, a career that needs patience and empathy, and which could be especially rewarding in terms of the help I could give. Having parents who have both worked as social workers has given me an open minded knowledge of what work in this area really entails.

I am also interested in the contrasting portrayals of mental health within the media and especially enjoyed reading both Jeffrey Masson's take on psychotherapy in 'Against Therapy,' and Ken Kesey's portrayal of a mental health institution in the 1950's.

- Read the full statement here.

Personal Statement Format for MBA

Consider how you might write a personal statement for the MBA program. Use this sample MBA personal statement format example to explain why you want to pursue an MBA degree at our site and get assistance.

Mba Personal Statement Format

Beyond the achievements written in my CV, I would like you to know more about who I am through three important lessons I have learned. The first lesson I learned from my parents, the second from my soldiers, and the last lesson I learned from my comrades.

From my parents I learned the importance of dedication to my goals. I am the eldest of five siblings, and until I reached junior high all five of us slept together in the same room. Even with limited financial resources, our parents promoted personal development and insisted we all learn to play an instrument and master at least one sport: I played piano and practiced judo. Music and sports taught us to set our goals and to keep improving in order to achieve them. As a result, I grew up to be very mission-driven: quickly analyzing the main factors involved in reaching a personal goal and aligning them around the objective. With the ability to clearly visualize the goals of my organization or the needs of my community, I am able to take initiative, identify opportunities and drive everyone involved towards achieving them.

- Read the full statement here.

Personal Statement Format for Medical School

Personal statement for medical school is an excellent opportunity to share your narrative and provide context for why you want to study medicine.

You may also study the attached sample to help you develop your own style and see what a great medical school personal statement is like.

Personal Statement Format Medical School

I was one of those kids who always wanted to be doctor. I didn’t understand the responsibilities and heartbreaks, the difficult decisions, and the years of study and training that go with the title, but I did understand that the person in the white coat stood for knowledge, professionalism, and compassion. As a child, visits to the pediatrician were important events. I’d attend to my hair and clothes, and travel to the appointment in anticipation. I loved the interaction with my doctor. I loved that whoever I was in the larger world, I could enter the safe space of the doctor’s office, and for a moment my concerns were heard and evaluated. I listened as my mother communicated with the doctor. I’d be asked questions, respectfully examined, treatments and options would be weighed, and we would be on our way. My mother had been supported in her efforts to raise a well child, and I’d had a meaningful interaction with an adult who cared for my body and development. I understood medicine as an act of service, which aligned with my values, and became a dream.

  • Read the full statement here.

A personal statement is an important part of an application essay. These application forms are usually available from the respective colleges and universities.

When you start writing it, you must remember that you should talk about your career goals and tell the admissions officers what makes you a good fit for admission.

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Helping students achieve their academic dreams is what brings Caleb S. the most fulfillment. With his Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has plenty of experience with writing that he can utilize to benefit those who seek his help. Prioritizing his client's needs, he always goes above and beyond to provide top-notch service.

Helping students achieve their academic dreams is what brings Caleb S. the most fulfillment. With his Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has plenty of experience with writing that he can utilize to benefit those who seek his help. Prioritizing his client's needs, he always goes above and beyond to provide top-notch service.

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