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100 Best Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get Started

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Published on: Jan 30, 2023

Last updated on: Jan 30, 2023

Persuasive Essay Topics

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Most students dread writing persuasive essays because they find it hard to come up with good topics. 

Even if you don't know what topic to choose, we can help you get started. 

Check out our list of persuasive essay topics and tips on how to write a great paper. With the right topic and some practice, you'll be able to write a persuasive essay that will get you the grade you want.

Keep reading this blog to jump-start your creativity!

Unique Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

We know that finding the right persuasive essay topic is difficult. Sometimes students need unique essay topics for essays.

Coming up with a new and different idea for your essay can be hard work. We created a list of persuasive essay topics to make it easier for you to pick one. 

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School 

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - Do you agree? 
  • Summer classes - Do they help?
  • Internet filters and censorship - Should they exist in school computers?
  • Bullying - Do we have justified punishments for people who bully? 
  • Discuss the pros & cons of year-round school.
  • Should students take a gap year?   
  • Gym classes in school - Should they be made mandatory?
  • Global warming - Who is responsible? 
  • Are violent video games causing aggressive behavior in teenagers? 
  • Are men smarter than women?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 6 

  • Should 6th graders be allowed to have phones in school? 
  • Are video games beneficial for children or a source of distraction? 
  • Will the introduction of driverless cars reduce car accidents? 
  • Should vending machines selling unhealthy foods be banned from schools? 
  • Should plastic bags be banned from stores? 
  • Is it a good idea to make school uniforms mandatory? 
  • Should school abolish their dress code policies? 
  • Is banning homework the right solution for students' stress levels? 
  • Do children need to learn about money management at school? 
  • Does reading fiction help improve empathy?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 7

  • Computer games should be taught in School 
  • Students don’t get enough sleep.
  • Vending machines should have healthy snacks only.
  • Audiobooks should be free for students.
  • Everyone should not be given complete access to the internet.
  • Violent video games cause anger issues in kids. 
  • Minorities should not be given special treatment but equal rights in all life aspects. 
  • No one has a healthy diet anymore. Is it true?
  • City life is much better than rural life. 
  • Responsibilities that come with power should not be taken lightly.

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  • Overcoming fears - Is it possible? 
  • Should students be allowed to evaluate their instructors?
  • Is using a cell phone in class during lectures ethical?
  • Lottery - How to spend the money you win? 
  • Is moving from a rural to an urban area helpful?
  • Is the amount of homework college students get fair?
  • Should junk food be banned in high schools?
  • Does stress cause obesity as well?
  • Death penalty in the United States - what is its social value?
  • Following a dress code should be made optional. 

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

  • Does the high school system need to be reformed?
  • Local terrorism vs. international criminal activities - what’s more, important to pay attention to? 
  • The idea of feminism - what effects it had on motherhood?
  • How important is it for a child’s personality to be raised by both of its parents?
  • Divorce - Is it only because of the absence of love?
  • Do wives who earn more than their husbands dominate them?
  • Research paper VS exams - A better way of learning? 
  • Is working hard at the workplace the only way to feel better? 
  • Does truth have the same definition in all parts of the world? 
  • Hobbies - Do they complement your skills?

Persuasive Essay Topics for University

  • International standards of human rights - what are they? 
  • The power of media in today’s world - Does it need to be curtailed?
  • Does legalizing marijuana lead to addiction and health problems?
  • Are GMOs beneficial or harmful to human consumption?
  • Is global warming real, and what should be done to reduce it?
  • Can alternative energy sources replace traditional ones?
  • Do university degrees need to become more specialized?
  • Are robots really necessary to make human life easier?
  • Should people who have committed cybercrimes to face physical punishment? 

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Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics from Different Fields

Students from almost every field need to write a persuasive essay at some point in their academics. 

Here are lists of essay topics from different fields:


  • Should artists be given more freedom to express themselves?
  • Does music influence human behavior positively? 
  • Are museums still relevant in the 21st century? 
  • Do books play a vital role in our life? 
  • Is graffiti art or vandalism? 
  • Should censorship be allowed in all forms of media?
  • Can the internet be considered a form of art? 
  • Should governments open more public libraries?
  • Do people need to be exposed to more classical music?


  • Should governments reduce public spending?
  • Do taxes need to be lowered to stimulate the economy?
  • Are tariffs effective in protecting domestic industries?
  • Can the world end poverty through international cooperation?
  • Does legalizing gambling help increase government revenues?
  • Should free-market economies be considered more efficient?
  • Is privatization of state-owned enterprises necessary?
  • Do tax havens help or hurt the economy?
  • Should governments subsidize green energy sources?
  • Does the current tax system need to be reformed?


  • The education system in rural vs. urban areas?
  • Should social media be banned in schools and colleges? 
  • Can you buy knowledge?
  • Does investing in the education sector help eradicate poverty? 
  • Do students learn in early morning classes? 
  • Traditional schooling vs. remote education - What is better? 
  • Stereotyping the educational fields - Justified?  
  • Should the same education be given to immigrants from third-world countries? 
  • Power of education vs. wealth - which is undefeatable?  
  • Should transgenders be allowed to get an education in the same institute as others?


  • Do parents have the right to choose their child’s religion? 
  • Should public religious symbols be allowed in schools? 
  • Is euthanasia justified under any circumstances? 
  • Does cloning have ethical implications for society? 
  • Are people born with certain moral values, or do they learn them as they grow up?
  • Does religion help to create peace in the world?
  • Is there a difference between ethical and moral behavior? 
  • Does morality depend on one’s culture or beliefs? 
  • Should gay marriage be legalized globally? 
  • Do people have the right to choose their destiny regardless of their religious beliefs?

Government and Politics

  • Should all citizens have the right to vote? 
  • Should governments censor online content? 
  • Can world peace be obtained by abolishing nuclear weapons? 
  • Do political parties serve any public interest? 
  • Should the death penalty be abolished in all countries? 
  • Can democracy lead to global stability? 
  • Should governments be held accountable for their actions? 
  • Should political parties receive public funding? 
  • Do dictatorships have any place in the modern world?  
  • Are free and fair elections necessary for a functioning society?  


  • Are vaccinations necessary for all children? 
  • Should healthcare be provided to everyone regardless of their income? 
  • How should governments regulate smoking in public places? 
  • Is genetic engineering ethically correct? 
  • Can people with mental illness be cured through therapy?   
  • Should drug use be decriminalized in all countries?   
  • Do governments need to spend more on health care? 
  • Are natural remedies an effective alternative for treating diseases? 
  • Do people need to be aware of the side effects of modern medicine? 
  • Can technology help make medical treatments more efficient and cost-effective? 


  • What caused the fall of the Roman Empire? 
  • Was slavery a necessary evil in the past? 
  • How did World War II shape current international relations? 
  • Do people need to know their history to understand the present? 
  • Can colonialism be justified under any circumstances? 
  • Did political leaders do enough to stop genocide during WWII? 
  • Should past criminals be pardoned in the name of justice? 
  • What were the motivations behind the European colonization of Africa? 
  • Did Ancient Greece have any lasting impact on our modern world? 
  • Can history teach us anything about how to resolve current disputes?

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  • Do robots have the potential to replace humans? 
  • What are the security implications of artificial intelligence? 
  • Is our reliance on technology causing us to lose important skills? 
  • Should scientists be allowed to modify plants and animals genetically? 
  • Can nanotechnology help solve current environmental problems? 
  • What are the ethical issues surrounding cloning technology? 
  • Are robots replacing humans in the workplace? 
  • Should governments fund space exploration missions? 
  • Should we invest more resources into researching renewable energy sources? 
  • Do current developments in AI present any ethical dilemmas?


  • Should athletes use performance-enhancing drugs? 
  • Do we need stricter rules to regulate sports competitions? 
  • How should the media cover controversial sporting events? 
  • Do professional athletes have an obligation to be role models for young people? 
  • Are there any benefits of co-ed sports teams? 
  • Is sport a productive way to foster team spirit and develop a sense of loyalty? 
  • Should athletes be held to higher moral standards than other public figures? 
  • Should college sports teams receive special treatment from their universities? 
  • Is the use of animals in sports unethical? 
  • Can athletes who are paid high salaries still be considered role models? 


  • Should the government regulate the use of technology? 
  • How is tecnology changing the way we view the world? 
  • Are people becoming more dependent on technology? 
  • What are the ethical implications of using facial recognition software? 
  • Is it ethically acceptable to control our emotions through drugs or technology? 
  • Do people have a right to privacy when using technology? 
  • Should the use of social media be monitored more closely? 
  • Can technology help make education more accessible to everyone? 
  • Do we need stricter rules for using data collected by tech companies? 
  • Is it ethical to use algorithms to diagnose medical conditions? 

Social Media

  • Are social media networks responsible for enabling cyberbullying? 
  • Should the government regulate the use of social media platforms? 
  • How have online dating apps changed the way people interact with each other? 
  • Is it ethical to use data collected by tech companies for marketing purposes? 
  • Can social media help create a more equal society?  
  • How has the rise of social media changed our perception of privacy? 
  • Should parents be more vigilant about their children’s use of social media? 
  • Has the use of technology made people more or less socially active? 
  • Can social media be an effective tool for promoting social change? 
  • Are online influencers creating a false reality for their followers? 
  • Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

Controversial topics make for good persuasive essays. This is because there is room for debate on these topics. 

Here is a list of controversial topics for your persuaisve essay:

  • Should abortion be legal in special circumstances? 
  • Do racial and sexual minorities face discrimination in society?  
  • Is the minimum wage sufficient to sustain a family? 
  • Do racial stereotypes have any place in the modern world?  
  • Should the law protect religious beliefs?  
  • What are the advantages of legalizing prostitution? 
  • Should privacy be sacrificed for national security? 
  • Should the media have complete freedom of speech? 
  • Can a nation develop without being democratic? 
  • Is it necessary to provide universal healthcare coverage? 

Fun Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Is my pet planning to kill me? 
  • Funny animal videos on social media are not funny.
  • Do looks matter the most?
  • The only way to make this world happy is by legalizing marijuana.
  • The boss is not always right.
  • Is happy marriage a myth? 
  • The award for worst movie of the century goes to?
  • Why are spam emails more interesting?
  • How to look busy at work?
  • Do boys gossip as well?

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should the death penalty be abolished in all countries? 
  • Is it necessary to provide universal healthcare coverage? 
  • Should drug testing be mandatory for professional athletes? 
  • Should large corporations pay more taxes than small businesses? 
  • Do people have a moral obligation to help those in need? 
  • Should animal testing be banned in all countries? 
  • Do the benefits of globalization outweigh its drawbacks? 
  • Should governments intervene in cases of cyberbullying? 
  • Are the current copyright laws fair to content creators? 
  • Can online education replace traditional forms of learning? 

How to Choose a Persuasive Essay Topic? 

When you are writing an essay, there are some small things you can do to make it better. For example, when you are writing a persuasive essay, you need to do more than just state the facts.

Choosing the right topic for your essay and presenting it in the best possible way is everything. 

In order to convince your reader, it is important to keep in mind that your topic:

  • Shouldn’t be too emotional
  • It shouldn’t be complex and twisted,
  • Cliche or mainstream
  • It shouldn’t be less interesting for the audience

If you want your essay topic and the whole essay to be engaging and effective, do the following things while choosing a topic:

  • Decide your stance and take the stand
  • Look for strong evidence and facts 
  • Make a list of key ideas and thoughts
  • Give an outline for your essay
  • Choose a broad and accessible topic for your essay

If you have never written a persuasive essay before, it will not be easy. However, if you follow these tips, it will be much easier. 

For more guidance, you can view these persuasive essay examples and get a better idea.

Here’s a video for some extra tips on choosing your topic.

Tips to Win Your Reader Over 

Writing a persuasive essay can be intimidating for many students. But it doesn’t have to be! 

These five tips will help you craft an argument that will compel your readers. 

Choose Your Words Carefully 

The words we use when we write can make our argument better or worse. Choose words that are exact to make the reader understand what you are trying to say. 

Avoid using generic terms like “good” and “bad." Instead, use more descriptive words like “advantageous” or “detrimental.” This will make your points more powerful and effective. This goes especially for your thesis statement.

Ask Questions 

Questions are a good way to get the reader thinking about what you are saying in your essay. Asking questions also makes the reader think about their own opinions, which is important if you want to persuade them. 

Try to ask questions that don't have obvious answers and frame them in a way that requires some thought from the reader.

Draw a Persuasion Map 

A persuasion map is a way to help you write your ideas down. It ensures that every point has been addressed in depth. 

To make one, brainstorm all of the ideas related to your topic, then link them using arrows or other visuals. 

Organizing your essay will ensure you don't miss any important points.

Speak Directly To The Reader 

When you use words like "you" and "you're," it helps the person reading your essay feel like you are talking to them. This can make them more interested in what you are saying.

But don't overdo it; instead, try and make it sound authentic.

Repeat Your Main Arguments 

When you are writing an essay to argue for something, it is important to keep repeating your main points. This will help your readers remember what you want them to think even after they finish reading. 

You don't have to use the same words every time. You can use different words to say the same thing.

With these five tips in mind, writing a persuasive essay should feel much less intimidating. Using the words like "you" and "you're" makes the reader feel like they are being addressed.

"You" and "You're" make the reader feel like you are speaking directly to them. Choose a suitable topic and practice writing a persuasive essay that will earn you a good grade.

Now you know enough to begin writing your persuasive essay! 

If you're still having trouble coming up with a topic for your persuasive essay or need help getting started, don't worry. 

Our persuasive essay writing service at EssayWriter.college is here to help. You can select a talented and experienced persuasive essay writer from our team to work on your paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common errors to avoid when writing a persuasive essay?

Some of the most common errors to avoid when writing a persuasive essay include:

-Not selecting a strong enough thesis statement
-Failing to support your thesis with strong evidence
-Using too much emotion instead of logic
-Making faulty or unsubstantiated assumptions
-Using fallacious reasoning techniques

How can I make my persuasive essay more effective?

Here are some tips to make your essay effective:

- Make a strong argument: your essay should have evidence that supports your argument.

- Use powerful language: use words that will make the reader feel emotions.

- Appeal to the reader's senses: describe what you are talking about in a way that makes the reader feel like they are experiencing it themselves. 

- Be brief: don't write too much or repeat yourself; get straight to the point and make your argument clearly and convincingly.

How do I structure a persuasive essay?

This is how a persuasive essay should be structured:

Persuasive essays start with an introduction. This first part tells the reader what the essay will be about and gives some background information. 

Next, there are several body paragraphs. These paragraphs provide evidence to support the main idea of the essay. 

Lastly, there is a conclusion paragraph. This last part summarizes everything that was talked about in the essay and gives a final thought on the topic.

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Cathy has been one of our most reliable authors for more than five years. With extensive knowledge in mass communication gained from her Master's degree, she always produces high-quality work that meets the needs of her clients. In fact, they often leave her 5-star reviews for being an outstanding writer who is very passionate about her craft.

Cathy has been one of our most reliable authors for more than five years. With extensive knowledge in mass communication gained from her Master's degree, she always produces high-quality work that meets the needs of her clients. In fact, they often leave her 5-star reviews for being an outstanding writer who is very passionate about her craft.

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