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Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics & New Ideas | 2022

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Published on: Nov 26, 2020

Last updated on: Jan 1, 2023

Persuasive Speech Topics

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We all know the importance of choosing the right topic for your academic writings. But do you know how important it is to choose a topic that is accurate for your speech? We all know that writing a persuasive speech is similar to writing a persuasive essay.

A persuasive speech is a type of speech that is made with the aim to convince and persuade the listener. A good persuasive speech is structured in a way that all the points are understood and believed by the listeners. This speech uses both the logical and emotional components to persuade the audience.

If you are to write a strong debate but are not sure what topic to select, this blog provides some amazing and interesting persuasive speech topics.

Continue reading the blog to get topics for a persuasive speech in different fields and disciplines.

Good Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

The trick to giving a strong and effective speech is to discuss the mainstream and cliche topics from a different angle.

Look at the topics provided by the professionals below and choose the one that best works for you and your audience.

Persuasive Speech Topics For Kids

  • Kids should not play games that are rated R
  • Are ghosts real?
  • We should all know how to cook?
  • Schools should give cooking lessons as well
  • Why is basketball a better sport than cricket?
  • Children should be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets
  • Should kids be allowed to consume caffeine?
  • Eating french fries is injurious to health
  • Significance of teamwork in a victory
  • Kids should decide their own bedtime
  • Friends are essential to living happily
  • Significance of exercise for healthy living
  • The government should ban fast food consumption
  • Seatbelts ensure a safe journey
  • Every person should recycle

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Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

  • Importance of field trips for high school students
  • Why do high school students have to do well in exams?
  • The reasons behind not going to college after high school
  • Should students be allowed to use cellphones in schools?
  • Should school hours be changed for the better performance of students in their studies?
  • Using Tabs and iPads in schools to write lecturers and notes is important.
  • How important is it to save animals from abuse?
  • Schools and colleges should provide free notebooks to the students
  • Wearing makeup in school is important.
  • Listening to music while studying can be helpful
  • We are not doing enough to explore the space
  • Why is Pluto not a planet?
  • Why are private schools better than public schools?
  • It is important to teach a foreign language in high school
  • Critical patients should be allowed to assisted suicide

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  • Textbooks in the colleges should replace tabs
  • Taking notes of the lectures is essential to survive in college
  • Should skipping be banned in college?
  • Careful posting of things on social media is important
  • Senior citizens are a bigger victim of identity theft
  • College students should be encouraged to choose the field of their passion
  • Why participating in community service programs is a smart choice?
  • Summer classes should be made compulsory for college students.
  • Students highly depend on ‘autocorrect,’ and it is affecting their vocabulary and spellings
  • What is causing the internet to crash worldwide?
  • Horses should replace the automobiles in the city
  • Public speaking is important in building confidence and personality
  • Birth control pills and other contraceptives should be available for free
  • The license should be issued to the ones who drive automatic cars
  • Advertisements are unethical as they play with the viewer’s mind.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Breaking the rules is the new trend
  • Laughing at memes all day is healthier than exercising
  • To have a balanced diet, hold chocolates in both hands
  • Growing up should be an option
  • Being honest always gets you in trouble
  • Horoscopes cause bad Luck
  • Girls are generally smarter than boys
  • How to prepare yourself for the exams of your life?
  • Pick-up lines are important
  • Why are funny people unattractive?
  • How to offend your girlfriend?
  • Block your parents on Facebook if you want to be happy
  • Guys who gossip are not guys
  • It is your major right and responsibility to disappoint your parents
  • Love, at first sight, is a myth

Persuasive Speech Topics on Sports

  • College players should be paid
  • Colleges should fund private sports
  • How is drug testing important in professional sports?
  • Couches are players as well
  • Women should be encouraged to participate in extreme sports
  • Cheerleading should be considered a type of sports
  • Professional insecurity among players in different sports
  • Do the names of the teams reflect cultural and ethnic affiliations?
  • A wise sportsman will accept the defeat
  • Sports Women should get paid more than sportsmen
  • Playing video games is a sport as well
  • Gender discrimination in professional sports
  • Should female athletes be paid more than males?
  • Taking steroids is extremely dangerous for a body builder’s health
  • Trash talking between team players is ineffective

Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Testing drugs on animals is important
  • Should cosmetic surgeries be banned?
  • Society affects human behavior more than his nature
  • To control crime, death penalties should be made legal
  • The drinking age and voting age should be the same
  • Bribing should be made legal
  • Same-sex marriages should be banned in the United States.
  • Lessons learned through personal experiences tend to last forever in the memory.
  • The constitution should protect hate speech
  • Money can buy everything
  • Listening is an art; not every man can learn
  • Kindness does not make the world a better place to live anymore
  • Hard work or smart work? - Which brings success?
  • Compromising and sacrificing is important for a happy marriage
  • Dating a co-worker should not be considered unethical

Persuasive Speech Topics on Health

  • Eating disorders in children can cause serious mental illness
  • Causes and effects of depression and anxiety
  • How can listen to music damage the brain?
  • How the immune system of a person is affected by depressions
  • Can insomnia cause serious health problems?
  • Medical Marijuana and its pro’s
  • Obesity VS eating disorders
  • Causes and effects of sleepwalking
  • Students should be taught to give CPR
  • Sleeping pills cannot treat sleeping disorders
  • Every healthy human should donate organs
  • What happens to aborted fetuses?
  • Early pregnancy can be avoided by sex education
  • Salty foods are extremely dangerous for health
  • Not all germs are bad for human beings

Persuasive Speech Topics on Education

  • Public education VS private education
  • Selling fizzy and energy drinks should be banned in schools
  • Taking gym classes should be made a compulsion
  • Students under eighteen should not be expelled from schools
  • State colleges should be free for refugees
  • Education in third world countries should be promoted
  • Teaching should be a highly paid profession
  • The government should provide arms guards to the schools
  • Bullies should be expelled from schools
  • Traditional education is better than remote learning
  • There should be a separate class in every school to teach etiquette and ethics
  • The learning behavior of students is directly affected by the teacher’s behavior
  • How important it is to write a strong research paper for your degree.
  • Student’s inability to concentrate is because of technology
  • Locker rooms should be inspected frequently

Persuasive Speech Topics on Environment

  • Causes and effects of Acid rain in the Middle East
  • Global warming
  • Effects of deforestation on a human’s life
  • Effects of the higher population on a country’s economy
  • Nuclear weapons should not be used even if your national security is at risk
  • How can trees be preserved?
  • Are fossil fuels the only cause of a polluted atmosphere?
  • Wild animals should be allowed to live in their natural habitats
  • How important is it to prevent littering?
  • All students must be taught the importance of recycling
  • Evolution changes the environment
  • Water conservation is essential
  • How to prevent fire in forests?
  • Children should be taught to save water at an early age
  • Effects of releasing helium balloons?

Unique Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should prayers be allowed in schools?
  • There should be no specified retirement age
  • Not all advertisements have negative impacts on children
  • Important factors behind increased divorce rates
  • Advantages of dating online
  • Importance of school uniforms?
  • Causes and effects of academic fraud
  • How cell phones affect the work performance of an employee
  • How important is it to eat organic food?
  • There is life on other planets as well
  • People can easily survive on Mars
  • Clones will replace humans in a few years
  • How important is the image building of a brand?
  • One child policy should be implemented in all the countries of the world.
  • How does culture contribute to shaping the physical appearance of a person?

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How to Choose a Persuasive Speech Topic?

Just as a good essay depends on a strong topic, the best speech depends on good and easy persuasive speech topics. If the topic is interesting and strong, the content written on it will be effective.

Coming up with a good topic idea is time taking and challenging. So the professionals have gathered some steps to make the selection process easier for you. Follow the steps provided to pick a topic for your persuasive speech:

1. Brainstorm - Think of ideas and subjects that interest you the most. There will always be topics that you are interested to talk about or want to convince people on. Spend some time thinking and coming up with your options to decide which one to land on finally.

2. Consider Your Audience - Identifying the audience and their interests are important when deciding on a topic. Answer the following questions when choosing a topic:

  1. What are their interests?
  2. What do they already know about the topic?
  3. What will be new for them?
  4. How to reach them in the best manner?

3. Understand Your Topic Thoroughly - You can only persuade the audience if you touch their heart. Whether using emotions or knowledge, making the audience relate to your point of view is important.

Make the topic personal as well as informative to convince the audience. Conduct research and gather strong and logical evidence. If your topic idea does not have enough factual knowledge, drop the idea.

4. Your Topic Should be Interesting - Any topic can get monotonous if the message is not interesting. So think of topics on which you can bring your personal spin and make it interesting for the audience.

Professionals suggest choosing a topic that interests the audience, is defendable, and can be convinced by providing facts and evidence.

Choosing the topics as mentioned above can definitely make you write and deliver strong and meaningful speeches. However, if you want some more speech ideas, you can get help from professionals online.

An expert speech and essay writer can help you to come up with a topic and write an impactful, persuasive speech.

If you are having any trouble in selecting a topic and writing a speech, we have your back. We at EssayWriter.college provide professional speech writing services and other academic writing of all types for our students.

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Barbara P (Literature, Marketing)

Barbara has a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working in the medical field. With her practical experience conducting research on various health issues, she is skilled in writing innovative papers on healthcare. Her many works have been published in multiple publications.

Barbara has a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working in the medical field. With her practical experience conducting research on various health issues, she is skilled in writing innovative papers on healthcare. Her many works have been published in multiple publications.

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