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Top-Rated Research Paper Topics & Ideas to Get Started

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Published on: Feb 27, 2020

Last updated on: Dec 23, 2022

Research Paper Topics

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Once enrolled, college students are faced with quite a few challenging tasks. One of these tasks is writing a research paper.

Many writers believe that the most challenging task to overcome before starting the writing process is getting started. And one can only get started if one has interesting research topic ideas in mind. Selecting good research topics can take a lot of time and energy, and rightly so. A perfect topic can lead to a perfect research paper.

More often than not, students are already assigned research topics to write their papers on. But sometimes, teachers provide students with a field of study only to learn about students’ points of view. Students are then expected to select an angle on the given theme, decide on a topic, and write their paper.

To help students decide a topic for their essay, our essay experts at EssayWriter.college have worked tirelessly. They have compiled a list of first-class research paper topics for your perfect paper. We will ensure that you have a good idea and end up with an exceptional research paper at the end.

Impressive Research Paper Topics for Students

Take a look at the list of a few of the finest research paper topics for every student.

High School Research Paper Topic

  • What methods can be used to prevent bullying in schools?
  • Write an account of Barack Obama’s life before and after he swore to the presidency.
  • How can you plan for high school tuition?
  • Natural disasters harm developing countries. Discuss.
  • Future of science: Expectations vs. Reality
  • How can diseases like AIDS be handled?
  • Evaluate the political problems in the middle east.
  • Discuss Bill Clinton as a political personality.
  • Analyze the evolution of terrorism in the world.
  • Discuss the effects of the no child left behind act.

College Research Paper Topics

  • Are you in favor of coeducation or against it?
  • Protection of victims vs. freedom of speech of the abused.
  • Should animals be allowed to be used for sports and entertainment purposes?
  • How do sports affect children?
  • Discuss the effects of fundraising.
  • Four-year college vs. Two-year college.
  • Cosmetic surgeries and age limitations. What are your thoughts on this?
  • Should the police wear body cameras?
  • Are drugs associated with sexual harassment?
  • Why is sleep necessary?

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Research Paper Topics for Different Subjects

Here are some amazing research paper topics for different subjects. Check them out to get engaging ideas.

Research Paper Topics on Education

  • Give a complete overview of education and funding.
  • How does technology play a role in lesson planning?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of social networking in school?
  • Should students take a gap year between school and college?
  • Discuss in detail the concept of homeschooling.
  • What are your views on standardized testing?
  • Education should be cheap. Discuss.
  • College students make more money. Do you agree?
  • Modern technologies will change the mode of teaching.
  • How do blind children learn?

History Research Paper Topics

  • Discuss the rise and fall of the Mughal empire.
  • What were the causes of the decline of the Roman Empire?
  • How did Napoleon rise to power?
  • Discuss the main causes of the thirty years war.
  • Give a brief overview of bridal ceremonies in ancient Rome.
  • What is your understanding of the impacts of Apartheid?
  • Social relationships in medieval Europe - A case study
  • Effects of Julius Caesar in Rome.
  • Give a brief overview of gender bias in England.
  • What were the causes of WW2?

US History Research Paper Topics

  • The United States and Slavery
  • Discuss the cultural impact of native Americans
  • Discuss the effects of industrialization on American social movements
  • Evaluate Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.
  • Battle of Chancellorsville.
  • Discuss the causes and effects of history before 1877.
  • Discuss any two revolutionary war personalities.
  • The emancipation proclamation of 1863.
  • Discuss the effects of the Vietnam war.
  • Critically analyze the interwar period.

English Research Paper Topics

  • English language and culture
  • Why did “Harry Potter” gain popularity?
  • Write on the American Dream in 20th-century literature.
  • English language and advertising
  • Did Charles Dickens fail after turning to romance writing?
  • Discuss the works of Shakespeare.
  • English as a language for politics.
  • Free speech and offensive language
  • Discuss the link between illiteracy and the English language in the 19th century.
  • Can literature be used as a tool for propaganda?

Research Paper Topics on Current Affairs

  • Critically evaluate the three waves of feminism.
  • Describe in detail the events leading to the “Black Lives Matter” movement.
  • What steps can the state government take to reduce street crime in New York?
  • India: The upcoming superpower?
  • Discuss the rivalry between communist China and the democratic USA.
  • What is the importance of reducing the federal budget deficit?
  • Should it be easier for people to become American citizens?
  • What role do law enforcement agencies play in promoting racism?
  • Is the US economy growing stronger or weaker?
  • The US will no longer remain the superpower. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Research Paper Topics on Economics

  • How does immigration impact the local economy?
  • Evaluate the historical trends in income disparity.
  • Discuss the concepts of demand and supply in detail.
  • What is balanced and unbalanced growth?
  • Are informal economies beneficial for the country?
  • What steps can be undertaken by the governments to improve the quality of life in developing countries?
  • Explain the difference between private finance and public finance
  • How do you understand the dynamics of economics and cultural influence?
  • What do you know about property rights?
  • What are the causes of economic sanctions?

Research Paper Topics for Computer Science

  • What are open source softwares, and why are they important?
  • What is the importance of SEO in content writing?
  • Macs are safer than videos. Discuss.
  • Discuss in detail the concept of database architecture and management.
  • What do you know about blockchain?
  • Artificial intelligence is the future. Comment.
  • How is big data analysis important?
  • Digital security vs. private information.
  • What do you know about computer assistance in support services?
  • Machine learning and neural networks.

Research Paper Topics on Media and Communication

  • Online censorship. What are your views on this?
  • Critically evaluate the evolution and development of aerial photography.
  • Discuss the impacts of advertisements on children.
  • How does reality TV work?
  • Do you think freedom of speech should be practiced?
  • How has the media played a role in fighting against wars?
  • Compare and contrast the concept of freedom and rights of expression in countries with dictatorship and democracy.
  • How do you see the conflict between media and religion?
  • What are some of the ways to detect bias in news media?
  • Explore the examples of political correctness.

Research Topics on World Problems

  • Write in detail about countries violating human rights.
  • How can the shortage of natural resources affect humans?
  • Are global warming and climate change the same?
  • What is water pollution? What effect does it have on the environment?
  • Where does violence and conflict resolution lie in the changing world order?
  • World Trade and Tourism - A globalization plan.
  • What role can humans play in preventing the endangerment of animal species?
  • How does migration affect the urban population?
  • Describe the history of space exploration.
  • How can we eliminate corruption from governance?

Information Technology Research Paper Topics

  • Are there any effects of instant messaging on literacy?
  • The media and press need to be controlled and censored. Comment.
  • Information technology has the power to change the world. What are your views on this?
  • How does digital learning impact the education system?
  • How is technology affecting the global economy?
  • Work from home is possible because of advancements in information technology. Comment on this statement.
  • What role does social media play in making regional issues global?
  • Discuss the long-term effects of living in a technological world.
  • Violent games and juvenile detention: how are they related?
  • Artificial intelligence will soon take over the world. Do you agree or disagree?

Research Paper Topics on Health

  • Discuss the effects of fast food trends on local eateries.
  • How does household pollution affect individuals?
  • Describe the effects of passive smoking.
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Describe in detail the threats and opportunities of global health security.
  • Should indoor smoking be banned?
  • Should models have a minimum weight?
  • Write in detail about deafness and blindness in children.
  • What are the major causes of cardiovascular diseases?
  • Should steroids be legalized?

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Describe the impacts of violent video games on mental health.
  • Does increased use of social media lead to isolationism?
  • Elaborate on the link between watching TV and childhood obesity.
  • What are some of the key causes of depression in young adults?
  • Are stress and anxiety the same?
  • Panic attack vs. anxiety attack.
  • Why do people dream?
  • How does divorce affect children?
  • Is there a correlation between childhood trauma and mental health illnesses in adult life?
  • What are some of the ways to prevent child abuse?

Research Paper Topics for Medical Students

  • Pandemics vs. Epidemics
  • How can viral infections be treated?
  • What causes infections?
  • Battling Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Discuss the physical and mental changes caused by aging.
  • Can sleep disorders be treated?
  • Modern lifestyle and its effects on public health.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a vegan diet?
  • Is human health being compromised by changes in the environment?
  • Discuss the ethical concerns related to vaccine testing on animals.

Research Paper Topics on Marketing and Business

  • How can corporate abuse be tackled?
  • Should small businesses pay taxes?
  • How can governments support local industries?
  • What are the impacts of globalization on brand marketing?
  • Why are stock markets becoming popular?
  • Evaluate tax exemption policies in Europe.
  • How have consumers changed their consumption patterns over the last decade?
  • Discuss the positive aspects of relationship marketing.
  • Why are stock markets gaining popularity?
  • Are you in favor of free trade? Discuss.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Homelessness: Is the government to blame?
  • Governments should increase the legal age for alcohol consumption from 21 years. Do you agree?
  • Curfews for young adults make them rebellious. What is your take on this?
  • An ordinary family cannot survive on the minimum US wage. Share your point of view and elaborate on it.
  • Money is not a cause of evil.
  • Capital punishment should be legalized in all countries.
  • Indoor smoking should not be banned. Do you agree or disagree?
  • The voting age should change from 18 years to 16 years.
  • What are the pros and cons of globalization?
  • Should court proceedings be televised?

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  • Kids should be allowed to keep personal pets. Discuss.
  • Why is time management important for jobs?
  • Why should junk food be banned from schools?
  • How can hobbies help with careers?
  • How can one productively spend money?
  • How does honesty help in one’s life?
  • Parents need to be more familiarised with the education process. Do you agree?
  • Vaccines have more positive effects than negative effects. Do you agree?
  • People should not be allowed to keep guns at home. Discuss.
  • Death sentences are inhumane.

Funny Research Paper Topics

  • Pop art vs. Lady Gaga
  • Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings
  • The art of erasing bad memories and only keeping the good ones.
  • Can chicken feathers determine the speed of tornadoes?
  • Do you like your surname?
  • Why are cat videos so popular?
  • School dropouts have become very successful in our society. What is your take on this?
  • Men don’t know how to pick clothes.
  • Do you know what your pet is thinking?
  • Why do people love watching movies?

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How to Find a Good Research Paper Topic?

Finding a good research topic can be tough. But there are some steps that you can follow to pick the perfect topic:

1. Background Research

The first step towards writing a research paper is conducting research. Write down your literature review. It will help in identifying the literature gap.

Using that gap, you can come up with a research problem. In addition, it will also aid you in creating appropriate research questions and a thesis statement.

2. Create a Mind Map for Topic Ideas

Stay focused and think of all the possible research paper topics that may seem relevant. These ideas can be general at first.

Shorten your list as you discard topics that do not interest you. The key to formulating an interesting topic is by revising and specifying it over and over.

Once you have come with a set of ideas, you can go to your instructor to help you select a unique topic. It is important to note that you don’t always have to choose a controversial topic. Stay clear of it until and unless you are 100% confident in writing about it.

3. Discover and Explore Relevant Information

After narrowing down your list of topics, the next thing you will do is carry out research. Find out information to write on your chosen topic. Read newspapers, articles, books, etc.

4. Use Keywords

You can grab your reader’s attention by using keywords. Try to infuse a keyword in your research paper topic relevant to your paper’s whole theme.

For example, use “abuse” so you can end up with many choices. It can include verbal abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and so on.

5. Keep Your Target Audience in Consideration

Lastly, always keep your target audience in mind. If you are a student, most likely, your audience is your professor. Therefore, you must ensure that you follow the professor’s instructions very carefully.

We hope that the above-mentioned list of topics for a research paper will help you write an extraordinary writing piece.

Many students feel the need for more guidance. In that case, you can seek essay writing help by hiring professionals online.

However, you must be cautious. The internet has a lot of fake websites which are only after your money. Therefore, before choosing a writing service, you must be vigilant.

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In addition to this, we are not solely after your money; we provide reasonable rates for our clients. Our essay writer will provide the topic of your research paper and support you in writing the paper from the beginning.

All you have to do is place an order, and our experts will get started working on your paper.

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Nova Allison is a skilled Digital Content Strategist with eight years of experience in crafting scientific and technical content. What makes Nova’s online content plans stand out is her perfect mix of engaging and informative writing styles. Her years of writing experience have polished her skills in writing accurate technical content.

Nova Allison is a skilled Digital Content Strategist with eight years of experience in crafting scientific and technical content. What makes Nova’s online content plans stand out is her perfect mix of engaging and informative writing styles. Her years of writing experience have polished her skills in writing accurate technical content.

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