Dr. Melisa Cronin

Dr. Melisa Cronin, Senior Editor

Member Editorial Board Writer, Foreign Language Teacher

Expertise Modern Languages

Education Ph.D., Indiana University East

Experience Highlights

  • Foreign teaching experience of over ten years
  • Successfully edited and reviewed a number of technical blogs on EssayWriter.college.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

- Maya Angelou

Educational Background

Dr. Melisa Cronin's desire to help others learn spurred her to get a Ph.D. in modern languages from Indiana University East. Since then, she has used what she knows to support students as they work on language skills - including people who are learning English as their second language since Cronin became a foreign language teacher herself.

Dr. Cronin is experienced in teaching and has written multiple publications on language learning. Through her passion and knowledge, she has assisted many people in being able to communicate with others around the globe.

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