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Do you want to boost your essay writing skills?

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At first glance, it sounds difficult but gets easier as we add new skills to our mind’s learning database.

Most of us have been in situations when it’s too late at night and there’s a submission in the morning, the assignment is far from finished and there’s no one to help. Under such frustration, you desperately wish, “I’d give anything to find someone to write my essay and finish my task right now”. Obviously, in this digitalized era, it is not difficult to take online essay writing support, but students need to enhance their writing skills that are vital for their academic career.

Like other academic writings, a narrative piece also has its structure. However, it is more of an informal essay about someone’s personal experience in practical life. So, the interesting and influential narrative essay is composed of 10 elements and features that make it easy to read. Once an essay writer learns about these elements, no one could hinder your way to express your real thoughts in the form of a story. It is just because of your thorough understanding of 10 features that enable readers to read your creativity.

  1. Character

    Character is the heart and soul of narrative writing. It drives the plot of a story. Other than protagonists, there could also be supporting characters. For instance, Emmanuel’s Dream reflects the real tale of a juvenile born in Ghana. He merely had a single working leg, which highlights the significance of bravery and determination of the disabled young man.

  2. Conflict

    It is a moment of difficulty the character needs to win over. Conflict in narrative writing is defined as a struggle of heroes against the opposing forces. Such forces could be the characters’ enemies, external forces like society, fate, or nature, and internal conflict of the protagonist, i.e., the hero himself. If you are still confused, ask an essay writing service to do this task for you.

  3. Plot

    The ABCs of the plot are imminent, and the narrative mountain is one tactic to formulate the basics of the plot. It also demonstrates the events that happened in the essay.

  4. Dialogue

    It is a way to develop characters as well as a voice in portrait books. In narrative writing, dialogue verbally expresses the complete picture of the story.

  5. Theme

    It is a primary idea of a story that can be illustrated directly or indirectly; it could be deliberate or elusive. It develops an overall idea of an essay that the reader can grasp at first sight.

  6. Pacing

    It is quite an important element of narrative writing, having a significant effect on page turns along with their orientation with the story and the text.

  7. Word Play

    The best narrative pieces delight readers through wordplay and a rich vocabulary. This element should be constant throughout the story writing and sometimes concealed in the artworks. The letter characters are aligned deliberately in all layouts.

  8. Patterns

    This feature is commonplace in narrative writing and operates on multiple levels. For instance, The Runaway Wok story has a comprehensive tale pattern. This meaningful pattern shows the thorough structure of the essay.

  9. Rhyme

    One of the common elements of a narrative piece is rhyme, particularly those essays for young readers.

  10. Beginnings and Conclusions

    Both of them are critical to outstanding narrative writing. There are diversified ways to link the ending of an essay to its beginning. Therefore, the strong correlation of essay beginnings and conclusions makes an ideal writing piece that grabs the hook of the audience.

    Hopefully, after going through the above elements, you are no more stuck to the same question i.e., “Could someone write my paper to help me pass the course with a good grade?” Instead, you are empowered to do that yourself. Every cloud has a silver lining. Thus, hope for the best and let your creativity do its magic.

    The moment has arrived to welcome new skills to boost your writing and express your feelings and emotions through composing powerful words. In case you need help, consult a write my paper service now.

    Happy Writing!

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