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Writing a reflective essay is not an easy task. You do not just have to employ your writing skills but also your reflective skills to write an effective reflective essay. You have to look at things, concepts, phenomena, and readings from your own perspective. You have to express your thoughts and emotions about the topic under discussion. You have to present an informed opinion on the topic under discussion. Mostly the teachers assign essay topics to an essay writer but few times they decide to allow students to choose a topic of their own liking to reflect upon.

Most common reflective essay topics in college

As mentioned earlier, you have to write about your personal experiences or look at events, books, research papers, or a movie with your perspective, you have to relate to them. Therefore, you can choose whatever topic you may want to choose. You should know that a reflective essay is like writing your diary. You have to pen down your thoughts about any event from your life. It could be about anything, you may choose to write about any difficult situation that you faced, about your favorite book, about a cup of coffee while looking at the sunset, etc. However, you should keep in mind that without your own opinion a reflective essay is incomplete. In college, following reflective essay topics are quite common or you can ask others to write my paper.

  • Regretting a decision that was made in anger
  • Looking at the sunset with your feet buried in the cold sand
  • My hometown, where I spend my childhood days
  • My first summer camp with friends
  • Looking the sun sinking into the ocean
  • The most embarrassing moment of my life
  • The toughest challenge of being a minority student
  • Living in a multicultural society
  • How I felt my parents punished me unfairly but they were always fair?
  • Looking back at my childhood days
  • The moment my parents told me that they are proud of me
  • Looking at the sun setting behind the mountains
  • The time I went mountain climbing with my friends
  • How did I used to enjoy the rain during my childhood?
  • I wish I could live in a bookstore or a library
  • The time I got punished for fighting back the bully
  • I wish my grandmother was still with us
  • What is my most favorite subject in college?
  • How do I work a part-time job along with my studies?

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Best approaches to deal with a reflective essay

For all your reflective essays, if you do not know how to put your thoughts on the paper, you should try writing them descriptively. Simply describe your ideas clearly in simple words. Make sure that they are easy to understand and develop in a smooth flow. You should maintain a formal tone and use the narrative style of writing.

Reflection essay on a book

While a reflection paper is all about your thoughts and opinions, you should know that you also need to substantiate those thoughts. Therefore, in a reflection essay on a book, you do not just have to write your thoughts about the book but you should also explore something and provide evidence to support your claims and thoughts. You do not just have to summarize the book but critically analyze it to convey the goal of the author.

Reflection paper on an event from the past

While reflecting upon any even from the past, you must collect all the available data on it. You can gather the data by closing your eyes and revisiting the events, you should take notes. You should look at different actors and factors that were involved in that event. You should think about how it affected you and how you think about it today. You have to be reminiscent. You should paint a picture of the event through your words. If you are still confused, just ask an essay writing service to complete this task for you.

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