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Are you confused in recognizing why you scored less in your essay writing assignment?

Here is one possible answer to your question: you lack the knowledge to write effectively and made some common mistakes that ruined your essay and even your idea presented in the essay.

Words, statements, paragraphs, every element equally contribute to form your essay. If you cannot use effective words, you will never be able to create effective sentences. If you do not work on your statements, you will never create effective paragraphs that make up your essay. An essay writer needs to pay attention to every detail while writing an essay.

A statement is used to convey our point of view or idea. The collection of numerous sentences make up the essay. But statements are usually written without paying attention to the structure of the sentence. Writers, while writing, focus entirely on their idea or what they want to convey and completely ignore the structure of the statement. This not only destroys the structure of the essay but also ruins the idea you presented. So, if you think that I should ask my friend to write my paper, consider once if they can write a good thesis statement or not.

An essay is based on a statement which is often termed as the backbone of an essay. This statement is known as the thesis statement. This statement is used to present the main idea of the essay. This statement is the element that guides the writer throughout the essay. For example, suppose in an argumentative essay, the writer presents their claim and the possible arguments that heshe thought of including in the essay, in their essay’s thesis statement. Using this statement, they write their entire essay. To prove their arguments, they present evidence in the paragraphs.

Ten common thesis statement writing mistakes

Most college students or a cheap paper writing service can make common mistakes while writing thesis statements. These mistakes are:

  1. Using unnecessary statements such as “in my opinion,” “I believe,” “I suppose,” etc. that mess up the statement and thus weakens the thesis statement by highlighting uncertainty in the statement.
  2. Using baseless or invalid arguments to convince the reader. Such arguments do not convince the reader but, in return, depict that the writer has no understanding of the issue or the topic.
  3. Presenting facts or ideas that are dead-ended. A fact or idea is such that it leads to further discussion in the essay and thus helps prove your claim. Using dead-ended or self-evident ideas or facts will not help you to prove your basic claim.
  4. Expressing the thesis statement in the form of a question.
  5. Using unrelated elements in the thesis statement.
  6. Using claims or arguments that are too broad.
  7. Using statements that are vague or lack clarity.
  8. The thesis statement is too complicated.
  9. Lack of connection between different elements of the thesis statement.
  10. Using the wrong thesis statement format.

These were the ten most common thesis statement writing mistakes that almost every college student makes while writing thesis statements in their essays. It is not just new writers who make these mistakes, some of the writers who write well also commit these mistakes while writing thesis statements.

These mistakes can very easily be prevented by writing with great care and attention. If you feel stuck somewhere, from any of a “ write my essay for me” service, or you can directly ask your teacher to help you with that. However, these thesis statement writing mistakes can easily be removed by proofreading your essay, paying great attention to each statement of your essay, especially the thesis statement. Students mostly identify their mistakes when they give it a final read after the writing is completed.

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