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If you want to write a good essay then you must follow a certain format. Without it you would not be able to write an essay altogether; from various components, an essay hook is one of them. You can call it an opening statement of your essay which helps catch the reader's attention. If it is catchy and attractive only then the reader would be interested in reading your essay. It is important because the reader would decide by only reading the hook. You can write a good hook by keeping in mind the main theme of your essay and its purpose.

Your hook should be relevant and must include some facts. For that, you can also start your essay from statistical data. The art of choosing the hook is important which must state correct information about your topic. If you are still confused about a hook then you can order sample essays online to get a good hook example for each type. For your ease I am writing down ten types of hooks with examples; I am sure these would be also helpful for an essay writer.

The Simile/Metaphor Hook

It is a figure of speech that directly compares one point to another but both points have to be unrelated. For example 'her boyfriend is a hero.' Here hero does not mean a hero rather he behaves like one.

The Story Hook

In this hook, you would start your essay with a story related to your topic. You can also add your personal experience in the form of a story. For example, if you are writing an English Literature essay then you can start from a famous love story just to catch the reader's attention.

The Description Hook

It is mostly used in a narrative essay where you can start it from a vivid description. Make sure that it should be also relevant to your subject otherwise the reader may lose interest. For example, an injured person was in pain and limped along the side of the road. His arm was cut and blood streamed down his body. The description would intrigue the reader about what happened next.

The Quotation Hook

A quotation can be from a famous person if it is related to your essay. An essay on education would best suit the quotation of Nelson Mandela. For example, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

The Statistic/Fact Hook

Statistics usually give real information about the topic which can impress your reader by giving him knowledge and evidence. Make sure your facts are reliable, interesting, accurate, and are taken from a credible source. For example, almost sixty percent of teens in the United States claim that they have tried marijuana once in their life.

The Declaration Hook

It is a statement which made an assertive claim about your essay topic. Your thesis statement is usually connected with a declaration hook; your reader may disagree with such a statement. For example, online teachings are cheaper as compared to the regular method of classes. By reading this statement your reader would be intrigued to read more.

The Humor Hook

It means you can also start your hook from a joke only if it is relevant to your topic. Humor is a little difficult making sure that it does not lose the reader's attention. For example, how does the church make holy water? By boiling the hell out of it.


It means you can start a hook by a tragic story or a story with double meaning as it attracts the reader's attention. For example, if you know a man who had robbed a bank but donated money to charity, you have two options either to go to church or remain silent.

Contradictory Statement

It means writing two facts by two different people who contradict each other; it would also attract the reader's attention. For example, “I know one thing; that I know nothing, (Socrates).”

Meaningful Advice

You can also get attention by giving meaningful advice to the reader. For example, make sure you do not make anyone your priority and he only keeps you as an option.

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