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Writing a research paper is indeed a daunting and time-consuming task. The reason is that you are required to do extensive research to come up with a research problem that needs to be investigated further. Choosing a topic for a research paper is not as simple as it seems. In fact, it is like finding a needle from a haystack. Owing to the recent technological advancements, you are bombarded with a multitude of topics.

But beware! Your research is the essence of what you learned during your class so spend some time and then finalize a topic. If you are looking for ideas for research paper topics, then you are in the right place. Below is a list of 100 unique topics from which an essay writer can select the one that interests him the most.

Let’s just skim through the topics so that you can kick start writing your research paper.

    Art and culture

  1. Evolution of rap music
  2. History of hip-hop music
  3. Similarities between Greek and Roman culture
  4. Victorian era and its association with the cultural revolution
  5. Northern renaissance period art
  6. Art in the Italian renaissance period
  7. Is graffiti art?
  8. Exemplifying cultural revolution
  9. Impact of pop music on teens.
  10. Origin of systematic racism
  11. Origin of Anti-Semitism
  12. The portrayal of women in Roman art
  13. The portrayal of women in Greek art
  14. Impact of advertisement on modern art
  15. Cultural revolution throughout history.
  16. Feminism and its impact on the cultural revolution
  17. Influence of reality TV culture on teens
  18. Sexism and ageism in old Hollywood
  19. Impact of YouTube on culture
  20. Is music a form of art?


  21. Drug addiction: a disease or personal choice
  22. Impact of depression on teens
  23. Is stress harmful?
  24. How does insomnia impact our health?
  25. Human cognition
  26. Mental illness and its impact on physical health
  27. Anorexia and depression
  28. Eating disorder
  29. Obesity and depression
  30. Causes of depression
  31. Causes of stress
  32. Phobias
  33. Social media and mental illness
  34. Social media and anxiety
  35. Impact of depression on our immune system.
  36. Eidetic memory: truth or myth
  37. Child violence and its psychological impacts
  38. Domestic violence and depression
  39. Is autism a disease?
  40. How to deal with mental disease?

    Science and technology

  41. Cybersecurity
  42. Malware attacks
  43. Cybersecurity in smart grids
  44. Living on Mars: myth or truth
  45. Role of cryogenics in the future
  46. Nanomedicine and its impact on human lifespan
  47. Scientific breakthroughs in the 21st century
  48. What is the fourth dimension?
  49. Social media and its impact on human health
  50. Black Hole
  51. Einstein and his theories
  52. Role of newton’s laws in modern science
  53. The principle of momentum
  54. Dangers of internet
  55. Big data and its impact on corporate business
  56. What is a supercomputer?
  57. Bitcoins
  58. Self-driving cars
  59. How do drones work?
  60. Impact of robots in industries
  61. Social issues

  62. Homelessness
  63. Poverty
  64. Racial discrimination
  65. Sexual discrimination
  66. Cultural discrimination
  67. Feminism throughout the history
  68. Child marriages: causes and consequences
  69. Human trafficking
  70. Globalization and its impact on politics
  71. Socialism
  72. Legalizing gay marriages
  73. Religion extremism
  74. Gender roles throughout history
  75. Immigrants and their impact on the economy
  76. Refugees
  77. Endangered species and hunting
  78. Child-welfare in developed countries
  79. Foster care system
  80. Gun control can deter crimes
  81. Women are paid less than men

    Social media

  82. How to protect teens online?
  83. Social media is causing a distraction
  84. Social media and body imaging
  85. How to stop cyberbullying?
  86. Cyberbullying should be considered as a crime
  87. LinkedIn and job search
  88. Instagram influence on teens
  89. YouTube as a source of income
  90. Social media addiction: truth or a myth
  91. Social media impact on people’s decision-making ability
  92. Online shopping vs traditional shopping
  93. Advertisements on social media
  94. Social media and the digital divide
  95. Which social media platform is best for children
  96. Is social media usage safe?
  97. Social media and privacy
  98. Emergency management via social media
  99. Social media usage for a national cause
  100. Social interaction across media
  101. Social media and information sharing

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