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One of the most cumbersome tasks of going into a graduate school is writing a thesis or dissertation. As you come near the end of your postgraduate program you start thinking about your thesis topic. Students spend a lot of time researching, composing, and perfecting their thesis. Therefore, choosing a thesis topic on which an essay writer is going to put in so much work should not be taken lightly.

How to choose an engaging thesis topic? Given the infinite number of potential thesis topics make the process of choosing a thesis topic very daunting. Some might even declare the process of choosing engaging thesis topics as a more difficult task than writing the thesis.

How to choose a thesis topic?

If you cannot think of how to select a topic for your thesis, you should follow these steps:

Brainstorm and generate ideas: Brainstorming can do wonders. Whenever a potential thesis topic pops up in your mind, note it. Generate more than one idea.

Test your ideas: Now it is time to shortlist your ideas. You should run a short test to see if your topic is really worth it. You should do a little research to make sure that you can easily find data on the topic and no one has already researched it.

Refine your ideas: After shortlisting some ideas, you should refine them further. So that you would be able to pick the best topic from an available list of thesis topics. You may also consult your supervisor to help you in the selection of your final thesis topic.

If you are still unable to choose a thesis topic, here is a list of more than 25 thesis topic ideas for you:

  1. The ghost of global warming is haunting us
  2. Rising suicide in college students
  3. The lingering psychological effects of bullying on children
  4. The growing popularity of drugs and alcohol among teenager
  5. Parents are failing to control the increasing screen time of children
  6. The history s racism in the United States and the present situation
  7. College athletes need to be paid for their game
  8. High rates of suicide among college teens
  9. How does the social and political life change during a pandemic?
  10. The health benefits of emotional support dogs
  11. The rise of nuclear terrorism around the globe
  12. The long shadow of 9/11
  13. The civil use of nuclear power
  14. Vertical and horizontal proliferation of nuclear weapons
  15. Is the rise of China as a global power a threat to the United States hegemony?
  16. The looming global depression
  17. The health benefits of breastfeeding for infants
  18. The research on the cure of AIDS
  19. The situation of Human rights in Kashmir
  20. The persecutions of Muslims in China: a case study of Uyghur Muslims incarcerated in so-called re-education camps
  21. Alternatives for animal testing and experimentation
  22. Viewing the Bible as a book of literature
  23. The resurrection of the ghost of racism in the United States with the police killing of George Floyd
  24. The ugly face of beauty pageants
  25. Will UNDP be able to achieve sustainable development goals by 2030?
  26. How has Brexit affected the unity of the European Union?
  27. The rise of far rights across the world
  28. The emergence of populist leaders across the world
  29. How the policies of Trump have affected the image of US
  30. The globalization of the world can be reversed
  31. The next world war would be the end of the world
  32. Rising global temperature and sinking cities: a case study of Venice

Many of the above-mentioned topics are very broad, you should narrow them for your thesis. You can also hire a professional essay writing service in case you need more unique ideas.

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