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If you have to convince people on a certain point, The way you will be doing it is through persuasion. If you want to perform the same task academically, a persuasive essay is the best way. It contains convincing arguments for the readers that grab their attention and convince them to believe in the writer’s point.

Many teachers test their students’ ability to write arguments. The best option for them to assess it is through assigning students persuasive essay topics, which require an extra effort to include the right argument at the right place skillfully. Your reader should understand what you’re saying. So, you have to be clear and convincing at the same time.

There is a criterion to fulfill while writing a persuasive essay. You strictly have to stick with the guidelines and convey your message. Any deviation from that frame of work can make your essay vague. The aim is to convince people not to enforce something upon them. So it would help if you had a lot of creativity to put the right arguments in the right place.

Your persuasive essay should pass through a frame that must be workable for you. Such frames are not very common and require a lot of experience to finetune them to perfection. I would have surely nudged someone to write my essay for me if I was assigned one. Following are some of the elements which should be included in a persuasive essay:

  1. A persuasive essay should have a concise, clear, and defined thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main idea of the topic. It should be clear and convincing. The word choice should be aligned with your main argument, and it should be simple. The thesis statement should set a tone for the forthcoming arguments. This tool of persuasion is characterized as ‘Logos.’
  2. If you want to convince someone, the best way you could do it is by providing evidence, which is characterized as ‘Ethos’ in academic writing. So, whatever argument you want to proceed with should be justified with a piece of strong evidence. This piece of evidence can be in the form of a statistic, a historical fact, etc. With this evidence, a reader will not only be engaged to read the essay, but it would also help in developing a rationale in his mind. If you are still confused, hire a write my paper service to do this task for you.
  3. Your persuasive essay should have a strong introduction and a strong conclusion. An introduction is the first impression of your essay, so it should be sharp, clear, and to the point. It should include the gist of your main argument. Similar to it, a conclusion is a result of what you have discussed in the essay. The conclusion of an essay should be simple and clear. The essay should end with a strengthening argument.

This criterion requires skills and professional experience to be incorporated. You need years of practice to bring perfection to them. As a student, you don’t have that much writing experience, so it is wise to seek help from a professional essay writer and gradually learn from their write-ups. During the early stages of my student career, I also wanted someone to write paper for me that I would customize later. In my earlier attempts to do so were not up to the mark, but practicing from samples available at the right resources helped me polish my skills.

The art of persuasion surely requires Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. In academic writings, you need the same kind of elements to convince people of your viewpoints. Without fulfilling these criteria, it would not be possible for you to produce a quality persuasive essay. Why not play smart? Just start by seeking guidance from a professional and get good grades. With time, guidance, and practice, these skills develop automatically.

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