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An essay is an expressionist form of literature that provides the essay writer with the ability to drive the reader’s attention. There are different types of essays which in one manner or another, provide the opportunity to express thoughts and elaborate over the existing ideas.

Often teachers in high school make students practice essay writing skills that help them write their thoughts clearly and perfectly. Now when you get trained in writing essays, teachers often ask to choose any topic of your choice for writing the essay. It is where many students make mistakes and often opt for the topics that have less relevance with themselves.

This is a critical process and you must keep in mind a few things before reaching over any topic. For example, if you are an art lover, don’t indulge your mind overwriting about its technicalities, as some students often write about the different dance styles that appear irrelevant.

Similarly, if you love music or reading a book then ponder over why you love music or reading books, rather than talking about how you feel listening to music or reading a book. These are some manners that are critical in deciding about the essay topic. Any little mistake here may ruin your effort.

Sometimes students choose topics that are contemporary in nature. For example, about any political event or about the socio-economic impact of any historical event. Though such topics impress teachers they require ample knowledge when writing the content.

Often students remain to fail in developing coherence in such essays, which wrecks their effort. They lose attention in detail and sometimes get diverged from the initial topic or what they aspired in the beginning. Such essays consume greater attention and require continuous attention while writing. In contemporary essay topics, students may also some time remain impossible to make a reference to any critical event.

Every time when students are asked to write an essay of their own choice, they try to leave a lasting impression on teachers. Their effort of creating a different content may often result in gaining bad grades that impact negatively on their academic performance.

To lessen the chances of losing grades, the students should opt for a topic that is of great interest to them. The critical essay topics may provide an edge to students as they get the leverage in deciding about the content. The effective utilization of this chance helps students in improving their academic grades.

For helping students in deciding about the essay topics following is the list of 30 critical essay topics that may impress your teachers. But before choosing any topic remember you have enough content for writing an essay over it. These topics include

  • Global Warming and its impacts
  • Health Benefits of Sports
  • The Changing Gender Roles
  • Technology and its Effective Utilization
  • Side Effects of Video Gaming
  • World as a Global Village
  • Gender Reconstruction in the Changing World
  • Why is Book Reading Important?
  • Good Governance
  • Tourist Destinations to Visit this Year
  • How to Improve your Living Standard?
  • The Importance of Statues
  • Development of Clean Energy
  • Why the World Face Pandemics?
  • Role of Fossils Fuels
  • Conservation of Environment
  • GDP and Economic Development
  • Increasing Unemployment
  • Importance of Time Management
  • Impacts of Imperialism
  • Ways to Cope with Economic Meltdown
  • Importance of International Trade
  • How to Effectively utilize money?
  • Ancient Norms and Cultures
  • Development of Cultural Traits
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Role of Religion
  • Socio-Economics and our Daily Lives
  • How to live a healthy life?
  • Drug Abuse

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