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Undoubtedly, you need good essay writing skills to ace your synthesis essay assignment but it is impossible to write a good synthesis essay if you fail to select a good topic. I suppose you are looking for a good topic for your synthesis essay. Of course, why else would you be on this page? I know finding the right prompt for your synthesis essay can be challenging. In this blog, I share a list of good synthesis essay topics that you can choose to write a stellar synthesis essay.

Before we get to that, you should know what a synthesis essay is. It is a written discussion of multiple sources. In a synthesis essay, students have to analyze several resources and incorporate supporting details and pieces of evidence from these sources to support a larger perspective, your thesis statement. You do not have to summarize the sources but make insightful connections and use the information present in available sources to synthesize new knowledge.

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How to select a good topic for your synthesis essay? A good essay writer knows the importance of a good topic. Therefore, do not just start writing your synthesis essay on the first topic that pops up in your head. But instead, take your time and choose your topic carefully. Choose something that not only interests you but would also attract readers. Make your topic as specific as possible because with a broad topic you might be unable to deliver your message.

When professors give students the liberty to write an essay on a topic of their choice, students have a mixed response. While some students are happy as they get to write on a topic of their choice, others get worried as they have to struggle to find a good topic. If you are one of those who are struggling to find a good topic for their synthesis essay, say write my essay and leave all the work on them.

Here is a list of topics that you can choose from:

  1. 1. The ethical and moral implications of testing new drugs on animals
  2. 2. Does social media make people feel more alone?
  3. 3. The importance of college education in the twenty-first century
  4. 4. The consumption of violent digital content is making us violent in real life
  5. 5. The contribution of carbon emissions from cars to climate change
  6. 6. Moral and ethical considerations of abortion
  7. 7. How social media is adding to the anxiety and depression of adults?
  8. 8. How farming is contributing to global warming?
  9. 9. Does social media promote stereotyping?
  10. 10. How has the rise of populism affected western democracy?
  11. 11. Moral considerations of the death penalty
  12. 12. Ethical considerations of genetic engineering
  13. 13. How depression and anxiety lead to drug abuse?
  14. 14. How electric cars can help in curbing carbon emissions?
  15. 15. The relation between substance abuse and criminal violence?
  16. 16. African Americans and the US Criminal Justice System
  17. 17. Wars cause irreparable damages to the world economy
  18. 18. Post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans and alcoholism
  19. 19. Parents should not allow their children to consume violent digital content
  20. 20. How is virtual education affecting the presence of on-campus students?
  21. 21. How virtual education affects the academic performance of students?
  22. 22. How the legalization of marijuana can affect the black community?
  23. 23. Student-athletes to be paid more than just scholarship
  24. 24. Governments need to put a cap on the increasing college tuition fees
  25. 25. Challenges presented by artificial intelligence
  26. 26. How can the problem of prison overcrowding be resolved in the US?
  27. 27. Are poor people more prone to coronavirus than the rich?
  28. 28. How has COVID-19 changed the workplace in recent years?
  29. 29. Economic effects of COVID-19 in developing countries
  30. 30. How has COVID-19 affected labor-intensive jobs
  31. 31. Can the world recover from the repercussions of the pandemic?
  32. 32. Is abortion a fundamental right of women?
  33. 33. Why did the world fail to contain the pandemic?
  34. 34. Is globalization receding?
  35. 35. The relation between poverty and criminal behavior

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