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Deciding on topics for a speech is something everybody faces at least once in his or her life. The same is the case with special occasion speeches. Making special occasion speeches cannot be the same like other types of speeches. Hence, coming up with a perfect topic for your special occasion speeches could be a bit difficult and challenging.

There are a large number of special occasion speeches you may need to make in your life. But the real challenge is selecting a perfect topic for your speech. Hence, we are here to deal with this matter.

Following is the list of some impressive special occasion speech topics that would help you to select a perfect one for your speech. However, you can ask others to write my essay or speech for me in no time.

  1. The biggest concern should be education
  2. The main goal of students should be good academic performance
  3. Communication is the key
  4. Survival is not struggling at all
  5. Money is not real wealth
  6. Health is more than wealth
  7. Be loyal to your religion
  8. Never risk your studies
  9. Never forget what you have planned
  10. Always remember your career goals
  11. Always be honest in your dealings
  12. Plants have feelings as well
  13. Do not entertainment waste your time
  14. Your family should be everything to you
  15. Parents are the real bosses
  16. Elders are the real way pavers
  17. Do not only be human but be also a good one
  18. Inspire yourself before the world
  19. Do not forget who you were
  20. The more we communicate, the more we solve problems
  21. The world is not enough to explore, go beyond
  22. Always be on the way set by your religion
  23. Never forget you can lead others
  24. Education can lead the world
  25. Education and technology should be associated
  26. Always think about others’ welfare
  27. Never look for success, achieve it
  28. Be ready for every fight and struggle in life
  29. Always take your profession as your life and soul
  30. Never forget the love of brothers
  31. The boss and the customer
  32. Leaving is not good all the time
  33. It is bad if seniors leave
  34. The new year will wish happier days
  35. Things I learned from the one who is leaving us today (i.e. a teacher or an employee)

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General Writing Guidelines for Special Occasion Speech

You are reading this part! So, you have selected a perfect topic for your speech. But thinking about how I can compose/write my speech. Follow the following guidelines in order to have a command on writing such a speech.

Write briefly

Speeches written for a special occasion are different from other types of speeches. For example, an informative speech is the best when it is descriptive and detailed. While special occasion speech works the best when it is written concisely or briefly. Hence, always keep your special occasion speech brief when writing it.

Remember the time when writing

In general cases, a special occasion speech does not longer than 10 to 12 minutes. Hence, always consider the time when writing your special occasion speech. It means that you should write a speech that can easily and comfortably be given in the mentioned amount of time.

Research and write

As other speeches, a special occasion speech should also be based on in-depth research. Hence, always do your research. Research about the person (i.e. your boss) if you will be giving your speech at his/her farewell ceremony.

Take notes and check them

Writing a speech may not be too difficult but chances of mistakes are always there. Hence, a professional essay writer always makes notes of names, titles, dates, and other details before starting to write a speech. So you do the same.

Remember! Always use humor in a superior taste and maintain an optimistic tone while writing a special occasion speech. If confused, hire an essay writing service to do it for you.

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