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The main objective of a persuasive speech is to persuade or convince the audience to agree with your view or the claim you are making. When speech or essay writing online, you have to state the position you are taking, and then you will back your arguments with the supporting evidence. Use logic and reasoning to convince the audience and provide convincing evidence so that your audience believes in your arguments.

Imagine yourself to be one of those in the audience. Begin by imagining why you must be heard in the first place. Once this is done, you have an audience who has a reason to listen to you but is not sure if you are capable of doing it for them so here is step 2: Prove your credibility. Next comes the logical clarification of problems you are focusing on and their desired outcomes.

Finally why the particular set of solutions you have suggested is best for the audience is to be established. The conclusion could be one that consolidates your care for the topic at the cost of certain sections of the audience who disagree with your notion.

Topics for a persuasive speech

Any issue for which an essay writer has an interest and a position can be made into an interesting persuasive speech. However, you must know your audience and what will be interesting to them as well. Your argument must hold your audience’s attention for it to be persuasive. There are many great persuasive speech topics but you must choose the one you are passionate about or is important to be addressed. Avoid overdone issues, like many under the topics of climate change, gun control, access to abortion, marriage equality, physician-assisted suicide, capital punishment, etc. You can also ask a service to write my paper for me.

Here are some topics you may use.

  1. Should the students of elementary school be allowed to have phones?
  2. Should wearing school uniforms be mandatory?
  3. Should marijuana be easily accessible for medical purposes?
  4. Why schools should not be segregated on the basis of sex?
  5. Does the number of students in a classroom have an impact on the quality of education?
  6. Why should women and men be paid equally?
  7. Should carrying weapons be declared legal?
  8. Why should nuclear energy be banned?
  9. Why are HR employees important for an organization?
  10. Why should hunting be illegal?
  11. Should medical care be provided free?
  12. Why should people travel more?
  13. Is neutering animals unethical?
  14. Why should student-athletes be paid?
  15. Should the legal age for smoking be raised?
  16. Should the rule of having a maximum of two children be implemented everywhere to control the world population?
  17. Should young kids be permitted to play video games that include violence?
  18. What should be preferred? Earning more money or doing something that makes you happy?
  19. Are extracurricular activities important for students?
  20. Does increasing school hours will benefit students?
  21. Is teaching sign language to students important?
  22. Will starting schools a few hours later have a positive impact?
  23. Is human cloning moral?
  24. Should young kids be allowed to use social media?
  25. Should hate speech on social media have legal consequences?
  26. Should single men or single women be allowed to adopt children?
  27. Do healthy work environments affect the productivity of employees?
  28. Should community service be mandatory?
  29. Is animal-assisted therapy effective?
  30. Why is there a need to curtail bullying in educational institutes?
  31. Should manners and etiquettes be taught as a course in schools?
  32. Should the legal age of drinking be lowered?
  33. Why are donations important for society?
  34. Should gambling be made legal?
  35. Why is there a need for more effective laws on cyberbullying?
  36. Why consent is important?

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