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Speeches are classified into four main areas depending on the preparation that is undertaken and the nature of the occasion. For many people, public speaking is one of the most daunting experiences. This is a formal and face to face speaking of one person to a group of audience. The key to public communication lies in a well-organized, thoroughly researched, and articulated argument.

The different public speaking types are

  • Speaking to Motivate, persuade and Take Action (controversial, persuasive, policy and argumentative speech)
  • Speaking to Inform (argumentative, informative speech)
  • Speaking to Entertain (special occasion, funny speeches)


When writing a speech, the first and most important step is to choose an appropriate topic. An essay writer should consider some tips before writing persuasive speech so sit, relax, and ready to learn. A speaker needs to realize that the audience already has some opinion on a topic or may form an immediate opinion during the opening lines of speech. To hold the attention of the audience, you should always remember to find some new angle on a familiar topic. You should always remember that the main thing in persuasive speech is to convince your audience to your particular point of view. Therefore, it is very important for you to diligently research the topic. Question and answer sessions at the end of speech are the best way to close the argument. This will show your audience that you genuinely care about their concerns and will also provide a chance to clarify any confusion that can exist in the mind of the audience. There are three main parts of the structure of persuasive speech.


Start with what your speech is about. State something dramatic, intriguing, and shocking to grab the attention of the audience. Introduce all the main points of your speech. If confused, you can ask others to write my essay or speech for me in no time.


In this section, explain all the important points and support it by providing reasons and examples. The best is to limit your speech to three main points.


Restate the main points and statements that represent a call to action.

Informative Speech

Among all types of speeches, informative speech is most common and delivered mainly to convey information about something to the audience. Some types of informative speeches are

  • Speeches about events
  • Speeches about objects
  • Speeches about concepts

First, pick a topic that will appeal to your audience. Whether we believe or not, deep down we all have our interest. If your audience doesn’t see any personal benefit that they will receive by listening to your speech, then your speech will not be appealing. As this is an informative speech, you must have supporting material to improve the audience's understanding of your topic. This speech also has three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the introduction state your topic, purpose, and attention-grabbing sentence. The body is the heart of your speech. Add all main and sub-points and support them with evidence. In conclusion, section restates your thesis and a clincher statement to make your speech memorable. If you are unsure about writing a perfect informative speech, consult an essay writing service now.

Demonstrative Speeches

This is almost similar to informative speech. The only difference lies in the demonstration as in this you demonstrate your audience how to perform things you are teaching. Some examples of this speech are commercial and training sessions. Moreover, demonstrative speech is written in the same way as informative speech.

Special Occasion Speech

Special occasion speeches can be persuasive or informative or both depending on the occasion. Before starting this speech, select your topic of speech. Brainstorm ideas and choose the best option to turn into a memorable talk. After developing an outline write introduction which includes the purpose of speech and the statement which grabs the attention of readers. After this write the body paragraph by including all main points supported by evidence and examples. In the last restate all the important points and add the last statement that makes your speech memorable.

Now you must have an idea of writing different types of speeches. However, you can always get help from a paper writing service to do it for you.

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