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Assigned a task to write an essay and that too on the topic of choice? Sounds amazing right. But wait! Did all your excitement just fade away since you are too nervous and overwhelmed to pick a topic? I know it is hard since in today’s technological era you will be bombarded with a list of topics when you hit the internet.

If you are looking for essay topics that are both interesting and easy to comprehend then you are in the right place. Before we jump right into the list of topics let me share a few secrets with you that will provide you with an essay help in selecting a topic. The first and foremost important thing is to determine the essay type. Yes, you heard me right. Essays can be argumentative in which arguments are presented and supported with the help of authentic sources or they can be narrative that requires you to reflect upon your life experiences, etc.

Once you are done, determine the essay type you need and think about your field of interest. It is recommended to pick a topic that interests you the most so that you won’t get bored while searching for data. An essay writer also must have sufficient background information about the topic so that you can understand the nitty-gritty of the topic. Lastly, don’t choose a topic that is difficult to comprehend just to impress your professor. Rather select a simple topic and write a well-researched essay without grammatical and punctuations.

So now you know the secret of picking a good topic for your essay. Let’s just skim through the list of topics that I have shortlisted for based on different essay types or ask others to write essay for me.


  1. Abortion: pro-life or pro-choice
  2. Gun control: An effective way to deter crimes.
  3. Is cheerleading a type of sport?
  4. Drug addiction: personal choice or a disease
  5. College education should be free
  6. Capital punishments should be abolished
  7. Animal hunting is morally wrong
  8. Testing on animals must be banned.
  9. Is religion the real cause of war?
  10. Social media is the real cause of depression


  1. My first day at college
  2. A field trip that I took in high school
  3. A visit to the museum
  4. The day I experienced failure
  5. The day I experienced success
  6. An experience that changed my life forever
  7. The day I met a celebrity
  8. A musical concert that I attend
  9. A time when you looked up at your older sibling
  10. How I met my best friend


  1. My dream job
  2. My dream vacation
  3. A day at a beach
  4. Describe your dream apartment
  5. Describe the time when you spend thanksgiving without your family
  6. My first trip overseas
  7. My first ever roller coaster ride
  8. The book I love the most
  9. My favorite cartoon character
  10. Describe any of your oldest memory

Expository essay

  1. Obesity: causes and consequences
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Adoption
  4. Domestic violence
  5. Human trafficking
  6. Altering gender roles
  7. Artificial intelligence
  8. Social media
  9. Virtual reality
  10. Digital divide and its consequences

I hope that you have found the topic that interests you the most. So, what are you waiting for? Kick start your writing process so that you can finish the work with the deadline.

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