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Essay writing might be quite interesting for those who have been practicing writing for a long time. It is because they develop some excellent analytical skills that help them to logically broaden their discussion about a particular topic.

You will observe that these people are equipped with a lot of content knowledge also; People with such skills can usually talk about any persuasive essay topic you assign them. To write a persuasive essay it is not important to know exact facts and figures, an essay writer can also provide general examples from their routine life.

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We have made a list of 40 common persuasive essay topics.

  1. 1. education should be free for all
  2. 2. nuclear weapons ensure peace
  3. 3. global warming is a collective issue
  4. 4. artificial intelligence will take humanity to new heights of success
  5. 5. computers are replacing human labor
  6. 6. democracy is failing in weak countries
  7. 7. bad governance is caused by corruption
  8. 8. To bring political stability, accountability is essential
  9. 9. People will be lazier in post corona world
  10. 10. Our immune system is getting weaker
  11. 11. Poverty is the primary cause of all other social issues
  12. 12. Racism will lead to social disintegration
  13. 13. Recent women's marches socially disruptive?
  14. 14. Women should be paid equally as men
  15. 15. Women should be given paid pregnancy leaves
  16. 16. Video games and innovative films help our children to learn the English language
  17. 17. Children should be given tablets and other gadgets at home
  18. 18. Outdoor games are healthier than indoor video games
  19. 19. The most highly paid individuals should be teachers
  20. 20. Children should be allowed to party after a particular age
  21. 21. Co-education is productive in terms of boosting pupil's self-esteem and confidence
  22. 22. Racists should be declared criminals
  23. 23. People should be allowed to carry guns legally
  24. 24. All native people should abandon their culture
  25. 25. Carbon emission should not be limited
  26. 26. Climate change is a myth
  27. 27. There should be some limitations in free speech
  28. 28. People should not believe in every content on social media
  29. 29. TV channels should be banned for broadcasting sensational content
  30. 30. Marijuana should be legalized for medical treatment purposes
  31. 31. Child labor still exists
  32. 32. Liberal capital economy promotes monopolism
  33. 33. Capitalism is exploitative in nature
  34. 34. State’s should climate change a primary concern
  35. 35. Social media promotes propaganda
  36. 36. Sex education should be normalized
  37. 37. The death penalty should be abolished
  38. 38. State’s should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons
  39. 39. International law is not pragmatic
  40. 40. The international system is anarchic in nature

The above topics are some of the interdisciplinary topics that you will come through in academic, professional, or general exams. You should read extensively to improve your persuasion skills on common topics like these

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You should try to boost your content knowledge by discussing these topics with your friend, watching relevant documentaries online, or reading related articles. There might be some other important topics that you can find on every online platform; these few topics were enlisted to make you familiar with the topics.

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