40+ Top Research Paper Topics

Choosing a suitable topic to write an essay is as hard as the rest of it. Any field of life you are interested in requires a lot of research to write a paper. You need to go through a lot of healthcare research in case of writing a paper about a medical issue. The same is the case of social, political, or environmental issues. Conducting research is a very time taking and arduous task. And if you want to prepare a magnificent piece of research, you might need to put in some extra effort.

Internet sources can help you in finding relevant information for your research. But the principal task is to narrow the research down to a single point. That single point could be the topic of your research paper. The paper contains an introduction to the topic you have chosen. Then you will add supporting evidence in your paper. Adding facts related to your topic justify its pressing need to be addressed. Then you need to conclude your paper by reporting the findings of the research.

strong>Research Topics

If you want to write an excellent research paper and cannot find a suitable topic. You can take professional help from an essay writer to guide you in choosing a suitable topic for your research, or you can consult an essay writing service. If not, you can prepare a research report from the topics described below or you can ask others to write my paper.

  • How antibiotics cure bacterial infections
  • Increasing antibiotic resistance and its impacts
  • Development of viruses in medical history
  • Factors leading to the spread of viral infections
  • Development of medicine in developing countries
  • Ethical concerns with tissue culture and genetic engineering
  • Viral pandemics in human history
  • Advances in vaccination techniques
  • How healthcare techniques can be improved for a pandemic?
  • Pros and Cons of vaccines
  • Hurdles in designing a vaccine for COVID-19
  • Reasons for the rising abortion rate
  • Negative impacts of legalizing euthanasia
  • Juvenile behavioral therapies required in jails
  • Drug abuse and the negative impacts on adolescents
  • Factors leading to drug addiction
  • Effects of mass media on society
  • How racism and gender discrimination are affecting communities
  • Is there any relationship exist between racial and economic inequalities
  • Does social media play a role in promoting harassment?
  • How social media networks can benefit us in controlling issues?
  • Current issues faced by the educational system
  • Which factors play a role in increasing cyberbullying incidents
  • How global warming and climate change affect human life?
  • What improvements can be made for controlling air pollution?
  • Are there any policies for alleviating the negative impacts of climate change?
  • How global deforestation and climate change are related?
  • Impact of cellphone usage on social life
  • Causes of increased burnout and lower productivity at workplaces
  • What are the conflicts between Israel and Palestine?
  • How can countries ensure global peace?
  • Grounds for Civil War
  • What were the impacts of the Civil War in history?
  • How is healthcare insurance cost reduced in the USA?
  • Is obesity becoming an epidemic in America?
  • How refined foods affect our body?
  • Increasing mortality rate due to heart diseases and overweight
  • Elevating psychological issues in pandemic
  • Unemployment and homelessness due to COVID-19
  • What measures should be taken to control viral spread in the future?
  • What measures should the government take to avoid pandemics?

You can take one of these topics and gather the required research regarding the subject. You can create an essay by yourself by incorporating data in different sections of such papers. However, if the job seems harder and you require assistance, the essay writing service can provide you with guidance regarding the paper writing. Such essays consist of the following steps,

  1. Selecting a suitable topic for research
  2. Designing an outline for the report
  3. Introduction to the problem
  4. Generating a good thesis statement
  5. Providing insight for methods used for research
  6. Analyzing the results acquired in the report
  7. Discussion regarding the research results
  8. Presenting a conclusion with aspects and limitations of the study

These steps can save your time in collecting information without any purpose. You can use that time in any other frivolous activity with your friends.

In case you still need help, consult a paper writing service to help you professionally.

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