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An impromptu speech is the best way to practice concise speaking and quick thinking. An essay writer only has a few minutes to prepare a speech that lasts around 5 minutes. If you have a lack of confidence and fear of public speaking, then practicing with impromptu speech topics can be the best way to build your confidence for all types of conversation and speeches whether you are speaking at a wedding or talking to someone at some event.

Remember! The more you develop your communication skills, the more confident you get during your speech. If you are looking for impromptu speech topics for practice, have a look at the following 45 topics including suggestions on how to select the best one.

Tips for choosing an impromptu speech topic

Here are some considerations and quick tips for delivering an impromptu speech or you can ask others to write my essay or speech for me in no time.

Choose a topic

Choose a topic you have knowledge of since you are the one who has to spend time researching and writing an impromptu speech. It is important to consider the speech recommended length as it is directly related to the amount of appropriate material you have on your topic. Also, choose a topic with limited scope so that you can cover all important points. Remember! Your main goal is to persuade or inform your audience, so select the one that meets these criteria.

If confused about choosing a good topic, hire an essay writing service to do it for you.

Know your Audience

Whenever you develop something with the intent of sharing information, your main focus should be on your target audience. To understand the audience and their interest, keep in mind their knowledge level and age.

Strong Introduction and Conclusion

Come up with a strong introduction and conclusion in your speech preparation to back up your arguments. Keep in mind, your speech should have definite structure as it will allow you to easily follow your ideas. Develop a story or add a bit of humor to gain the attraction of your audience.

Impromptu speech topics

Here are 45 interesting impromptu speech topics to improve your communication skills. Take a look at them and feel free to add a few more to your collection.

  1. Effect of Global Warming and Climate Change
  2. Reason of teenagers smoking
  3. Why is humor important in life?
  4. Role of CCTV cameras
  5. Electronic books are better than Paper books.
  6. How to impress your boss?
  7. My favorite politician
  8. My trip abroad
  9. How to become a millionaire?
  10. The best dream you've ever had
  11. How to make a new friend?
  12. Five surprising facts about me
  13. How to plan a birthday party?
  14. How to make your parents proud?
  15. A day in my life
  16. My favorite storybook.
  17. A hard lesson I have learned.
  18. Five things I would change if I become president
  19. The best theme park rides.
  20. Your favorite animal
  21. Importance of Facebook marketing in promoting business
  22. Small business opportunities and ideas
  23. Five surprising facts about me
  24. Ways to save money
  25. Five things that scare me
  26. Laughter is the best medicine
  27. Manners matter
  28. Your first memory
  29. Children should not use mobile phones
  30. Art is important to life
  31. Peace is possible
  32. A day spend with your best friend
  33. The best/ worst book you ever read
  34. Alien Abduction
  35. Your all-time favorite movie
  36. In life best things are free
  37. Evil vs Good
  38. The best gift we can give to others
  39. If I become invisible for a day
  40. My Best friend and Role model
  41. How to help young people with depression?
  42. How the current system of tax is harming the middle-class community?
  43. Importance of market research before starting a business
  44. The economic growth of America
  45. Tricks and tips to save money in school
  46. Real learning occurs outside the classroom

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