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Students learn to prepare many assignments during academic tenure and try their best to secure good grades. Whether it is about writing a speech or an essay both require expertise, knowledge, and experience. For some students, it may seem easy but it is the most difficult part for most of them.

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If you have got a deadline and do not have enough time feel free to contact such writers. I am writing some persuasive speech topics; just ask a professional writer to write an essay for you from the topics given below.

45 Good Topic Ideas for Persuasive

  1. How can music and art therapy work in medical health?
  2. Why should students be required to learn one musical instrument in schools?
  3. National museums should be free to visit for every citizen
  4. Is paper writing service legal?
  5. Offensive language should not be allowed in classic literature
  6. Companies should pay internees substantially
  7. Why should employers pay transportation bonuses to employees?
  8. Effects of Brexit on Britain’s economy during the next decade
  9. The federal government should revise minimum wages
  10. Significance of Black Friday sales
  11. Bullies should be expelled from schools
  12. Importance of wearing school uniforms
  13. Why should educational institutions be gender-neutral?
  14. Why should boys and girls teach in separate educational intuitions?
  15. Importance of relaxation and meditation during school breaks
  16. The necessity of gym classes in high schools
  17. Why should schools teach cursive handwriting?
  18. How bullying can be stopped in schools?
  19. Students should be grant scholarships after getting good CGPAs
  20. High school students should serve in community services before getting admission to colleges
  21. Hazards of prostitution being a legal business
  22. Prisoners should not be allowed to vote in presidential elections
  23. Licenses of Machine Guns should be abolished to control gun violence
  24. First Amendment and an individual right to carry assault weapons
  25. Flag burning and the question of morality and ethics
  26. Why should Puerto Rico become America’s 51st state?
  27. Why should Scotland be an independent country?
  28. Military budgets should be reduced around the world
  29. Why should American presidents be allowed to serve for more than two terms?
  30. The most appropriate age for voting should be 21 years: A debate
  31. Legality, morality, and ethics of assisted suicide
  32. Healthy people should be allowed to regularly donate blood
  33. Significance of single political party in China
  34. The complex and expensive health system in America
  35. Scientists’ failure to predict a global pandemic
  36. How scientists could have reacted to control COVID-19
  37. COVID-19: Failure to invent timely vaccine and who is responsible
  38. Chinese government effort to control COVID-19
  39. Why the US has affected the most then China: Comment
  40. Significance of human cloning and should it be allowed?
  41. Use of fracking in the oil industry
  42. Governments should regulate illegal drugs to collect more taxes
  43. Animal testing should be banned in the cosmetics industry
  44. Why NASA should receive more budget than the American military
  45. How can robots jeopardize employment opportunities for humans in the coming few decades?
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