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Performing a debate is common in high schools and colleges. Whereas an effective debate is the strong characteristic of a good debater, you must allow yourself to showcase your best if you want to keep your academic record high. Debates help to inspire individuals naturally and they may even also polish up their analysis and the courage to learn in public. Identifying how and when to speak constructively can develop the interpersonal abilities of the students as they experience listening and communicating.

A debate fails only when it lacks to provide any authentic argument or a source; that is indeed the basic need for a debate. Besides, good debate topics also absorb the interest of your audience. So when choosing a topic, keep in mind that it must be interesting and well-researched before presenting. So here is the list of different topics, an essay writer can select freely from these or he can get an idea of how the topic would be like. Or if you are confused, ask others to write my paper for me.

The topics for a good debate

  1. Ban on alcohol - positives and negatives
  2. Parenting style - Eastern or Western
  3. Dangers of smartphones
  4. Is digitalization increasing the unemployment ratio?
  5. Does the manufacturing of nuclear weapons must be allowed?
  6. Presidency of Trump - benefits, and drawbacks
  7. Abortions in teenagers
  8. How does essay writing online make you content?
  9. MBA degree doesn’t produce effective managers
  10. Should beauty advertisements be banned?
  11. Are video games the only aspect of creating violence in children?
  12. The moral factor in LGBT+ marriages
  13. How can our personal data be saved?
  14. Women must be given empowerment
  15. Can we rely upon cryptocurrencies?
  16. Parents must be allowed to opt for their baby’s gender - yes or no?
  17. Worth of giving a vote
  18. Ways to enhance the security of digital banking
  19. The death penalty should be restricted - yes or no?
  20. Reason to legalize marijuana
  21. Presidency of Trump and its impact on the world
  22. The cruel handling of animals must be penalized
  23. Molestation must be aborted
  24. Importance of vaccination in the growing world
  25. How myths about poor vaccinations must be banned?
  26. Negative effects of drinking
  27. Should schools ban youtube in an educational institution?
  28. Can schools play a role in minimizing cyberbullying?
  29. Influence of social media on youth
  30. Does excessive use of social media lead to depression?
  31. Does the use of social networking websites create a sense of narcissism among youth?
  32. Should Chinese products be banned?
  33. Quality of Chinese products and their impact on the economy
  34. Can global peace be attained?
  35. Is human cloning good or bad?
  36. Reasons to trust in digitalization
  37. Should proxy wars be encouraged?
  38. Can humans be the reasons for global peace?
  39. Can climate change be tackled?
  40. Is there any way to cater to the increasing ratio of pornography?
  41. Discrimination is inevitable unless we will be able to change the mindsets
  42. Should free speech be permitted?
  43. Depression is a disease, not a state. Comment.
  44. The best form of government - pros and cons
  45. Does nepotism exist?
  46. Red tape must be discouraged to show sympathy towards the subordinated people.
  47. Puppy mills must be banned
  48. Emotional Support Animals are good companions for depressed people - yes or no?
  49. Why do people stereotype?
  50. Impact of stereotyping towards the Black community.

Above are some good topics that can get you started. Even if you don’t use the above topics, they can give you a basic idea of what kind of topics are suitable to choose from. Your choice of the topic also depends upon the settings and type of audience you’re addressing.

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