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There are different types of essays, and each needs to follow a certain set of rules and format. An essay can be of any type: expository essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay (also known as argumentative or Rogerian), compare and contrast essay, or descriptive essay. As the name indicates, the essay writer has to persuade his audience about a certain subject matter in a persuasive essay. Also known as an argumentative essay, it presents an evidence-based argument followed by a strong thesis statement. Your aim should be to convince the reader by using any pieces of evidence, such as facts, statistics, maps, analysis, and quotations.

The main parts of a persuasive essay are the introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you need to discuss your topic with a general to a specific tone, ultimately ending it on the thesis statement. Your body paragraphs should facilitate or prove the thesis statement by presenting further evidence. In the concluding paragraph, you should summarize all previously presented arguments and reinstate the thesis statement. Though these are essential parts of the persuasive essay, employing literary and rhetorical elements is critical to compelling the reader to agree with your point of view.

Literary Elements

  1. Flattery: Flattery is very important in a persuasive essay as you need to engage with the audience. At this point, you can complement your audience in the form of maintaining discipline. You can ask them to be vigilant while reading an essay.
  2. Emotive Language: Your connection with the audience is very important. The best way to achieve it is the use of emotive language. You can incorporate emotional language in your essay to persuade the audience on a particular subject matter. If you are still confused, ask an essay writing service to do this task for you.
  3. Personal Pronouns: The use of the first and second person in a persuasive essay is very important, as you can remain connected with your audience by using words like I, you, and we. These words are more helpful if you are delivering a persuasive speech.
  4. Imperative Sentences: The use of imperative sentences is very important as they instruct the audience through requests or advice. In simple terms, they tell the reader what to do. Imperative sentences can be recognized because they contain imperative verbs and lack a subject.
  5. Statistics and figures: A recognizable quality of a persuasive essay is its inclusion of facts and figures. If it includes your opinion, it must be backed by facts; otherwise, it would only be an opinion article. Factual data gives authenticity to a persuasive essay.

Rhetorical elements

  1. Ethos: is very important in a persuasive essay as it shows the author’s credibility and command of knowledge. It mainly deals with ethics where you need to convince the reader to agree to a specific point, so he believes in and follows you.
  2. Pathos: is an emotional appeal to the audience. It ultimately evokes feelings of sorrow, tenderness, sympathy, and pity in your audience or reader. As a student, I would wonder how I could write my essay eloquently. Now due to these informative posts, I pretty much know everything about the principles of writing.
  3. Kairos: is the sense to speak at the right time and place. It gives consistency to your writing, as it ensures the use of critical time effectively.
  4. Logos: is another rhetorical element in persuasive writing. It demonstrates the truth or includes information that makes sense logically. It often requires extensive research, and you feel like asking someone, “Could you please write my paper for me or guide me on how to?” This is where essay writing services step in.
  5. Stasis: In simple words, it is also known as a resting place in an argument. It is a point where an opponent agrees on a certain point but does devise any solution.

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