5 Mistakes College Students Usually End Up Making In Cause and Effect Essays

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Are you one of those college students who are clueless about what went wrong in their essays? Look no further; this blog empowers you to avoid common mistakes that students end up making in their essays. After reading it, look for those mistakes in your essays and overcome them to make your essay look perfect.

Here I will focus on a cause and effect essay, which is the type of essay that students find most difficult to write. Most students find such essays to be difficult due to the nature of the analysis they require. Below are the five most common mistakes that college students make while writing a cause and effect essay.

1. Confusing process analysis with cause and effect analysis

The first and most common mistake is ending up mixing cause/effect analysis with process analysis. For instance, when you serve a baked slice of cake to a friend and he/she asks you WHY the cake tastes so good, you mistakenly tell the process you used to bake that cake from the start till the end. It is an example of process analysis, which should have been an answer to HOW the cake was made. However, if your friend asks WHY made the cake taste so good, you’re then going to analyze the exact cause behind the delicious cake, which could be the baking temperature, ingredients, or any other thing.

In short, an essay writer needs first to have a clear understanding of what a cause and effect essay is before starting the writing process.

2. Failing to show the link between cause and effect element

Simply stating something like alcohol impacts human health is not enough. Cause and effect essays need to address the type of relationship among both elements explicitly, and students usually fail to show that link.

Such essays should highlight whether the cause element has a positive or negative impact on the effect element. If I were to write my essay on smoking and its impact on health, I would specifically mention the overall negative effect smoking has on the health of a person. Failing to do so would kill the purpose of the essay.

3. Overestimating the strength of a cause

Another common mistake is not properly estimating the impact of the “cause” on the “effect.” Sometimes the impact of the cause is so little that even considering it is incorrect. College students normally don’t assess the cause’s strength and make mistakes when writing their essays.

4. Choosing a broader topic and attempting to cover all its causes

Cause and effect essays need to be narrowed down to a single or limited number of facets. For a broader topic, one shouldn’t dig up many causes and their respective effects, as cause and effect essays are intended to be specific.

It is, however, one of the most complex things to do for college students. However, the option of write my paper service is always open to them. Students can’t be expected to handle every complex situation, and therefore are encouraged to seek help from an expert to avoid mistakes.

5. Failing to meet the initial requirements

Another common mistake made by students is failing to meet the essay’s initial requirements. Sometimes, they are asked to write a persuasive essay to persuade individuals, such as asking them to quit smoking due to its negative health impacts; instead, they write an informative essay.

All of these mistakes mentioned above are not mighty but, when combined, can have a significant impact on student’s grades. When given considerable attention, they can help students formulate an essay that meets the definition of perfection.

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