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Writing a literary analysis essay is a skill that must be learned by an essay writer or if a person wants to pass high school without outsourcing or cheating. And literary analysis essays are quite useful if you are at all interested in literature, reading, or delivering your thoughts on a piece of literature, and a benefit most people either do not know is the ability to write literary analysis essays is that you improve your reading and observation skills too. Literary analysis essay as the name suggests means analyzing a piece of literature, or a concept of literature, these essays are very important for the audience; literary analysis essays provide their audience with the careful analysis and more times than not, a criticism on that piece of literature, this analysis helps the audience in learning about the piece without spoiling it much and also many times it helps people understand the deep analogies and hidden concepts that he/she missed while reading the piece.

Writing a literary analysis essay is difficult, it is not wrong to consider this essay as the most difficult writing task for a high-school student and that is the reason many students opt for online essay writing service providers to get their essays written. Writing an analysis essay requires knowledge of that subject or else how can someone analyze the degree of correctness, it requires great patience because, if you have to write an analysis about a particular piece then you have to read it in its entirety no matter how bad the written piece is, it requires observation to be able to pick all the points, hidden messages, and analogies, and if you are a person following this field professionally you also have to have a good memory to cross-reference or compare two pieces on the same topic. All of these requirements make writing a good literary analysis essay quite difficult and result in many students and some professionals making some basic mistakes. Five of the most basic and common mistakes are

  1. Summarizing: Literary analysis essays are not summaries; summaries exist and those who want to know the plot or read a smaller version of the text can read the summary. But analysis essays are to provide people with insight into the text and the writer, analysis essays are meant to point out the greatness or the mistakes of the written text and provide the audience with what is meant by that text, for example

    Summarizing a point of “Ceremony” written by Leslie Marmon Silko, the writer can write that Rocky (the character) participated in the ritual of deer honoring reluctantly.

    But analysts will write, the reluctance of Rocky’s participation is a representation of conventional native American culture.

  2. Unclear thesis statement: Literary Analysis essays are a personal piece of text, it represents the writer's thoughts and his stance, so like with every piece of text that shows stance, analysis essays too must have very clear and bold thesis statements. Even if someone asks you to write my essay for me, it is preferable to agree over a thesis statement before starting to represent his personality in that essay and only continue writing that essay for him if you can analyze that piece of text based on the stance.

  3. Referencing the “reader”: referencing the reader is wrong for two reasons. First: this is your analysis, you have to provide your opinion and point of view rather than reporting how readers responded, and second, you cannot actually know how other readers will respond.

  4. Doubtful: Professional or not, even if this is your first time ever writing an analysis, do not ever show doubt in your essay, your analysis is absolutely correct from your point of view and you have to convey and convince people of that point.

  5. Using first or second-person pronouns: using “you”, “I”, “we” is wrong, although a personal essay but do not use or write, “I think” or “I read” or any such sentence, the essay has to be professional and free of such pronouns.

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