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Writing any kind of essay and especially a literary analysis essay requires great analytical skills, and like all skills, one has to work on improving this skill. Although learning and improving analytical skills is difficult, but it is very fun. Not only do you feel quite relaxed once you have become quite good at this skill, but you also feel like some special person, agent, or spy who has eyes over everything and nothing around him goes unanalyzed.

Analytical skills are one of the most important skills while writing an essay, everything else, for example, grammar check, vocabulary, formatting can either be found online on the internet or can be outsourced to online essay writing service providers. But analysis of a literary piece of text cannot and should not be copied from somewhere else, because an analysis essay with someone else’s analysis is technically his essay and not yours, so you will have to improve your skills in order to get top scores.

Improving analytical skills is a difficult and time taking process and there is not a particular way of realizing if you are even improving your skill or not, but still, it is not impossible, following techniques will help you improve your analytical skills for sure

  1. Will: this is a prerequisite and not a technique technically but you cannot start improving your analytical skills if you do not want to or you do it half-heartedly, you really have to want to improve your skill before starting it.

  2. Observe: while reading a text or even while sitting idle in a room. Observation is the key technique for improving your analytical skills, an essay writer has to put your mind into a book and the words are written on it to observe and analyze that text. In this age of technology, the new generation cannot survive without multitasking, but multitasking at the early stages of improving analytical skills is really bad for your learning, thinking about your phone or upcoming task while reading really takes your mind off of it, and you miss to observe the critical writing of the text.

  3. Read and write more: like other skills, analytical skills also get better with practice, read more and keep on reading. In the beginning, reading can feel like a tedious task, and you will not be able to remember most of what you read, but it does not mean that you will never become a fast reader who can also observe really well. Trying to observe while reading fast will eventually make your analytical skills much better. After reading these first two techniques many get confused by the thought that if we read fast, we cannot observe everything and if we observe everything we cannot read fast, so the answer to this question is to read fast with a focused mind and will to observe and soon you will be able to do both simultaneously. The same goes for writing, literary analysis essays are difficult but can really help you improve your analytical skills. The ultimate goal is to write great analysis essays, do all your assignments yourself, and request anyone “ write my essay for me”.

  4. Learn patterns: the world works on patterns, there are patterns hidden in everything including literature text. Observing while reading fast will help you understand patterns, for example, if you read 50 books really fast, many of those books will be of the same genre or same writer, so you can figure out the pattern of a particular genre or writer. Learning patterns will help you understand the next book you read of that genre or writer.

  5. Ask questions: to analyze you need to ask questions, first ask questions from yourself, ask why you think a writer took some approach to write, and if you cannot answer it yourself ask for help. Understanding how things work really helps in improving your analytical skills.

  6. Exhaust your brain: analytical skills are highly brain-dependent skills, you need to play games like puzzles, sudoku, and other games, tests, or anything that is quite difficult for you and that requires using your brain extensively for long periods.

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