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An argumentative essay is a literary piece of writing in which an essay writer argues upon an idea with an aim to come up with a stance, backed by logical arguments. It is one of the major elements of English writing and literacy theories because argument serves as the central element of any literal approach. It is evident that writing an essay is a tough job, but the severity is added to the stress level when a student is required to come up with a topic himself. Taking into consideration the hustle one has to pass, I am sharing some interesting argumentative essay examples that you can use whenever you are asked to write an argumentative paper. Or you can always ask others to write my essay at affordable rates.

  1. Students should be given the option to choose subjects
  2. Education must be free of cost at the university level
  3. There should be limited access to the internet for students in high school
  4. Opting for the military should be decided by the students only
  5. Education is commercials in the present time
  6. The current academic grading procedure is unfair
  7. Tests such as SAT and ACT have proven to be very effective
  8. Physical education should be made compulsory in high school
  9. NCAA is playing a negative role in the academic performance of the students
  10. Starving for the sake of diet has proved to be a health threat for fat people
  11. Anorexia must be treated with care
  12. Sleep regulation is a must for a healthy life
  13. Sports leading to severe injuries should be banned
  14. The death sentence should be legalized in all countries
  15. Marijuana should not be legalized
  16. Smoking in public places must be banned
  17. Use of alcohol should be age restricted
  18. Energy drinks should be age limited
  19. The age for drinking should be specified
  20. Justice delayed is justice denied
  21. An eye for an eye doesn’t sustain
  22. Animal-based research should be mitigated
  23. Rainforest destructions need to be penalized
  24. Globalization is the root cause of environmental evils
  25. Earthquakes are the most threatening phenomena
  26. Tsunami is more of a death wave
  27. Present society is becoming more critical about privacy
  28. Private schools must be penalized
  29. Monarchy is a utilitarian approach
  30. Monarchy is a utilitarian approach
  31. Politicians are born talent
  32. Becoming a politician is an art
  33. People with physical disabilities must be given special space in governmental platforms
  34. Social media needs comment filters
  35. People are becoming technological zombies
  36. Technological advancement has mitigated humanitarians
  37. Mobile phones have mitigated educational trends in students
  38. Technology and education moves parallel
  39. Technology is a hurdle to creativity
  40. Modern education is not more knowledgeable
  41. Online friendship is more effective than real-time friendships
  42. Technology has increased work stress
  43. Social movements should be supported by governmental finance
  44. Cloning should be penalized
  45. Parents have all the right to control the lives of their children
  46. To be or not to make the difference
  47. Online dating has proved to be more
  48. People might start marrying computers and other gadgets soon
  49. Media is adding more scrutiny to social perspectives
  50. Media should be censored

These are some interesting and engaging topics that will not only be appreciated by your instructor but you will also love to work on these thought-provoking ideas. If you need more ideas, get help from an essay writing service now.

Similarly, you can use these topics, another way round or in the opposite version of the same statements. Whatever your choice is, be sure to choose the topic for which you actually feel supportive. It will help you build strong arguments and you will have different perspectives to judge the main argument. It will not only add to your knowledge but it is grade earning as well.

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