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You can write a persuasive essay by following some simple steps mentioned in your course books. At first, you may find it a little difficult but after some practice, it would be a piece of cake for you to write.

Writing an essay becomes a lot easier only if an essay writer knows all the rules and the basic format involving an outline, introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and references. As a student, I always wondered how I should write my essay on a slightly controversial topic without sounding biased. After some time I found posts like these and learned a lot.

When it comes to writing a persuasive essay, it is important to select a topic that is controversial and invites debate. After that, you need to collect data about it, for which you can also ask your peers’ help. Asking for a bit of help is better than depending entirely on someone else by asking, “Who'd write my essay and get me through this difficult time?”

Before you start writing your persuasive essay, it is important to thoroughly understand your topic or you would not be able to persuade the reader. I am writing down different persuasive essay topics – you can select one of these while writing yours or you can ask a write my paper service to select one for you.

  1. The legality of domestic surveillance
  2. Why should domestic surveillance be illegal?
  3. Pass or fall grades should be replaced with letter grades
  4. Modern families and natural disaster survival plan
  5. Role of parents and abuse of drugs in teens
  6. Racial slurs must in illegal
  7. Regulations about gun ownership
  8. Should people go to jail for abandoning their pets?
  9. Free speech should definitely have limitations
  10. Why should recycling be implemented in every country?
  11. High-speech internet should be free all across the world
  12. The use of recreational marijuana should be legal
  13. Marijuana should be regulated and legalized like alcohol and tobacco
  14. Students should not be allowed to pray in schools
  15. The federal government should provide healthcare for all Americans
  16. Why should social security not be privatized?
  17. Free parenting lessons to pregnant couples
  18. The use of an animal's skin in household products should be banned
  19. Is professional football violent for children?
  20. Should celebrities have privacy rights like common people?
  21. Declining morals of sex education in high schools
  22. Disinformation campaign against COVID-19 on social media
  23. How should governments deal with the current global pandemic?
  24. Do the world's major governments remain successful in combating COVID-19?
  25. American efforts to build a border wall with Mexico
  26. Is modern life better than five decades ago?
  27. Can a vegan diet fulfill the required nutrients in the human body?
  28. Is the electoral college outdated?
  29. Debate on the reforms about the electoral college
  30. Individual’s right to privacy and issue of public safety
  31. Are single-sex colleges better than uni-sex academic institutions?
  32. Why should freedom of religion have limitations?
  33. There should be an immediate stop in the production of nuclear weapons
  34. Have nuclear weapons become obsolete?
  35. The rise in global temperature and climate change
  36. Nuclear weapons only work as a deterrent
  37. Teens parents should be allowed to take parenting classes in schools
  38. Should all students wear uniforms?
  39. Should high school offer degrees in sciences or arts?
  40. Why should cellphones not be used while driving?
  41. Why should bullies be kicked out of schools?
  42. Only female trainers should mentor women athletes
  43. Bodybuilding and risks involved for women
  44. Why males have a higher probability of getting injured during sports
  45. Morality and hunting wild animals
  46. Morality and issue of breeding animals to get combined hybrids
  47. People should be jailed for keeping exotic animals at home
  48. Why ACT and SAT are not good examinations for students?
  49. Is PE necessary?
  50. Why should parents be involved in children's academic life?

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