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The art of persuasion is a difficult skill to master. It can become even more difficult when an essay writer has a well-informed audience ready to take your arguments apart upon the slightest of mistakes. If you’re looking for good topics to practice your persuasion skills, here is a list of 50 topics that can be of help

  1. Should different writing styles be taught in schools?
  2. The relative importance of Physical Education and music
  3. Should the students take a one-year break after their high school?
  4. Effectiveness or otherwise of the grades system adopted by schools
  5. At what stage should the students be given sex education?
  6. Should education be free?
  7. How to set up the course material for the kids?
  8. How can teachers make the weaker students participate in the class?
  9. Should public universities charge any fee?
  10. Effectiveness of various tests in judging the intelligence of students
  11. Effective ways of teaching a foreign language
  12. Effectiveness of homework in enhancing student’s learning
  13. Pros and cons of Greek life in the colleges
  14. Should the students get involved in politics?
  15. At what age should a student be forced to earn some money?
  16. Comparing the examination marks in the USA and other countries
  17. The most effective way of taking the examination
  18. The use of internet in the field of education
  19. At what age should the students be allowed independent internet browsing?
  20. Causes and consequences of cheating in the exams
  21. How to reduce bullying in educational institutions?
  22. Can we fine the parents of bullying students?
  23. Should kids get paid for their high grades?
  24. An acceptable amount of homework for the students
  25. How to improve penmanship?
  26. Evening schools are better options than the day ones
  27. Education in cities is better than the villages
  28. Should teens be taking parenting classes?
  29. The debate about school uniforms
  30. Should etiquette be taught in schools?
  31. Specialized degrees should be available in more disciplines
  32. What kind of advertising should be undertaken by schools?
  33. Schools should promote book reading in the students
  34. Bullying awareness programs are a must at all schools
  35. High schools should take an entrance exam
  36. What secondary languages should be taught at schools?
  37. Should the schools be year-round?
  38. Should standardized tests be eliminated?
  39. Students should be awarded either a pass or a fail
  40. Should students be allowed to perform their religious rituals in schools?
  41. Educational institutions should reduce their fees
  42. Should the teachers act as bosses or leaders?
  43. Adding the practical aspects to the school curriculum
  44. What punishments should be allowed in schools?
  45. What role can the schools pay in making their students better citizens?
  46. Harassment in schools, causes, and consequences
  47. How to narrow the gap between university curriculum and organizational requirements?
  48. Education standard is better in the single-sex institutions
  49. Should schools provide information about female products?
  50. The pros and cons of the annual examination system
  51. How can institutions produce better professionals?
  52. How effective are the open-book exams?
  53. How can schools help in improving the lives of students?

All the above topics are related to the field of education. Most of these persuasive essay topics are related to the role of schools in the overall society. The point of view is presented with the help of facts and logical statements so that the readers are convinced.

It is important that the writer points his stance in the opening sentences and keeps the same throughout the essay. The writer has to come up with a large number of facts to support the points made. Examples can help in proving the points made by the writer.

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