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Writing a good essay can be a challenge for some students because it requires extensive research time, and focus. Apart from these points, you are required to have thorough knowledge about the given topic to be able to write a decent essay.

Writing a decent good essay requires you to know and understand certain principles and techniques. Apart from your course books, you can take help from numerous legit websites that provide proper guidance. A professional essay writer will be assigned to collaborate with you on your work. It would help you in two ways first you would be able to get a perfectly written essay. Second, you can get instructions and models to write your own essay and it would give you the confidence you need.

In this post, I will mention some useful phrases and words which you can use while writing an essay. I am sure these would be beneficial for you if you’re able to incorporate those correctly in your essay. Without further ado here are some useful phrases and words which you can incorporate in your essay or you can ask an essay writer service to do it for you.

Important phrases for essays

You can use these phrases in mentioned categories:


  • It is a well-known fact…..
  • It is undeniable that…..
  • It is often said…..
  • Critics argue that….
  • I believe the situation could have been different…..
  • The most striking feature of the text is…..
  • Try to understand the facts…….


  • It is important to note that ……
  • My argument in support of …..
  • It is worth noting that……
  • I would distinguish my argument by…….
  • We must analyze the fact …….
  • First of all, let us try to analyze…..
  • The important aspect of the text is….


  • On the other hand, you can see that…..
  • Another way of looking at this matter is…..
  • The other side of the issue is…….


  • To reinstate the thesis statement…
  • Conclusively, it can be stated that…….
  • The satisfactory conclusion can be drawn as…….
  • In the end, it can be concluded that…..

Emphasize a point

  • The last example indicates that….
  • The fact of the matter is…..
  • Your point cannot be explained beyond imagination……

Agree and disagree about a point

  • By the large…..
  • It can be pointed out that…….
  • The facts and figures point out that…..
  • It would be unfair to mention…..
  • You must admit that…..
  • The fact cannot be ignored…….
  • One cannot possibly admit the fact……….


  • From the analysis, it can be a conclusion that……
  • That is why, according to my opinion….
  • Therefore, Thus…..
  • The ideas seem to confirm that…..


  • According to some critics…..
  • Some critics suggest that……..
  • Whereas others……
  • On the one hand, it is firmly believed that……..
  • Many people are convinced that…….

Personal opinion

  • According to my opinion …….
  • I firmly believe that ……..
  • My own opinion is…..
  • I am convinced that……
  • My main point is…….
  • I am trying to convince you that…….

Accepting others views

  • Nevertheless, I can accept that……
  • After reading the analysis, it is acceptable that…..
  • However, I also agree that……

Useful words for your essay

  1. Asserts
  2. Egregious
  3. Erroneous
  4. Engenders
  5. Employs
  6. Salient
  7. Reasons
  8. Advantageous
  9. Galvanize
  10. Craft
  11. Substantiate
  12. Caustic
  13. Elucidate
  14. Esoteric
  15. Tenuous
  16. Perfunctory
  17. Anomaly
  18. Plethora
  19. Ubiquitous
  20. Facet

If you’re unsure about the proper usage of these words, you can always contact a professional and the best essay writing service and hire it to proofread, fix, and refine your essay assignment. The model papers and essays you purchase can give you a very good idea on how a professionally crafted essay makes use of these terms, phrases, and expressions.

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