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Deciding the right topic for an advanced scholarly research paper topic is a difficult phase in itself. Undoubtedly, an essay writer needs to be extra vigilant when it comes to choosing the right research question or area for a doctoral research paper. One wrong move at this phase can cause a great debacle for you because the entire research process is dependent upon this critical phase.

Luckily, there is good news for you in this regard as it's quite easy now to seek guidance from professional writers working for online paper writing services. You can simply visit these websites and let them develop a range of research prompts, questions, and research paper topics that you can consider according to your academic and research preferences. Let’s take a look at some of these diverse topics as possible options for your research paper or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  1. The impact of social media on the emotional development of teenagers.
  2. The influence of good looking professors on the academic achievements of students
  3. The impact of coaching on a teacher's performance level.
  4. The use of artificial intelligence in the learning process of students.
  5. The existence of possible complications with learning advanced technologies.
  6. The effectiveness of the informal learning process.
  7. Compare the effectiveness of on-campus and online education systems.
  8. The impact of stressful learning schedules on the psychological development of students.
  9. Is studying art any less to learning about science?
  10. Can video games play their role as an effective medium to enhance users’ learning?
  11. Impact of organizational performance on social phenomena.
  12. The existing connection between corporate social responsibility practices and employees’ job satisfaction level.
  13. The importance of work ethics for the organization’s performance.
  14. The impact of remote working on the organization’s overall performance level.
  15. How the performance of Generation X is different from the work of the Millennial Generation?
  16. Exploration of the existing association between leadership and workers’ desired performance level.
  17. The influence of leadership on organizational change.
  18. An examination of the macroeconomic factors to determine the performance level.
  19. Impact of War on Terrorism on international rules and policies.
  20. The impact of legal policy of any country on the practice of globalization.
  21. Analysis of the implications of the criminal justice system of the country.
  22. A critical analysis of the legal reforms for the LGBT community.
  23. Assessment of the existing reforms in case of homicide laws.
  24. The social and legal aspects of euthanasia.
  25. Analysis of moral grounds concerning the legal position of marijuana.
  26. Possible Ideas to enhance the approach of Open Web Architecture.
  27. The influence of software solutions for the sake of energy efficiency.
  28. A critical analysis of the phenomenon of cyber-security.
  29. The impact of the growing trend of e-publishing.
  30. The changing paradigms of Web space conditions.
  31. The impact of new processes of risk management.

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  1. The examination of the domains of emotional and sporadic memory.
  2. The influence of the social intuitionist framework.
  3. The critical examination of the psychology of religion.
  4. The role of rational thinking in the decision-making process.
  5. The existing association between exposure to nature and happiness.
  6. Web design as a contemporary essence in the field of art.
  7. The social impact of design.
  8. How the discipline of literature is linked with politics?
  9. How modern art illustrates the country’s problems?
  10. Modern art and racism.
  11. What are the moral grounds of stem cell research?
  12. The impact of childhood obesity on the process of development.
  13. The influence of nanotechnology in the process of cancer treatment.
  14. The role of technology in biomedicine.
  15. The influence of exercise in the process of disease management.
  16. The social determinants of the stigma of HIV/AIDS.
  17. The growing problem of burnout in nursing staff.
  18. The role of community-based actions to address the problem of obesity.
  19. The history of Brutalism.
  20. Impact of online shopping sites on consumers’ buying behavior.
  21. The influence of product design on the buying decision of consumers.
  22. The impact of legal issues of money laundering and corruption.
  23. Analysis of the idea of self-perception in the context of change.
  24. The impact of drug trafficking.
  25. The role of modern technologies to apprehend ecosystem changes.

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