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As a student, you must have written a dozen essays by now. Then you must know that descriptive essays are more common and more interesting as well. It is easier to write a descriptive essay but you still need to follow the rules of writing it. You can add depth to the essay by the use of persuasive words, descriptive words, and also transition words. An essay writer can write freely on the topic as you like.

However, this is only possible if you choose a topic that interests you. If you are not assigned a topic by the instructor, then you should take a look at the topics given below or you can ask others to write my paper at affordable rates.

  1. Give a Description of your favorite place
  2. Describe the city where you grew up
  3. Describe your fantasy vacation destination
  4. Describe an ideal classroom
  5. Visit a museum
  6. Describe your favorite personality.
  7. Describe a celebrity you wish to meet.
  8. Describe your childhood friend.
  9. Favorite dressing style
  10. Imaginary description of an Alien
  11. Describe your favorite pet
  12. Describe your passion/hobby
  13. Riding a bus
  14. The tale of a Time Capsule from the 1800s.
  15. Describe your favorite cuisine/ food.
  16. Describe your family’s heirloom
  17. Describe modern technology to a time traveler from past
  18. The First Memory of your best friend.
  19. Describe the time you met a celebrity.
  20. My happiest memories of my school
  21. The most embarrassing and funny incident of college life
  22. Describe yourself in your future profession
  23. Describe your favorite historical personality
  24. The lesson you have learned from your favorite movie.
  25. Describe your favorite scientist
  26. Describe the sports personality you want to meet
  27. Describe your favorite politician
  28. The meaning of life and death
  29. Perception of a Religion
  30. Describe your understanding of a philosophy
  31. Your perception of life
  32. Describe the scientific theory that has inspired you the most.
  33. Importance of smartphone in your life

You can choose to discuss personal topics like stated above or you can also choose other types of descriptive essay topics that you find interesting. There can be a number of ideas, places, and objects to describe. Choose any simple or complex topic as like, but be sure to give readers an exciting view on it. In case you are confused, consult an essay writing service now.

  1. Summer Vacation in Hawaii
  2. The Most Memorable trip
  3. Across the sea: the cruise experience
  4. Best summer destinations in America
  5. Places to visit in Europe
  6. The most beautiful places in Asia
  7. Wonders of New Zealand
  8. Describe your imaginary journey through space.
  9. Observing sky on a starry night
  10. Describe a Himalayan expedition
  11. Describe the view from the eye of an astronaut
  12. Iceland: A Mysterious Country
  13. The beauty of Northern Lights: Thoughts and feelings
  14. Observing the Canadian White nights
  15. Describe one day in the life of a seaman on a ship.
  16. Going on a Safari: In the heart of Africa
  17. The remarkable commander, ‘Julius Caesar’
  18. State and describe the achievements of Napoleon
  19. Describe the most fascinating historical event
  20. Describe the importance of the War of Independence
  21. Pearl Harbor: A devastating battle
  22. Describe the lessons of wisdom from the history
  23. Describe the life of a pirate

With these topics, you can compose an interesting descriptive essay. However, it is suggested that before deciding on a topic, you research it if it is new for you. If it is a unique and new topic for you to explore, then you must have adequate data before starting the essay.

However, if you choose to write on a personal topic, then you do not require research on it. In both cases, you must construct an outline so that you do not skip any key detail. After completing the essay, make sure to proofread and correct all the errors in it before submitting it! You can also hire a write my essay for me service to complete this task for you.

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