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The very initial goal of a speaker is to overcome the fear they face. While the fear of public speaking is also very huge because it may make an essay writer succeed or may destroy the whole speech. Hence, one must make the best of their efforts to overcome this fear. But the question is how it can be overcome?

Selecting a topic that is appreciated by the audiences is key to overcome the fear of public speaking. It means that the importance of a perfect and splendid topic should not be underestimated. This blog will list down some of the finest entertaining speech topics to help you in picking a perfect one for your upcoming speech assignment task. It also aims to guide you on some general writing tips on how to write an entertaining speech. So need to worry, if you have the task of giving a speech. We are here to make everything clear and easy for you or you can ask others to write my essay or speech for me in no time.


  1. The first time I got caught
  2. Why does the chicken cross the road?
  3. The time when I got my nickname
  4. The experience of my worst date
  5. The situations that make me a shock
  6. My favorite actress in Hollywood
  7. Why do parents check out my Snapchat?
  8. Why do parents love children as well as punish them?
  9. The worst joke I have ever made
  10. The first class with my favorite teacher
  11. My favorite teacher and why they are funny
  12. Should one embarrass your girlfriend?
  13. Select statements that work the best
  14. Living in mother’s basement
  15. How to stay at college?
  16. Why disagree with what your best friend says?
  17. The experience of the driving test I have failed
  18. The poor ideas my mind makes
  19. How to check your mate’s Instagram?
  20. The ideas that do not work for me
  21. The effective approach to lie
  22. How to be the center of focus/attention?
  23. The worst game I ever played
  24. The first match I lost
  25. How would my doggy take over the whole world?
  26. Best jokes from my parents
  27. How to keep your hostel room polluted?
  28. Alternatives to cleaning
  29. Why is the assignment's instruction horrible?
  30. How to fall in love with 500 steps?
  31. The reason for following beautiful girls
  32. Why is my friend single?
  33. Poorest tweets I ever read o twitter
  34. Valentine day cards that I hate
  35. The strategies of losing mind
  36. Why the computer virus?
  37. The roles of computer software
  38. We (human beings) and climate change
  39. The worst flood in the world’s history
  40. Communication methods for communicating with teachers
  41. How does online earning work for students?
  42. Studies and extracurricular activities: which one is important
  43. Learn scoring grades
  44. Why should students hire essay writing services?
  45. How to manage your personal expenses?
  46. How to become a masterful essay writer?
  47. Education or entrepreneurship
  48. Legendary actors in Hollywood
  49. How to deal with depression on exam days?
  50. Consequences of obesity
  51. Parents’ divorce and children’s education
  52. Credible journals and poor papers
  53. Technology and traditional life
  54. The worst life hack I ever tried in my life
  55. The best thing about being me

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Writing Guidelines

A good plan is not enough to write a masterful entertainment speech. But one should follow some important guidelines and tips to write a masterpiece. Follow the following steps to write your entertainment speech.

  1. Select an interesting topic and produce the finest ideas
  2. Think of different examples and write an outline
  3. Write different points (something interesting) and test them
  4. Use different intonations, remember your body language and gesture, and choose words accordingly
  5. Note the time and compose a motivating ending

These guidelines will help you write a perfect speech. If confused, hire an essay writing service to do it for you.

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