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Good public speaking is like a good song, movie, or play. It starts by grabbing the attention of readers, develops point to point, and then finishes strongly. The words an essay writer says at the start and the end of the speech will be remembered longer than any other speech part. In history, some of the great speeches have ended with stirring and powerful words that left a deep mark in the memory of people

Suppose you start your speech with a compelling opening and confidently cruise into the body but lose all energy at the time of closing speech. You finish speaking but nothing happens. Your audience just nods or quietly claps and then leaves the conference room.

Are you thinking! What you can do to prevent the audience from such muted responses?

Keep reading to find how….

Here are some of the ways to end your speech with a standing ovation or you can ask others to write my essay or speech for me in no time.

Plan your Closing statements Word to Word

To ensure that the conclusion of your speech is powerful, inspirational, and stirring as it can be, you must plan it word to word. Keep in mind the purpose of speech as then it becomes easier to write a conclusion. A speech without a clear purpose is probably not worth giving. Whatever you say, think of an exclamation mark at the end. Pick up your tempo and energy as you approach the conclusion. Most of the prominent speakers don’t end their speeches with a mundane and perfunctory “Thankyou”. That’s very easy and too lazy. Instead, think up some creative ways to end your presentation.

End your Speech with Inspiration

The prominent speakers always end their speeches just like an Opera Star intellectually, vocally, and on a high note. Just as comedians should leave their audience laughing, the speakers should leave them thinking. Remember! the last words linger, crystallize your thoughts, and mobilize your audience. If confused, hire an essay writing service to do it for you.


You can end your speech with powerful, appropriate, and short quotes as it can leave a great impression on your audience. You can also refer back to your starting quote or anecdote and reiterate your message you want your audience to remember.

End Your Speech with a Summary

This is a simple way for any public speaking. As you approach the end of your introduction speech, restate all-important points one by one. This type of linear repetition is always appreciated by your audience and makes it clear that you have come to the end of your speech.

Close with a joke

Another good way to close your speech is with humor. You can tell a joke or any other important event that is linked with the lesson and makes everyone laugh. An appropriate joke makes your audience relax and helps them to renew their attention to your speech. A chuckle or laugh here can help signal the speech end, and keep your audience engaged.

Conclude your speech with a challenge

Challenge your audience to implement what you have told them in a speech. Suppose you have delivered a speech to motivate your audience. You have covered all the important points in the body and now you have reached the conclusive sentence. You can end this with some kind of challenge that is powerful, inspirational, and stirring as it can be. Bur remember! you must plan it word to word so that it can grab your audience's attention.

If you are unsure about writing a perfect conclusion, ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

BONUS TIP: How to react to Standing Ovation

If you have given an inspiring speech and connected with your audience, then definitely someone from the audience will stand up and applaud. It is a great opportunity to encourage others by directly looking at the person and saying “Thank you”.

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