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Students come across different kinds of essays in their education career. All these essays require different styles of writing and information. In the following list, we will present a number of topics for an essay writer to get help from or you can also ask others to write my paper.

  1. Free education for everyone
  2. Issue of obesity in US citizens
  3. Uses and abuses of the internet for students
  4. The choice of occupation should be left on young people
  5. Kids should choose their own subjects
  6. Important secondary languages for the students
  7. Commercialization of health and education is bad
  8. Why should students enroll in the MBA program
  9. Importance of sports in fighting obesity
  10. Schools should emphasize more on physical education
  11. Records are meant to be broken
  12. How do stars suffer after their retirement?
  13. How are food, fitness, and weight-related to each other?
  14. Negative aspects of dieting in girls?
  15. How can society fight with anorexia?
  16. More sleep will decrease the health issues in the citizens
  17. The decline in the popularity of golf
  18. Is taking steroids for sports persons unfair?
  19. Can swimming be declared as the best sporting activity?
  20. Are some sports like hockey dangerous?
  21. Consideration of the production and sale of tobacco
  22. Justifying the death sentence
  23. Smoking in public places
  24. Controlling alcohol sales according to age and time
  25. Justice should be accessible for all
  26. Pollution and its causes
  27. How can countries control their population
  28. Effects of globalization
  29. Using animals for research should be banned
  30. Why do wars happen?
  31. Destructing the natural habitat
  32. Advertising is only meant for selling the products
  33. Decreasing the interest rates can help the central banks in fighting coronavirus
  34. There are fewer opportunities for poorer countries to develop
  35. Economic resources should be equally divided among countries
  36. Electric vehicles as a solution to pollution
  37. Was building the Panama Canal justified?
  38. Risks associated with global warming
  39. Should porn be banned across the world?
  40. Natural calamities and their consequences
  41. World after Tsunami
  42. The financial crisis of 2008 and how can it be avoided
  43. The third world war will be fought on water
  44. Controlling crime through gun control
  45. Power is the biggest reason for corruption
  46. Everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law
  47. Can Monarchy be justified?
  48. Video games and their effects on the health of children
  49. How can the internet be used to improve the education system?
  50. Online friendship can be stronger than a physical one
  51. Censorship of the internet is necessary according to age
  52. Students should be given first-aid training
  53. Sex education is necessary for the growing children
  54. Work-life balance is very important
  55. Abortions should not be allowed
  56. Online dating sites are effective
  57. Water scarcity and its implications
  58. Controlling children over the age of 16 should not be allowed
  59. Marijuana should be illegal
  60. Has globalization resulted in borderless states?
  61. Cloning should not be allowed
  62. Perfect age for marrying
  63. Significance of cross-cultural marriages
  64. Recent social movements against racism
  65. Male dominance is not accepted

The above list includes various topics for the argumentative essay. Most of these topics can be supported or negated with the essay help of suitable arguments. The main characteristic of nearly all argumentative essay topics is that it can be supported or opposed according to the mindset of the writer. The argument should be provided upfront by the writer so that the reader knows about the theme of the essay.

There are many online ‘write essay for me’ services that can help the writer in selecting the topic according to the given requirements. These services can also provide free outlines for these essays. The writer should keep a similar stance along with the whole essay. Most of the above topics relate to banning or allowing some particular activity or product. It is easier to support or oppose a position in these scenarios. Other topics may present a higher level of difficulty for the writer.

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