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Jill is a fresh college student who is used to writing stories. At the start of her 1st semester, she received a bad grade for a narrative paper she thought she did well on. Upon inquiring from the professor, she found out that her story did not engage with the reader. If you think your narrative writing essay lacks flare, try following the guideline given to intrigue the reader.

Definition of narrative essays

You have probably written stories during your creative writing class in school. The formal word for interesting stories that you write is a narrative essay. An essay writer has to narrate a story to the reader and keep it interesting from start to end. All you need is a creative mind, some ideas to hook the reader, and time to re-check your work for errors


Begin your narrative paper with a hook to immediately raise the curiosity of the reader. Don’t forget to add the thesis statement which gives a rough idea about the story that is to come. After the introduction, you should discuss the actual story including characters and events. If you have limited time and money, ask any essay writing service to " write my paper for me”. Your story should have a satisfactory ending, answering all the questions in the reader’s mind.

7 hook examples

  1. Facts and figures

    People believe in facts and figures. As soon as they read a fact that is shocking, they become curious. The source from which you obtain this fact or statistic should be credible. The fact should be related directly to your essay so choose one carefully.

  2. A story for your story

    You can add a short and interesting part of your story at the beginning. This can be understood by thinking about how some movies start with a cutscene from the climax. Your reader will think about this short story throughout the narrative essay.


    You can begin with a quote to make your essay interesting from the beginning. These quotes can be from famous people or from a character inside your essay. The quote has to be relevant to your essay. It is better that you add direct quotes in quotation marks.

  4. Describing the setting

    Sometimes you don’t need to shock the reader. You can virtually bring the reader into an imaginary setting you build. Portray a peaceful scenario so that the reader can comfortably enter. Once the reader has envisioned the place, they will stay there.

  5. Questions

    Ask the reader the right questions related to your paper. Hint to the reader that the answer to the question is in the essay. You can ask a single strong question or multiple mini-questions. Mix your questions with statements.

  6. Humor

    Use this only if your narrative is comedic. You can begin with a short story, question, or anecdote that makes your reader laugh. It should bring joy and also makes the reader think. Don't funnily start a depressing story.

  7. Analogies

    You can relate one situation to another. Use metaphors, similes, and analogies to keep the paper interesting. These phrases help in descriptive writing. You can relate your topic with something interesting to make the reader interested.

The hooks you add to your story prevent it from becoming boring. By following the mentioned guideline, your narrative paper will keep the reader on their feet. If there is a time limitation, consult an online paper writing service and tell them to “write my paper" within the given deadline. These services can even check for errors in a draft you send them.


Writing a regular narrative paper takes no time. Crafting a brilliant and interesting story that hooks the reader is not the easiest task. You should read each of the mentioned hook ideas carefully and try using them in your next essay. It is wise that you consult online essay writing websites and say write essay for me.

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