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An essay writer says that the most complicated part of writing a paper is to start it. But the process of topic selection even comes prior to that phase. Topic selection takes a lot of time and imagination (sometimes) does not work in our favor.

But no need to worry, the following list of powerful research paper topics would come near at hand.

  1. What makes a sport more famous than another?
  2. What are the strategies to deal with procrastination?
  3. Cybersecurity: Are we really safe?
  4. What is the role of technology in preventing terrorist attacks?
  5. How technology can help to improve tourism?
  6. How close we are to Artificial Intelligence?
  7. What technologies are used by NASA for exploring Mars?
  8. How technology benefited businesses?
  9. What is the role of technology in business success?
  10. Businesses and technological advancements.
  11. What is the association between business rivalry and business partnerships
  12. What is the role of corporate social responsibility?
  13. How technology shapes our lives?
  14. What technological developments really made a difference?
  15. Why is the iPhone competitive over other competitive products?
  16. How did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs change the world?
  17. What is the future of technology?
  18. What will be the situation of climate change in 2050?
  19. What is the conception of global warming?
  20. What are the best methods of climate mitigation?
  21. What is the role of communities in climate mitigation?
  22. How can we contribute to climate mitigation?
  23. How individuals cause global warming?
  24. Effective approaches to deal with air pollution.
  25. Unseen tragedies or ocean pollution
  26. Ocean pollution and designed policies and programs
  27. The contribution of industrialization to global warming
  28. How can the goal of enough safe and healthy water be achieved?
  29. Overcrowding and homelessness
  30. Immigration and overcrowding

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  1. GDP and immigration
  2. What are the economic merits and demerits of immigration?
  3. Marijuana and mental health
  4. Legalization of marijuana
  5. Marijuana and its medical use
  6. Is it fair to punish sex?
  7. How to stop cyberbullying?
  8. How to turn a business idea into a startup?
  9. What is the process of starting a business?
  10. What is the importance of entrepreneurship for the economy?
  11. Does marketing helps to increase sales
  12. Is every auditing process fair?
  13. Does tax kill small businesses?
  14. Importance of workforce diversity
  15. What is the role of creativity in the workplace?
  16. Harassment in the workplace
  17. Rewards and employee satisfaction
  18. Rewards and employee engagement
  19. What is the link between workforce diversity and innovation?
  20. What makes a business successful?
  21. What policies of Trump are poor? Why?
  22. The role of the election in government stability
  23. Could South and North Korea unite again?
  24. Religion and justification of crimes
  25. The most popular religion in the world
  26. Abusing in the church
  27. Religious beliefs and health matters
  28. Religion and women rights
  29. Globalization and local cultures
  30. Vaccination in the current century
  31. Should euthanasia be legal?
  32. Pathology and Cancer. The link
  33. Ways to prevent cancer at early stages
  34. How to deal with obesity
  35. Obesity in woman and child delivery
  36. Issues of birth control
  37. Pros and cons of global citizenship
  38. How to deal with social anxiety
  39. Depression and professional life
  40. How to accomplish literacy for everyone?
  41. Homeschooling. Pros and cons
  42. Pros and cons of online education
  43. The best music project of the current year
  44. Games and physical fitness
  45. How YouTube is changing popular cultures?

Research Paper writing requires a lot of effort starting from setting the scope of the research until concluding it. One has to read many research studies to find the gap and problem for which a solution could be explored. So, it is extremely important for any researchers to look for something latest and unsolved; else working on an already solved mystery is just a waste of time and resources.

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