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I know it is a tiring task to choose an appropriate topic for your research paper. No need to feel dizzy already because you are unable to make a decision. Being a psychology student it is difficult to pick up a topic that will interest you as well as impress your professor.

Trust me it is not rocket science you just have to ensure that you pick a board subject and narrow it down to specifically focus on the problem. You need to choose a topic that will interest you. Thus, never go for something that does not hit you because you are going to get stuck in the middle of the paper.

I will share more than seventy brilliant psychology research topics for an essay writer to make a choice. So, you don’t need to get confused, you would have plenty of choices and time to select any topic for your research paper. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!

Seventy Psychology Research Topics

  1. Causes of Depression
  2. How stress can be an illness
  3. Why do we lose memory?
  4. Cures of depression
  5. Difference between anxiety and depression
  6. Causes of anxiety
  7. How phobias affect personalities
  8. Depression in adolescents
  9. Is having a phobia a disease?
  10. Causes and cures of phobia
  11. How to avoid social anxiety?
  12. Can mental illness cause physical illness
  13. How physical and mental abuse affects children?
  14. Causes and effects of sexual abuse
  15. Are people born introverts and extraverts?
  16. Treatment for schizophrenia
  17. How attachment theory affects the relationships
  18. What is the fear?
  19. What makes people anxious?
  20. Types and cure of all types of anxiety
  21. Depression and social media
  22. What treatments are effective for anxiety?
  23. What causes eating disorders?
  24. Mental and physical illness
  25. Reasons for Alzheimer’s and its treatment
  26. Can words affect the brain?
  27. Can we change a narcissist personality trait?
  28. Why do young people get depressed?
  29. How to overcome insecurity?
  30. Can love affect our brains?
  31. How does the brain perceive emotions?
  32. Can personality traits be changed?
  33. Is depression the only reason for suicide?
  34. Insomnia and its causes
  35. Optimism and pessimism
  36. Does mental health affect our appetite?
  37. How to spot psychopaths?
  38. How to deal with a sociopath?
  39. How to cure drug addiction?
  40. Causes of bully
  41. How bully affects mental health
  42. Nature of human sexuality and psychology
  43. How do pets affect your mood?
  44. Social media effects on mental health
  45. Why do some people become criminals?
  46. How electronic media affects the mental ability of children?
  47. Types of stress
  48. What are the psychological reasons to migrate to another country?
  49. Why do children become violent and aggressive?
  50. What kind of mental illness can be treated by ESA?
  51. Causes of panic attacks
  52. Human speech disorder
  53. Attention
  54. False dream
  55. What are the social needs of a person?
  56. Causes of bipolar disorder ‘
  57. How to overcome emotional trauma?
  58. Parents divorce and depressed kids
  59. Psychology of homosexuality
  60. Social anxiety and fear
  61. Addiction to social media
  62. Nightmares
  63. Childhood trauma
  64. Causes of false memories
  65. Dual personality disorder
  66. Mild cognitive impairment cure
  67. Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  68. Causes of sleep anxiety
  69. How to get over post-traumatic stress disorder?
  70. Obsessive-compulsive disorder

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