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Struggling to nail the art of descriptive essay writing? Still unsure why despite all the hard work you achieved lower grades on your essay? If yes, then you aren’t alone. Although, being a student or an essay writer you must have written a multitude of descriptive essays if you are still unable to impress the reader then believe me you are missing something imperative. Wanna know what you are missing out on? Well, the answer is your inability to pick the right topic.

Remember! Your essay topic can make it or break it for you. Therefore, you need to pick the topics that are as per the professor’s instruction and the one that interests you the most. Before we jump right into the list of descriptive essay topics let me tell you the qualities of the top-notch descriptive essay. While writing a descriptive essay you are required to play with all the five senses of the readers to paint a vivid picture in their mind. You are welcome to use illustrations but make sure to cite them properly. If you want to spice things up a little bit, then start your essay with a catchy introduction. This way you can grab readers’ attention.

I hope that after reading the above tips you must be ready to write a descriptive essay and are looking for a topic so that you can kick start the writing process. So, without delaying further let’s dive into the list of topics that I have shortlisted for you or you can ask others to write my essay.

  1. The tale of a Time Capsule from the 1800s.
  2. Describe your favorite tourist spot
  3. Describe your favorite cuisine/ food.
  4. Describe your neighborhood
  5. Describe your family’s heirloom
  6. A trip to Disneyland
  7. Describe modern technology to a time traveler from past
  8. The most embarrassing moment of your life
  9. The funniest moment of your life
  10. Riding a train for the first time
  11. Riding a bus
  12. Imaginary description of an alien
  13. The First Memory of your best friend.
  14. Describe your favorite historical personality
  15. Describe your favorite pet
  16. Describe your favorite apartment
  17. Describe the time you met a celebrity.
  18. My happiest memories of my school
  19. Describe your passion/hobby
  20. Describe the sports personality you want to meet
  21. Describe your favorite politician
  22. Describe the perception of a Religion
  23. Describe your understanding of a philosophy
  24. Describe the person who inspired you the most
  25. Your perception of life
  26. Cooking with my grandmother
  27. Observing the Canadian White nights
  28. Describe one day in the life of a seaman on a ship.
  29. An appointment with the dentist
  30. Why do I like smartphones?

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  1. Describe seeing fireworks on the New Year’s eve
  2. Describe the scientific theory that has inspired you the most.
  3. Movie night with family
  4. Watching a movie at a 3D cinema
  5. Watching a movie at a 2D cinema
  6. Significance of social media sites in your life
  7. Significance of sports in your life
  8. An experience when you tried something unique
  9. Describe your visit to a haunted house
  10. Describe your first rollercoaster ride
  11. Describe your first cruise trip
  12. Importance of smartphone in your life
  13. Describe a day at a hospital emergency
  14. Attending a football match
  15. Attending a basketball match
  16. Attending a musical concert
  17. Attending a cricket match
  18. Describe your experience of giving a presentation in the class
  19. Describe your experience of hosting a seminar
  20. Describe your experience of hosting a thanksgiving dinner
  21. How did you spend Halloween in your childhood?
  22. Is Christmas different from it used to be when you were a child?
  23. My favorite singer
  24. My favorite dancer
  25. Swimming at a local swimming pool
  26. Attending a magic show
  27. My dream job
  28. My favorite video game
  29. The first time I tried Italian Cuisine
  30. The first time I tried Chinese Cuisine
  31. Watching a Niagara fall for the first time
  32. Visiting a zoo
  33. Your favorite TV show
  34. Importance of TV in your life
  35. Watching a Reality TV show for the first time
  36. Your favorite social media site
  37. Describe your experience of visiting a library
  38. Visiting a museum for the first time
  39. Attending Sunday services
  40. Attending a charity event.

If you have picked a topic, then without wasting your time start creating an outline and then start the writing process. However, if you aren’t sure about the topic then I recommend you try a paper writing service online, and their professional writers craft an essay for you.

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