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Do you face difficulty in deciding the topic for your persuasive essay?

If you agree, then be happy because here an essay writer will get the list of persuasive essay topics to facilitate you in picking up the theme of your writing.

Let’s have a look at the list below or you can ask others to write my essay.


  1. Should students be given music classes in school?
  2. Is workout being a suitable tactic to overcome obesity?
  3. What is an effective approach for historical places to get a large number of individuals to visit?
  4. Have libraries turned out old-fashioned due to the popularity of e-readers?

Trade and industry

  1. Should households falling under higher income groups entitle to high taxes?
  2. Should financial understanding and risk courses be taught to students in high school?
  3. Can you accomplish the dream of America, or is it merely a fable?
  4. Should graduating students spend their summer at a well-renowned company as a voluntary intern or as a remunerated temporary employee at a local mart?
  5. Should the developing countries within Asia impose more import duties and tariffs to protect their infant industries?
  6. Is hyperinflation a real cause to damage an economy?
  7. Does a negative balance of payment always hurt the overall performance of the respective country?
  8. Is it effective to remove tipping in restaurants and increase the wages of staff instead?
  9. Is unemployment considered a major barrier to hinder the economic growth of the country?
  10. Should small businesses be encouraged to promote economic activity and boost the living standards of households?

Schooling and Learning

  1. Should school children mug up a cursive inscription in graduate school?
  2. Which is more effective whether music learning or PE learning?
  3. Is it significant to offer summer vacations to university students?
  4. Should the system of class ranking be eliminated in schools?
  5. Should sex education become a compulsory course to be taught in school?
  6. What is the most crucial method for measuring the intelligence level of a student?
  7. Should public universities offer completely free education to financially handicapped students?
  8. Should foreign language be offered to students in primary classes rather than sign language?
  9. Does homework consider a hindrance to enjoying leisure time with friends and family?
  10. Why do Asian students obtain higher marks on mathematics exams as compared to American students?
  11. How to control cheating during class tests and final exams in school?
  12. Should universities take a student’s religion into consideration at the time of making decisions of admissions?
  13. Do wearing a surgical mask and frequent handwashing be effective ways to control the spread of viruses?
  14. Is virtual learning more significant to achieve academic success?
  15. Should school students enrolled in different grades be enforced to study independently?
  16. What are the impacts of playing candy crush on learning students?
  17. Should social media be banned for students to excel in their academic careers?
  18. What are the impacts of involvement of parents in learning their child?

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Morals and Integrity

  1. Is it important to make recycling mandatory to mitigate greenhouse effects?
  2. Should youth be involved in performing social and community services within society?
  3. Is it ethical to earn profits from deforestation to serve the trade sector?
  4. Should white reign groups be permitted to grip conventions in civic places?
  5. Do women feel more or less secure after declaring abortion illegal?
  6. Is it really substantial for developing countries to receive foreign aid?
  7. What is the primary role of sexism in the contemporary world?
  8. Should handgun ownership be highly synchronized?
  9. Should kids under 18 be capable of acquiring plastic surgical treatment for skin-deep reasons?

Legislation and Politics

  1. Should Pakistan construct a border wall with China?
  2. Should the military budget of Germany be reduced?
  3. Does the one-child policy of China have favorable or adverse effects on the territory?
  4. Should overseas students be granted citizenship of the United States?
  5. Should the polling academy be closed down?
  6. Is state security more essential than discrete privacy?
  7. How does the low morale of employees affect the productivity of a business?
  8. What are the core ethical impacts of playing violent digital games among children?
  9. What duty does the administration have to support homeless individuals?

Fitness and Wellbeing

  1. What are the effects of poor hygiene in underprivileged societies?
  2. Is the low quality of water substantially deteriorating the healthcare sector?
  3. Is consumption of genetically modified nutrients safe?
  4. Should the pill of birth control be accessible unless recommended by a physician?
  5. What are the reasons for the increase in anxiety in youths?
  6. Should pregnant womenfolk be prohibited from purchasing drugs as well as alcohol?
  7. What is the effective approach to reducing obesity among teenagers?
  8. Are low-calorie foods more significant for weight reduction?
  9. Should the food authorities more strictly regulate the intake of supplements and vitamins in the diet?
  10. Should frivolous marijuana be legitimate nationally?


  1. Is it important to ban nuclear power?
  2. Is it essential to carry out scientific experimentation on animals?
  3. Should technologists be permitted to produce genetic copies of human beings?
  4. What is the crucial tactic to mitigate the illegitimate rustling in Africa?
  5. Should individuals be forbidden from retaining violent dog varieties?
  6. Is there authentic proof of Martian existence?
  7. How are renewable sources of energy subsidized by the government?
  8. Is tidal power worth the expense?
  9. How the influence of global warming can be diminished?
  10. Do safari parks assist or harm wildlife?


  1. Can e-commerce be as competent as traditional trading?
  2. How does the excessive use of social media promote depression and suicide attempts?
  3. Is it technology that breeds laziness?
  4. Is technological advancement increasing inequality globally?
  5. Is it essential to ban beauty filters on social apps?
  6. Is virtual learning more successful to excel academically?
  7. Do smartphones adversely affect education?
  8. Is Uber convenient for riders?

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