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Speeches do not always have to be on serious topics. You can always choose a funny and entertaining speech topic if you are ever asked for an impromptu speech. Here is a list of entertaining speech topics that an essay writer could choose from and make his speech day full of fun and entertainment with lots of learning:

  1. Being a middle child.
  2. Why does mathematics sucks?
  3. Social media is making us less social.
  4. What can you learn from video games?
  5. School is not all about studying.
  6. Smoking in teenagers.
  7. We all lie
  8. Why should you hone your humor?
  9. Why should you try to be a vegetarian?
  10. Why am I planning to go on Mars?
  11. Isn’t technology counterproductive?
  12. My first day at school.
  13. How I met my best friend?
  14. We should love animals.
  15. Why is the sky blue?
  16. The worst joke of the century.
  17. My life is a joke.
  18. Camping is all good until it starts raining.
  19. Let bygones be bygones.
  20. Stop studying hard and start studying smart.
  21. Smart work is better than hard work.
  22. My life is a practical joke.
  23. I would like to be a superhero.
  24. It is okay to lie sometime.
  25. Growing up is never a good idea.
  26. Why do I hate my birthdays?
  27. Instead of celebrating we should be mourning our birthdays.
  28. Grapes are sour.
  29. My first crush.
  30. My favorite book.
  31. Opening books make me sleep.
  32. The first time I caught cheating.
  33. Have you ever slept during the lecture?
  34. Eating my friend’s lunch.
  35. Getting late from school.
  36. Lame excuses for not doing homework.
  37. Blaming my pet for my mistakes.
  38. My favorite treat.
  39. How can someone not like chocolate?
  40. How to be rich?
  41. I cannot lie.
  42. The story of the youngest sibling.
  43. Perks of being the youngest sibling.
  44. I am the favorite child of my parents.
  45. The worst decision of my life.
  46. The embarrassing moments of my life.
  47. I wish I could stop aging.
  48. Life is a series of exams.
  49. They should teach with background music.
  50. Being weird is fun.
  51. A piece of paper cannot judge my knowledge.
  52. Why do I not believe in good grades?
  53. Grades do not matter in practical life.
  54. We all are the same.
  55. Humans are social animals.
  56. How can you become a chef?
  57. I made my first meal.
  58. If I were batman…
  59. If I could fly…
  60. If money grew on trees…
  61. If money was not a problem…
  62. Money is just a belief.
  63. My first job experience.
  64. My midnight dreams.
  65. If my life was a movie…
  66. If I could get invisible…
  67. The art of being happy.
  68. My near-death experience.
  69. Deciding with your brain.
  70. Why should you never listen to your heart?
  71. How to look cool at school?
  72. The cool kid at my school.
  73. Forgetting the answer to a question after raising my hand in class.
  74. My favorite movie.
  75. My favorite sport.
  76. I can play soccer all the time
  77. Why do people gossip all the time?
  78. I hate Mondays.
  79. How do I spend my weekends?
  80. We all judge books by their covers.
  81. The devil inside us.
  82. How autocorrect ruined my life?
  83. Stop listening to people.
  84. Why is it so hard to mind one’s own business?
  85. Math is mental torture

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