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A student or an essay writer who wants to pursue a successful career path directly writes about their interests. The same is the case with writing application essays at desirable colleges. If you want to be a part of the Ivy League, then go through some samples of College Application Essay Examples to write impressive personal statements to get admission in your dream academic world. Let’s have a look at an example of an admission essay for the Ivy League or you can ask others to write my essay.

Example to enter in Dream Globe of Academia

Life is not about accomplishments; it's about learning and progression. Motivation is a potent strength; without it, you are desolate and confounded like infinitesimal fragments out of goblet all over the floor. The ambition of my life is to earn my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the Ivy League. I am motivated to do my Bachelor's in the field of Psychology because it gives exposure to comprehensively studying the behavior of humans and the environment. I would have the opportunity to explore and study specific cognitive, behavioral, and emotional problems developed by individuals and then their intellectual and sensitive responses towards those issues.

Psychology is the integrated branch of social science that highlights the personality of an individual under cultural, social, and interpersonal influences. I compose that the Ivy League is the best match for my personal, academic, and professional objectives. This college program would not only boost my academic solid foundation but further enhance my potential, inspiration, and creativity to practically apply this knowledge in my professional life. Within New York, Ivy League is well-reputed as a top-ranking college in social sciences and has high academic standards. I am extremely impressed by the interactive teaching methods and flexible college environment.

Psychology is the exclusive study of individual intellectual behavior and relationships and it ranges from religion to crime, from the family to the society, and from social stability to drastic variation in whole communities. Psychology highlights the human actions that shape and have been shaped by the influence of social and cultural structures. I have a keen interest to judge and read the mind of others. According to my personal observation, low-caliber people are often mentally retarded or sociologically handicapped. They experience learning disabilities but they are quite different from mentally ill people. So, through learning at Ivy League, I want to enhance my observational aptitude by having in-depth knowledge of this field.

The alumni of the Ivy League are role models for me. Their successful careers have pushed me out to take this decision. The field of psychology focuses on the right of an individual to select and gain opportunities. It also puts emphasis on the unique importance of people and the support required by them to achieve goals.

Besides, a wide range of resources for an academic assistance is available to students who are unparalleled in comparison to those of any other institute. My holistic outlook and interest to join this college for studying psychology are to serve society by developing and nurturing understanding between the people around the globe. The goal of Ivy League is aligned with my personal and professional goals. It aims to motivate society to reflect on how the youth contributes to bringing a change in the world. I believe in hard work, potential, enthusiasm, and brilliance. I will count myself to be one of the fortunate individuals and would always be in debt to you if you provide me an opportunity to be a part of your College.

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