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Ah! So, cause and effect, huh? And you are probably super confused about it. How do you write it? What's the layout? And all that.

Well, your confusion and tension come to an end.

Let me assure you that I can guide you. There are many layouts to a cause and effect essay and they change according to the thesis. But, why? That is the question and I am gonna answer it.

In three parts.

Because here are three different ways to write such an essay.

Way #1: Cause and EffectS

This is a very simple way to address cause and effect. Here, you chose ONE cause and explained it. Then you explain its effects.

How many effects? Well, AT LEAST two. But you can do more.

So, how does this layout work?

Well, FIRST we have the introductory paragraph. This gives the background and ends with the thesis.

Then in the SECOND paragraph, you will explain the cause. The problem. So, if we are talking about gun violence, then explain WHY it is a problem.

In the THIRD paragraph, you will explain ONE effect of gun violence. For example, you can talk about the psychological trauma it leaves behind.

Then, in the FOURTH paragraph, explain another effect. Like how gun violence stops the growth of retail businesses.

Now, for the FIFTH paragraph, you can either conclude the essay or talk about another effect.

If you talk about another effect then the SIXTH paragraph will become the conclusion.

Way #2: CauseS and Effect

Yeah, you read that right. Causes. Not cause.

What you can do here is talk about more than one cause and then explain how they all lead to a SINGLE effect.

For example, you can say that deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels, and farming all lead to global warming.

So, here, deforestation, burning of fossil fuel, and farming are the CAUSES and they CAUSE global warming. Global warming has become the effect.

The layout then?

I am getting to that.

The first paragraph will always be the introduction and the last will always be the conclusion.

The second paragraph will focus on deforestation, the third on fossil fuels, the fourth on farming, and the fifth on global warming. On how these factors have caused global warming.

Then comes the conclusion. You can also take help from someone by saying write my paper.

Way #3: CauseS and EffectS

Ohhhhh! This is an interesting one. And complex too.

So, we have causes and effects. Meaning we have multiple causes and multiple effects.

For this, we have two ways to approach it. You can learn this best from a paper writing service but I will try my best. Hopefully, you will get it. Fingers crossed.

Number 1

One way is that you can talk about cause #1 and then effect #1. You can do this in the same paragraph if you want to.

Or you can divide it into two paragraphs.

Then once you are done., you move on to cause #2 and then effect #1 and so on.

Number 2

If not then you can just talk about the causes first and then the effects. Like, in the second paragraph mention cause #1, then in the third cause #2.

Then in the fourth paragraph talk about effect #1 and in the fifth effect #2.

A good essay writer can’t put them in the same paragraph.

This is the way!

This is how you can tackle this type of essay. The choice is yours to make. I suggest having an essay written from an essay writing service so that you can SEE how it's done. So that you can get a proper example. Also, all your write my essay requests are managed by professional writers.

Then you can easily follow whichever layout you think is best.

Easy, right?

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