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So you want to know how to write a press release? Don’t worry it's easy and has a lot of benefits. Some of the key benefits of a press release are: to generate traffic on your website; to improve the Google ranking of your website; to boost credibility and trust of your company; and, to get covered on blogs and media websites. I assure you that after reading the following paragraphs you will be able to create an effective press release without any difficulties.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the discussion:

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a way to communicate with the media houses, journalists, and the respective audience that you have a newsworthy business story. It generally consists of four to five hundred words. It is one of the major pillars of the building a public relations campaign.

If you have been in marketing for quite some time, I bet, you would have heard that this press release is dead. Let me tell you why they say this! If you have some genuine newsworthy story in your press release, you are most likely to get the media attention and coverage. However, if your press release is spammy and has no story, you won’t get any media coverage.

How Press Release Works

Marketers are always looking for opportunities to get some media attention and to promote their brand. In the past, a press release was the only PR tool to spread awareness or news about your company. However, today we have many other resources but a press release is still considered as one of the most reliable PR tools.

Marketers have a mutual relationship with journalists, who are looking for compelling stories to publish. Previously, journalists used to run for press releases, which have changed diametrically, today. Today the newsrooms are understaffed and they do not have any spare time to go through your press release to find a newsworthy hook that would attract the audience. Therefore, you have to give journalists a prepared story on a platter.

If you think that you are unable to compose such a press release, you must consider hiring services of a professional essay writer.

However, if you choose to do it yourself, here are some steps that you must follow to write an effective press release:

  • Identify your goals: A press release cannot be effective if you did not have any specific goals in your mind while composing it. Jot down your goals on a paper before you put your hands to the keyboard to compose the press release. Increasing sales, spreading news, and brand awareness, and media coverage, etc. are some of the most common goals of press releases.
  • Choose a Newsworthy Angle: If your press release has no newsworthy angle, I am sorry to say, you won’t be able to achieve any of your desired goals. Therefore, you must always have the interests of your audience in your mind while writing a press release. It must never be self-congratulatory and spammy like sales pitches.
  • Follow an Updated Template: You cannot write an unprofessional and unorganized press release. Of course, you can but it would go straight to the trash bin of the respective journalists and audience. You have to follow a certain format as you do in academic writing. There are no hard and fast rules in press release writing but still, you should follow an organized pattern.
  • Newsworthy headline at the top: Always write an attention-grabbing headline at the top. You can also add a subtitle to briefly elaborate on the headline.
  • Writing the first and body paragraphs: The first paragraph of a press release is of crucial importance. After reading the first paragraph, journalists and the audience decide if they want to continue reading or move it to trash. Body paragraphs should be precise and relevant to the headline and first paragraph.
  • Write your Boilerplate: In this last paragraph, you should write an overview of your company and its objectives.

The above-given steps will help you write an impressive press release. However, you can always ask a reliable write my essay service for help. They have qualified writers to work on your assignments at budget-friendly rates.

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